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Location: Tours | Bosnian Coppersmith Handicraft & Artisan Workshop
(“do it yourself” traditional Bosnian coppersmith half day masterclass)

Is there better way to bring a souvenir home, then to make it yourself with local technique, present in Sarajevo over 500 years already now? Would you like to create your own Džezva (pot) and use it at home for years and years? Do you want to know the difference between real handmade copper craft and machine made one, that looks quite the same? But just for the "eye" that does not know how recognise the original hand made one, from machine made one!
Bosnian Coppersmith masterclass is perfect opportunity to peak into traditional copper artisan-handicraft which exists in Sarajevo over 500 years already, and get the real chance to create your own craft, or souvenir.  We invite you to join our half day workshop and experience secrets of the best coppersmith artisan out there.
Would you like to meet the one of the best local coppersmith artisans, and learn her story? Learn how she became to be the first woman to own a coppersmith shop in Sarajevo, shop over 200 years old, with original interior and atmosphere. 

We invite you to join our Bosnian Coppersmith Handicraft - Artisan Workshop and learn how things are done the local, Sarajevan way.

Tour Attractions

Before we can talk about this experience, we need to share bit of history with you, which will help you better understand what to expect during this valuable experience.
Although there is not any written document to tell us when exactly the coppersmith handcraft did begin in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is considered that it was developed somewhere between 1435 and 1509 year. The craft itself represents the art of making copperware. Tinsmith craft is tightly bonded to coppersmith craft because copperware had to be tinned before usage.
There is no precise date of when these crafts developed in Persia and Northern India, where the copperware came from. But the one thing is sure, and that is the fact, that copperware came to Bosnia during the Ottoman empire. The first notice about tinning and copperware dates from 3rd century B.C. when the Greek philosopher Theophrastus spoke about this craft in his book. However, the usage of copperware didn’t live in Europe, so Bosnia remained the only country where such dishes were traditionally used.
Coppersmith and tinsmith craft in BIH, first developed in Sarajevo, and later in Foča and Mostar. In greater area, the Macedonian coppersmiths have been mentioned around the lake Ohrid, who developed their special way of making copperware.
In Sarajevo, all the handcraft stores were situated in the heart of the town, at the Baščaršija. Coppersmiths were situated in the street called Kazandžiluk. As Sarajevo had to fight with poverty, the city never made a fortune, so all the stores were made of wood. The wooden stores, caused many troubles to the craftsmen and to the city itself. Baščaršija was burnt to the ground and had to be rebuild many times. Trying to escape the threatened fire, some of the coppersmiths moved to the Kovači street. All of the coppersmith stores looked the same, about six to ten square meters in size.

Coppersmith and tinsmith store had an ardia in which copperware was tinned. The most interesting fact about coppersmiths and tinsmiths is that they were not only first craftsmen, but also among the first merchants, and so the work was distributed inside the craft and rarely one craftsman did all the work. It is also known, from the written documents, that one craftsman didn’t make all the dishes. One made copper pans, others made jugs and so on.
The main materials for coppersmith and tinsmith craft were copper, tin and ammonium chloride. Copper was made out of copper ore, which would be melted in so called kalhana, situated at Vratnik neighborhood of Sarajevo. Tin had to be imported from the East and West, from, England and Salonika. Ammonium chloride was also needed for tinning, and what is very interesting the import of it was illegal in our country until few years back, so craftsmen had to find the way to get it in various manners. 
Looking back through the history of coppersmith and tinsmith craft, we can realize how important they were in Bosnian tradition. Unfortunately, like many other things, old crafts are on the edge of extinction. The only thing that prevents it from getting totally lost, is love towards handcraft and tradition and a small number of those who dedicate themselves to the old crafts.
That is why, at Sarajevo Funky Tours, we have designed coppersmith master-class, with one of the local top class craftsmans, in aim to promote, and help out for this art and craft to survive new age.

Workshop meeting point is our office, but as mentioned workshop is taking place in store over 200 years old with original interior and traditional atmosphere, located in the old town of Sarajevo, few min walk from our office.
Once there we shall have opportunity to meet our host, attend practical history class and get to start our two to three hours long workshop, with Bosnian coffee (local tea or homemade juice) break.
You will have a chance to create your own product, with experienced guidance of your English speaking host, who will answer all your questions with pleasure and passion.

At the end of the day, you can take your product with you, which will always remind you on the good times you had in Sarajevo.

Tour Schedule

This tour takes place twice  a day, and is scheduled for 9:00 AM and 14:00 PM.

Should you desire to take the tour at other time or create your own tour Contact Us or go to Customize Your Tour special section of Sarajevo City Tours.

To view the availability simply select the Month and click the GO button belove.

Minimum booking is for 2 persons and maximum is 4. We try to keep the group size sa smaller as possible for the purpose of greater quality and personal experience. If you are bigger group, feel free to contact us so we can propose certain arrangements to accommodate your group size.

Tour Pricing

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Additional Information

  • In the end of the day you get your own souvenir, the one you were making or decorating during the class

  • Souvenir included in the price is locally semi-finished, copper-made magnet, which you will decorate, finish and bring home with you.

  • If you prefer to decorate semi-finished Dzezva (Coffee pot) and bring it home, you can upgrade on the spot for extra price of 15 EUR. The reason for this that Dzezva alone is more expensive then magnet. 

  • If you prefer souvenir of more demanding process of creation, you can talk about it with your host on the spot. Copper artwork has unlimited number of options you can consider.

  • Please note that all tours we do are shared tours, unless specifically agreed as private option

  • Workshop is not available on Sundays.

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