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Sarajevo to Belgrade UNESCO Day Tour
(or vice versa via East Bosnia and West Serbia)
05/12 at 8AM MISSING: 2
Belgrade to Sarajevo
05/12 at 8AM MISSING: 2
Belgrade to Sarajevo

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We are dedicated to deliver greatest possible travel experience. That is why we prefer private trips whenever possible, hosting usually 3-8 travelers.

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About Funky Tours

Sarajevo Funky Tours is created to bring you greatest sightseeing experience, amazing activities & things to do in and around Sarajevo and rest of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

We aim to be: B&H EXPERIENCE!

Please Note: Preferred number of guests on our trips is between 4-8, because we strive to make our tours personal and flexible as much as we can.
If needed, we can accommodate much more (coach required tours).


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Location: Tours | Sarajevo to Belgrade UNESCO Day Tour
(or vice versa via East Bosnia and West Serbia)

Traveler Reviews (TripAdvisor)

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Sarajevo to Belgrade Tour: The Only Way to Travel Between the Cities

Not normally the kind of person who enjoys tours, but what Sarajevo Funky Tours were offering seemed too good to pass up. We ended up doing three tours with Skender and the gang (Total Siege Tour, Trip to Potočari/Srebrenica, Sarajevo to Belgrade Tour) and they were all excellent with well informed and friendly guides who it was a pleasure to spend a day in the company of.

I'd personally recommend the Sarajevo to Belgrade Tour (or Belgrade to Sarajevo - The company are very flexible to your needs) if you are travelling between the two cities as it makes the journey really interesting. I've done it by bus in the past and found it quite gruelling, yet the 12 hours of this tour flew by. Cinema fans with an interest in Emir Kusturica will be particularly interested as it includes stops at two towns built by the director for his films, and a journey along an old railway line which is used in Life is a Miracle. The tour also includes a visit to Višegrad to see the old bridge made famous by the novel of Nobel Prize winning author Ivo Andrić, The Bridge on the Drina. Really a must-do tour for anyone with an interest in culture and the arts.

Also spent a good few months before our trip emailing Skender at SFT for advice and help planning our tours and he was always very friendly and prompt with his replies, and an absolute pleasure to talk with. You won't regret booking with Sarajevo Funky Tours for any trip to see whatever you want.

Reviewed by: tomfiler, 04.06.2016

 Great tours!

My wife and I joined four tours organized by Sarajevo Funky Tours during our stay in Bosnia. All the tours are really interesting and the tour guides are very good and experienced. Informed Skender that we will be in Kotor before visiting Bosnia and would like to end our tours in Belgrade, hence he recommended four great tours to us. 

The first tour was Total Herzegovina Tour that picked us up from Kotor instead of Dubrovnik. Both the guides (Adnan and Ajla) were amazing. The places visited in this tour were all very beautiful. 

The second tour was Jajce and Travnik Tour. The guides (another Adnan) was very interesting and share with us his experience as a soldier during the Bosnian war. Jajce waterfall is really beautiful. 

The third tour was Total Siege Tour and Skender himself was the our guide. He was really great and told us a lot about Bosnian war and the tunnel. 

The last tour was Belgrade Tour. The guides (Heldi and Harm) were very caring. My wife was not feeling on that day and they really help us during the long journey from Sarajevo to Belgrade. 

Overall, Bosnia is a must visit country and it will be wonderful if can do it with Sarajevo Funky Tour.


Reviewed by: Weiyang C, 24.05.2016

 Sarajevo to Belgrade Tour

We originally intended to do just bus transfer from Sarajevo to Belgrade, but in the end decided to use Sarajevo Funky Tours amazing Sarajevo to Belgrade tour which was much better thing to do. We got to see some amazing parts of eastern Bosnia and west Serbia that we even not knew existed. Nature is amazing and trip is great replacement for standard bus transfer or even flight. We recommend it.


Reviewed by: TraSci, 20.02.2016

Belgrade to Sarajevo

We found Sarajevo Funky Tours on Tripadvisor at the last minute whilst we were in Belgrade. We were looking for a way to get to Sarajevo and had hoped to see the Sargan 8 railway and Mokra Gora on the way but were starting to give up hope of being able to. We contacted Funky Tours via Whatsapp and, after checking driver availability, they were able to arrange for a reverse version of their Sarajevo to Belgrade day tour. We were collected at 8am from our apartment by our guide Haris and driver Jasmin in a very nice car. I confess the car was so comfortable we slept a good bit in the morning. We had a brilliant day visiting Tara Mountain, the Sargan 8, Mokra Gora and Visegrad. Haris was an excellent guide, he spoke perfect English and was a mine of information and Jasmin was a very good driver, never a worry there. We enjoyed their company very much. After a full day of sightseeing, the guys dropped us close to our hotel in Sarajevo at 9pm as promised.

Reviewed by: Alison E, 15.08.2017

“Great service, very informative”

We took the tour from Belgrade to Sarajevo, the Siege Tour, and from Sarajevo to Dubrovnik. The arrangements by Mr Skender were seamless. The guides and drivers are all very knowledgeable and helpful. War and history are serious matters and we learnt a lot from them. 

But perhaps to be in line with the name "Funky Tours", and for the sake of merry-seeking tourists, the commentary can try to balance between gritty war stories and lighter anecdotes to make this an even better, funkier experience.


Reviewed by: micereview, 15.03.2017

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