Location: Outdoor and Adventure | Drina


The one who comes from far usually stops in Sarajevo and Mostar - the two most important cities of the country, which owing to the clash of different cultures inherited a beautiful legacy.


However, to understand Bosnia and Herzegovina it might be necessary to follow the course of the Drina River on its way to Danube, because the most significant historical symbols and the most striking natural amenities are to be found along its banks.


This is the place where Drina’s tributary – Tara created the second deepest canyon in the world, filled with green trees and emerald water. Tubing down the river seems like a children's game and looks easy owing to the expert guides, our companions. However, when you look around, the nature is so big and powerful that, for a moment, it seems as if we are in the European or American Grand Canyon, and certainly not so close to the Mediterranean.

Here, in the center of the National Park Sutjeska, there is also one of the last European primeval forest - Perucica, whose biodiversity is one of the richest in Europe. Then, the wilderness ends, and man and his history overpower the territory along the river.



In Srebrenica, the dark name of the 20th century, there are beautiful forests that now can be explored in the company with the youth associations who will help you in this endeavor only with boots on their feet, a mountain bike or in the Drina’s lower course, in a rubber boat. In short, Srebrenica is not an uninhabited museum of horror, but one of many places along the Drina River, where there is more than enough of history.


Further south there is Višegrad and the “bridge” of Ivo Andrić, a symbol of attempts and successes of divisions and coexistence of the worlds facing each other on the two banks of the Drina River.


The architecture of the bridge is beautiful, but even more interesting is the value that this centuries-old structure has here, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which does not end in its recent history, but continues in the forests, waters and people.