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Location: Tours | Bjelašnica Olympic mt. (Umoljani - Lukomir) Hiking Tour
Get to experience lifestyle of the most remote nomad village in Balkans, and admire amazing nature

From EUR


Bjelašnica Olympic mt. (Umoljani - Lukomir) Hiking Tour
Get to experience lifestyle of the most remote nomad village in Balkans, and admire amazing nature

Tour type: Nature & Panorama, Hiking, Sport & Adventure

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9 hours

Umoljani and Lukomir hiking tour at Bjelasnica mountain is simply must see and experience journey for any true nature lover, if one ever comes across Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina. 
Stunning views of Rakitnica canyon, amazing scenery of Bjelasnica mountain, one of a kind history and culture of local communities, and bit of mythology and much more at one unique place are altogether welcoming you to join us.

Tour Attractions

This tour will begin with ride from Sarajevo (8:00 AM) to Umoljani village, accross Bjelašnica mountain which in the same time is Olympic mountain and one of the most amazing in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

After approx. 1+ hour ride once we reach Umoljani, we shall determine which hiking option we want to do: easier one or medium one.

Umoljani - Lukomir Hike

Easier option is available to anyone of lower medium, even low fitness level and would require total of 3/4 hours hike. Mainly it include car ride on macadam road to Lukomir village, where after we explore the village, local traditions, meet the people and taste some tasty coffee and local herbs tea with honey, bought some handicrafts, got breath-taken away by amazing views of Rakitnica Canyon, learnt the stories of Bosnian medieval tombstones (Stecci) we are ready for hike which will take us through amazing scenery of Rakitnica Canyon and will pay visit to stunning waterfall of Peruce, before we reach Studeni Potok and Umoljani village. This option does not have any majory altitude differences (ups and downs), except if you are willing to reach Peruce waterfall, when it becomes bit more requiring. Other than that it is mostly easy, mainly flat and pleasant walk.

Medium option (which is our favorite by the way) is offering much, much more, and is adjusted for people with medium fitness level. When we leave our car at Umoljani village we will start our, firstly one way rouhgly 3-4 hour long hike, to reach Lukomir village. Trail will take us from starting point of roughly 1275 meters (Umoljani) to peak of Obalj at around 1896 meteres with more then 620 meters of altitude gain. All this heavy work will pay of once on top, as views of Studeni Potok along the way, Rakitnica Canyon and mountains of Treskavica, Visocica and ultimate peak of Bjelasnica mountain with numerous small villages in distance will be simply stunning. After some rest and full time body and spirit enjoyment we are ready to hike down to Lukomir village at altitude of 1500 which will be "one of a kind" story as well.
Once there we go for a deserved resting time, having local coffee, and some food as well.

Lukomit and Bjelasnica Hiking Trip 

Please note that depending on time of the year we can get lucky to have fields of bluberries, rose-hip, certain types of mushrooms, thyme or other plant species around us free to pick up.

Lukomir is highest and most of the year inhabited (except in recent years, during heavy winter season when locals leave village until early spring) and most isolated nomad village in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Lukomir Village

Second part of this medium option will be same as easy option. After exploring Lukomir village, it will mainly be pleasant 3 hours flat hike to Umoljani village through Canyong of Rakitnica river and amazing explorations of Peruce waterfall, Studeni Potok as one of the most beautiful valleys in whole of Bosnia and Herzegovina and story of "Umoljani Dragon". In the end of the day we ll do around 7-8 hours hike, which will surely be worth it all.

Umoljani village is mostly known for few things: Stoned Dragon, Mosque and Sarajevo Haggadah and Studeni Potok (Cold Creek). To know more about these and see them, I guess you will have to book a tour :)

Studeni Potok

Once we reach Umoljani again prepare yourself for truly amazing local lunch: Begova Corba (local stew), Krompiruša (potato made pie) or Sirnica (cheese made) and Burek (meat made), with again local yoghurt and salat. Nothing in the world beats this.

After, we head it to Sarajevo, where approximate time of arrival for easy option is around 17:00 and for medium option around 19.00 hours.

More day to day pictures about our hikes to Lukomir you can find in our Facebook Gallery.

Either option you take we ll always pass through stunning Studeni Potok (cold creek), and how it looks like in winter time you can see in the picture and video below. Summer time we leave you to imagine :)

Studeni Potok in Winter

If you prefer to see this place during the winter season we also suggest to try the option of snowshoeing from late December to Mach or even early April. 

Tour Schedule

This tour takes place mostly during the season from March until December, and is scheduled once a day with start at 8:00.

Also tour is possible to confirm during the winter season January - February as snowshoeing activity, but with different itinerary.

Should you desire to take the tour at other time or create your own tour contact us or go to Customize Your Tour special section.

To view the availability simply select the Month and click the GO button belove.

Minimum booking is for 3 persons. However If you are not group of three, meaning you are alone or couple, there is nothing to worry, just prebook our tour via our web site booking form and we shall join you with other travellers, and tour gets automatically confirmed.

Tour Pricing

Click the link below to check pricing & availability on your preferred travel date. Our pricing is constantly updated to ensure you always receive the lowest price possible - we 100% guarantee it.

Additional Information

The tour costs are fully covered by the tour company and they include:

  • Transport (both ways)
  • Exceptional guide
  • Lunch
  • Please note that all tours we do are shared tours, unless specifically agreed as private option.
Also you should bring: 
  • Sunscreen (must have for guests with sensitive skin to sunburns)
  • 1 l of water (possible to refill along the way)
  • Some carbohydrates rich food such as bananas, hazelnuts, chocolate, some fruits, etc. as snack along the way. Also make sure the morning before tour departs, to have a good breakfast. It is mandatory.
  • Camera
  • Hiking boots or sport shoes with thick bottom
  • Two t-shirts to change
  • Hat
  • Rain jacket (in case of bad weather forecast)
Technical Specification for Medium option of the tour:
  • Tour Class: Medium (techincally not demanding)
  • Distance: 16.5 km
  • Minimum altitude: 1275m
  • Maximum altitude: 1896m
  • Altitude difference/gain: 621m 
Please note that currently on the market there is no hiking tour like ours, especially the medium option. It is true hiking trip for true nature lovers. We are dedicated to break a prejudice over Bosnia, so great quality products are must do. For us, there is no compromise. 

However, for people with very low physical level who are not capable of hiking at this level, but heavily interested to experience natural and cultural beauty of this region, we can organise this tour as SUV journey which will cover great amount of amazing sights and will deliver amazing sightseeing experience.

For mountain biking (MTB) lovers, this tour is simply amazing option and can offer wide range of activities and distances covered with bit different itinerary. If you are interested in this option please let us know as different itinerary and cost can be applied.

Please note that this region is completely safe from any perspecitve of mines, and Sarajevo Funky Tours will NEVER conduct trips to any areas in Bosnia and Herzegovina having smallest or any at all risk from mine perspective. Safety of our guests, and ourselves as well is our most important priority.

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