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Sarajevo to Dubrovnik or Kotor day tour via Mostar and Herzegovina region, or vice versa

Traveler Reviews (TripAdvisor)

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 The best you can have to discover the amazing places in Bosnia!

We took the tour with Skender in August 2015. Since the beggining, the company showed to be very worried about our schedule and they did the best to made a great tour around the main sights in Bosnia in a short time(we had only one day in the country). The experience was the best as it could be, we saw awesome places and we had all the information needed concerning history and main facts about the places. Besides that, our guide Skender was a really sympathic guy and provided a nice atmosphere in the group during the whole trip and, at the end, he also did the arrengements to take us to Dubrovinik (our next destination). In my opinion, this is a great way to know a lot about Bosnian culture in a short period. Totally recomended!


Reviewed by: cavalcantilp, 23.08.2015

 Dubrovnik to Sarajevo 4 day tour

This was a fantastic way to see and experience Bosnia & Herzegovina. We did a 4 day trip which included a day of hiking and a day of white water rafting. We stayed in lake Boracko for 2 nights which was stunning. The other night we were in Mostar. Other activities included a cave visit, swimming at the waterfalls, wine tasting and canoeing down the river from Blagaj. Skender was very flexible and helpful when we were planning our trip and made excellent suggestions. We were essentially able to design our own trip. Faruk our local guide was brilliant. We learnt lots about the history of Bosnia & Herzegovina and saw and experienced lots of amazing places.
We paid €400 each which was well worth it. This covered accommodation, transport and activities. Breakfast was included at all places we stayed and lunch was included for hiking and and rafting.
Highly recommended!


Reviewed by: ShaneoNZ, 21.08.2015

 Highly Recommended

My girlfriend and I recently took a trip to Bosnia-Herzogovina and Croatia, and we opted for the Sarajevo Funky Tours 3 day tour going from Sarajevo to Dubrovnik. We had an amazing time with our guide, Farouk. 

From the planning stages, Skender was very helpful, and responsive with planning some options for us. We mentioned that we are vegetarian, so he took that into account. He was also helpful with coming up with some ideas to better suit our interests, such as a stop at the Hutovo Blato National Park to look for birds. 

Our tour began in Sarajevo, and Farouk wasted no time in getting us acquainted with him, his country, and his experiences. In Sarajevo, he shared some very personal stories from his experiences during the siege, and it was quite an experience to hear about the war from him. 

The tour continued into the Herzegovina region, to Mostar, and finally to Dubrovnik. The entire time, Farouk was great with keeping things organized (despite some weather issues), answering our many questions, and sharing his wide knowledge of his country. 

Farouk is the kind of guide that you hope to get for every tour. He has a way of making you feel relaxed, while simultaneously injecting his energetic personality into the tour. He clearly is happy to go out of his way to make his guests comfortable. For example, when I told him that forgot to pack a bathing suit, he had no problem with stopping off at a shopping center, and waiting for us, so I could pick one up. It may not sound like much on paper, but this was at the end of a very long day, and if it didn't happen, I would have missed out on swimming at Kravice Falls. He didn't want me to miss out on that, and I really appreciated it. It's the seemingly little things like this that really make a good tour guide great. 

Overall, we both agreed that our experience in Bosnia-Herzegovina was a highlight of our trip, and actually one of our favorite travel destinations overall. Much of this was due to the wonderful treatment we received at the hands of Sarajevo Funky Tours, and Farouk. 

I would highly recommend this company, and will most likely contact them again, should we have the chance to get back to Bosnia.


Reviewed by: TimesArrow, 20.08.2015

 Best tour company ever!

If you are thinking about going to Bosnia and Herzegovina, do yourself a favour and contact this company. We organised a 7 night tour including Sarajevo, Mostar & Dubrovnick with Skender. All of our guides were awesome. Thank you so much to Faruk, Ado, Ajla, Sanja & Adnan who were the best guides we have ever had. They were like friends and we thank them so much for sharing their knowledge and love of their country with us. We saw so much more than we ever expected and loved the fact that they were all local people many of whom lived through the hard times this country has had. Skender can personalise a complete tour for you including all transport, airport pick ups and accommodation in really fantastic hotels. This is a young company and extremely well run.


Reviewed by: delgaz28, 14.08.2015

 Fantastic experience

Myself, my partner and our friend spent 4 days on a Funky Tour from Dubrovnik to Sarajevo with our guide Faruk. The tour included 3 nights accommodation and activities, as well as a couple of meals when we did activities. There were 5 on our tour for the first 2 days including us, and we were the only one's on days 3 and 4. 
Faruk is an excellent guide. He exceeded expectations in his passion and knowledge of his country. He took time to teach us about the history, people and geography of the country. He works incredibly hard, many hours a day and is always enthusiastic and excited for the next activity. We really enjoyed our time with him. 
We did activities from cave visits, city tours, rafting, waterfall swimming, hiking, visiting mountain villages, eating amazing food and swimming in lakes. It was very flexible and we felt as though we were travelling with a friend rather than on a tour. 
I highly recommend Funky tours as a brilliant way to travel the diverse and beautiful country of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Take time here, don't just go on a day tour or a city tour. We had the opportunity see so much in 4 days and it has been a highlight of travel for me. The tour was 100 Euro per person per day, inclusive of all accommodation and well worth every cent.


Reviewed by: Gemmakate2015, 02.08.2015


From the time I first contacted Skender almost a year prior to visiting Bosnia and Herzegovina until the moment we completed our 3 day tour of Sarajevo and Mostar, Sarajevo Funky Tours came through for us repeatedly. Slender was very helpful with all the planning and customized a tour for us that picked us up in Mostar and dropped us off in Dubrovnik. Prior to that, we spent time in Sarajevo with Dado and Farouk. Both were excellent guides and gave us the true flavor of the region. We walked away understanding the hardships they have faced and continue to face but also their love of the country came across loud and clear. Both of these guys were professional, friendly and very knowledgeable. We were equally fortunate to meet Sanja when she picked us up in Mostar and guided us all the way to Dubrovnik. She was an absolute sweetheart but also so knowledgeable, professional yet warm. We spent an entire day with her and it was very hard to say good-bye. She greeted us with nice cold bottles of water on time and continued to take good care of us all day until we reached our destination. She taught us a lot of history and shared many anecdotes from her own life and brought the whole region to life. When we stopped for lunch, we bumped into Dado and Farouk conducting other tours in the region. We felt like we bumped into old friends. All 3 guides were very special and really made our time in Bosnia and Herzegovina phenomenal.


Reviewed by: WHCTTraveler, 27.07.2015

 Tour transporting us from Sarajevo to Dubrovnik

We had arranged in advance to be met at the Sarajevo airport and to be taken to our hotel. The driver was on time and very pleasant. At the end of our visit, a tour guide, Farouk, met us at our hotel and drove us to Dubrovnik, visiting interesting sites along the way. Funky Tours does city tours and escorted tours in the former Yugoslavian countries. Highly recommend tem.


Reviewed by: JanMintz1, 25.07.2015

 One of the best tours ever!

I'm going to echo what several other reviewers said - look no further, this is the tour company to use! Skender was a pleasure to work with. He customized a private 2-day tour (Sarajevo - Dubrovnik via Mostar) but in the opposite direction – starting from Dubrovnik and ending in Sarajevo. 

Our tour guide, Faruk, was a really fun and interesting guy. His passion for his country and willingness to share his own experiences growing up during the war made this a truly exceptional tour. If you want to really learn about Bosnia rather than just see sights, Sarajevo Funky Tours is definitely the way to do it!


Reviewed by: Dina365, 25.07.2015

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