Location: Outdoor and Adventure | Neretva


The beautiful canyons and one of the most famous and most evocative places of the human heritage, the intact landscapes and small hamlets that foster multicultural history of the country, unique culinary tradition and the wild fauna which can be freely enjoyed, extreme sports and outdoor activities that are available to all ... All this in just a little more than two hundred kilometers of rivers and mountains, bridges and mosques, unique cheeses and honey never tasted before, and wines worthy of the well-known hospitality of the people living in this valley – the Neretva River Valley.

This is the river that emerges, progresses and disappears with a handful of landscapes and natural amenities situated along its banks. Neretva can be discovered by starting a delightful trekking or spectacular rafting in its upper course, gliding along its emerald water or walking surrounded by the green walls of its canyon.

You can spend the night in places that you will not find on maps even after the visit, with grilled meat, luscious amounts of beer, candle light and the sound of water flowing.

On the next dayeverything changes and we are already in Mostar. The streets are narrowing and the buildings are giving way to small stone houses. First little shops appear selling tourist souvenirs, but this does not spoil the impression in anticipation of the city to appear, to turn up for the first time in our life after the city's countless corners and heads of those walking in front of us. Reaching up, you are aware of the fact that Mostar is small, but when the Old Bridge arises in front you, it surprises you so much, as if you've never seen it on any photograph. That is the magic of travel.

The Neretva River continues its journey and ends with a Delta which hosts hundreds of bird species in the summer and still a small number of bird-watchers.

A little bit down to the south, there is Dubrovnik and a little bit up to the north is Split. In whatever direction you go, interchange of nature and history, green areas untouched by man, perfect water and the stone that has been skillfully carved for centuries never ends.

The Neretva River ends its profuse and short life. However, it will never vanish from our travel memories.