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Location: Tours | Jajce and Travnik with Central Bosnian regions
Day Tour from Sarajevo as mix of history and amazing nature

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Jajce and Travnik with Central Bosnian regions
Day Tour from Sarajevo as mix of history and amazing nature

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Memorable tour

I took four tours with Sarajevo Funky Tours, the Siege Tour with Arna as our guide, Jajce and Travnik with Haris and Ajla as our guide, Srebrenica with Adnan as our guide, and Lukomir hiking tour with Dado as our guide. All tour was excellent! Most memorable one was the Srebrenica tour with Adnan. It was very moving and we visit the memorial during Eid festival when many families of the victims came to pray for them. Adnan himself was a Bosnian war veteran who shared so many stories about the war with us. 
Definitely recommend this tour operator who know what they are doing and give very good service for the customers.

Reviewed by: mike66jakarta, 26.04.2018

Pocitelj, Blagaj, Mostar, Jajce, Travnik, Foca, Srebrenica

Although in the past I was a bit sceptical of using tour guides, it was an absolute pleasure to meet and be guided by both Skender and Faruk. Both demonstrated an impressive knowledge of historical and political developments in Bosnia and Herzegovina adding a concoction of local stories giving the tour a more personable touch, whilse respecting objectivity.

I will definitely be returning to Bosnia in the future and in the meantime will be recommending Sarajevo Funky Tours to family and friends as I truly had such a wonderful and inspiring time.

Many thanks once more and I hope your company continues to grow from strength to strength.

Visited March 2014

Reviewed by: Sairah_Y, 02.04.2014


3 Friends and I booked the Mostar & Jalce tours with Skender from Funky Tours and I can say that the tours were truly excellent and unforgettable. I really enjoyed these tours and am sure that my friends did to; I definitely feel we got a fantastic deal.

Our guide Faruk (from who operates HelloCity & also works with Skender) took us on the Mostar Tour, and then Skender & Faruk did the Jajce tour. They are both two highly knowledgeable and personable individuals who made the tours both informative and very enjoyable at the same time. They were happy to give us their personal experiences and recommendations on food and sites to see in Bosnia and their knowledge on the sites was second to none.

I've been on tours where the group is 40 people + however the fact that we were in a small group (4 friends) gave the tour a much more friendly & relaxed atmosphere so their was a lot more time to ask questions and truly delve deeper into the history of the country.

Lastly, not only did we go to the destinations we sought to, we also stopped at important mosques and heritage sites along the way which was very insightful and i felt like we were going on more than one tour on each journey. I would definitely recommend these tours to anybody who wishes to see a glimpse of Bosnia's rich history and stunning landscapes and views in a friendly environment. Thanks Skender and Faruk!

Visited March 2014

Reviewed by: Iman I, 02.04.2014

Pocitelj, Blagaj, Mostar, Jajce, Travnik, Foca, Srebrenica”

You know you've had a great time when you've left the country yet feel like you've left a part of you behind. Very grateful to Sarajevo Funky Tours for their lovely service. Their guides were informative and passionate and knew exactly what they were doing. They take you to the random yet beautiful bits and corners of the country that you didn't even know existed and tell you all about it. Their passion for the country is clear and it adds a personal touch to every place you go. They're also very cooperative and easy to deal with financially. Would definitely recommend.

Visited March 2014

Reviewed by: Sara T, 10.04.2014

An unforgettable and unique experience in amazing and FUNKY SARAJEVO !!

We booked two tours: Total Siege & Jajce. Unfortunately we couldn't do the Jajce tour. There were too few people for this tour but Srebrenica was a fantastic and worthwhile alternative. Our guide Farouk was very professional, friendly and enthusiastic. He shared plenty of information. Our impressions were overwhelming !! We learned a lot about the history and culture of Bosnia. We saw very interesting and incredible sites. It was outstanding !!
Bear in mind ... Bring some food and water if you would like to visit Srebrenica because the lunch is very late there - at 3pm. The tours took one hour more than was planned. So you'd better not be in a hurry.
Sarajevo Funky Tours = highly recommended (talented guides, superb, excellent value) !!

Visited August 2014

Reviewed by: Benny V, 21.08.2014

Plitvice - Una - Jajce - Sarajevo - Mostar - Dubrovnik!!!

We never believed that trip to Bosnia would be highlight of our Balkans trip this year. As we were spending some time in Croatia we planned to visit Bosnia for 3-4 days, so we got in touch with Sarajevo Funky Tours and together we planned the following itinerary which started in Plitvice and ended in Dubrovnik. 
Being picked up in Plitvice on the first day we did Una National Park, for which we even never knew it even existed until we came there. Out of 4 days in Bosnia, probably the best part of the trip. 

At Una we got a chance to see amazing river and its stunning waterfalls and were so lucky to meet a local family who offered us with delicious Bosnian coffee and local types of pectin, jams and honey - 100% natural made and so delicious. This is a must.
Later we passed through Jajce town and explored history and sights of Pliva mills, lakes and waterfalls together with Travnik and its amazing fort.

Sarajevo was great as well, as there we had time to learn about history of this amazing city, from period of Ottoman history to unfortunate 1990s and siege of Sarajevo. Sarajevo has great vibe, unlike many places we have been and definitely is must see when travelling in Balkans. Food is so tasty and mountains around are so beautiful. Try chevapi, burek and ustipci.

On the way to Dubrovnik we did one night in amazing Mostar and of course been on the bridge - almost did a dive :) but left it for the next time when we come back.

Tried best ever trout in Blagaj, walked Pocitelj and seen "small Niagara" as our guide called Kravice waterfalls.

We will be back for more of amazing Bosnia.

Thank you.

Visited September 2014

Reviewed by: Gio L, 21.10.2014

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