Location: Outdoor and Adventure | Una/Sana


If you happen to be at the beautiful Plitvice, you might ask yourself whether there are other natural resources in the vicinity.

Great question! The right answer would be that you will find the same along the rivers Una and Sana, where Bosnia shows up to those coming from the north. And it shows through her most beautiful jewels.

Here, the water changes its mood creating a waterfall or a lake - noise or silence. And thus, it becomes a metaphor for life. In addition, here you might experience the best fishing in the whole of Europe.

Here, you encounter the first Orthodox monasteries and the first minarets, as exciting hints that are you are slowly shifting beyond the Western Europe. In a way, here begins a new journey.

However, try to resist those first challenges of the East for a few days. The karst area will help you do this as it is the area where waters sink when it is least expected, and might re-appear, always on the most beautiful places. The caves, canyons and dense forests encourage you to surrender to this area of rocks, water and greenery. Finding yourselves in front of the Hrustovača Cave and knowing that it still has not been examined gets you back to your childhood, when you strongly believed that one day you will be the one to discover the world. Drinking natural water from the rivers Una and Sana gives you the feeling that you are part of something which is made only of plants and animals. And you are not afraid.

Rivers such as Sanica, Janj and Sokočnica lead to some of the finest destinations for hiking and excursions. Jajce, the gates of the most important stages of the Bosnian history since Roman times until Yugoslav era and the UNESCO heritage site, is a truly unique cultural jewel. Its old town enchants with its durability and resistance to the flow of time. The image is complete with Krajina people. Simple, hardworking people who love their country will offer you the best of local traditional cuisine, give you the tips and tricks for successful fly fishing and show you the best view of the beautiful waterfalls in Martin Brod. Visiting Krajina promises a unique adventure that will leave you amazed by the true natural wonders of this small corner of the world.