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Location: Tours | Mostar Day Tour From Sarajevo
Herzegovina region via Konjic, Jablanica, Počitelj and Blagaj

Traveler Reviews (TripAdvisor)

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 Great Sarajevo and Mostar experience - best tour operator ever!

Really really enjoyed my time in Sarajevo, Mostar and surroundings thanks to Skender at Sarajevo Funky Tours. Skender is a professional, cordial and accomodating guide. You can tell that he really enjoys what he does. He is very candid in his discussions about the history of B&H. He will tell you about the war. All in all it was a very personal experience. I not only had a tour guide, but made a great friend.

I also liked that in his Mostar tour he includes a visit to Pocitelj and Blagaj, two outlying towns that are very rustic and country-like. I did not meet a single tourist there - so definitely off the beaten path.

As for B&H - it is one of my favorite countries to visit in Europe. No crowds, inexpensive, scenic, great great food - especially if you like meat!!
So what are you waiting for. Give Skender at Sarajevo Funky Tours a shout and have the experience of a lifetime.

Reviewed by: soccernmath, 12.01.2011

The highlights of Herzegovina in 1 day

I really enjoyed my trip to Herzegovina. The guide and driver were very competent and gave a lot of information about the history. At the end of the day I got a good insight on Herzegovina.

Reviewed by: 925sara, 27.03.2018

 Great Team!

Saw the reviews on this company and decided to book 4 tours with them and I have no ounce of regret choosing them. In the end, due to some logistics problems on my end, I only managed to go on 3. I must have sent them around 20 emails (sorry about that!) and every email was answered promptly! I would like to give a special shoutout to Jasmin, Azra, Taib and Hars for being such great guides but most of all, a special HVALA to Ema for being so kind and accommodating to all my change of dates. You're a gem! Keep up the good work SFT!

Reviewed by: Chris1510, 30.04.2018

Amazing guides and an authentic experience

This tour agency was recommended by my sister who had been to Bosnia twice before. We did 3 tours: Mostar day tour and kravice waterfalls, jajce and travnik and total siege tour. As first timers we were very impressed with the knowledge the guides had. They were all well educated and very entertaining and you can tell they are passionate about their country (which is absolutely stunning) , by the end we felt more like friends. Special thank you to both hars, Ema , Isla and the guide for our total siege tour . You all gave us such an authentic experience of Bosnia we won't ever forget it.


Reviewed by: neam a, 02.05.2018

“MTV Brasil crew in Bosnia - Hwala Skender!”

August 2012 - with a small film crew MTV Brasil went to Bosnia to film two episodes of a new travel program called 'Adnet Viaja'. Why Bosnia? Well, Marcelo Adnet, Brazilian comedian, presenter and singer had been to Mostar once before and got inspired by the Sevdalinka music, the beautiful landscape and the fascinating history of the country. Our first connection with Sarajevo Funky Tours was made here on where we read great reviews on the tours and excursions Skender and his people arrange for tourists from all over the world.

The first idea we had was just to go on one of the tours, but... after thinking again and thinking a bit bigger, we needed someone to be with us all 3 days in Bosnia, show us Sarajevo, go with us to Mostar and even Neum, and basically be part of the crew! To never have asked is always a no, so we decided to ask the question: can we go on a Sarajevo Funky Tour that lasts three days 24/7??? Lucky for us, Skender got very enthusiastic immediately and not long after, our Bosnian journey began....

Two days we stayed in Sarajevo, what a great city! The old town is beautiful and the fact that we were there during the last days of the Ramadan made it even more special. Skender took us places to eat, to drink coffee and to smoke nagila that made us feel one of the Sarajevo citizens. We went on the war tour to the tunnel and a jewish cemetery that showed us the complexity and deep scars of the war. We also got to see the city from the highest point of Sarajevo, an amazing view and a great place for Marcelo Adnet to sing a Sevdalinka with the locals :)

After driving past amazing blue rivers and lakes and eating the traditional lamb on the way, we were pleasantly surprised by the beauty of the city of Mostar. We got to see the famous bridge and how it was devastated during the war, we saw ruins of buildings destroyed and infiltrated by bullets, but nothing could take away the beauty of this city!!! It is just enchanting.

Our trip went further through the beautiful towns of Blagaj and Počitelj down to Neum and eventually crossing the border to Croatia where we would continue our trip towards Italy. This is where we had to say goodbye to Skender with at least several hugs and a tear in our eyes. What a great time we had! Not only did we get to see Bosnia's most interesting, inspiring, beautiful and impressing places, Skender made us feel what it is like to be Bosnian, what it is like to have a past living in fear of your life and how that gives you the motivation to make today's Sarajevo and Bosnia as a whole a better place. Skender gave us goosebumps with his story telling, impressed us with his extended knowledge of the history, his great ability to think with us on showing the best sides of the country. He became a crew member very quickly and naturally, made us feel at home in his country, laughed with us, sang with us, thought with us, ate with us (when he was not fasting because of the Ramadan) and most important of all: made us FOB's (Fans of Bosnia) forever!!!

Crew MTV Brasil: Marcelo Adnet, Marcelo Botta, Mariano Kweller, Aron den Boer and Maria Hupkes

Reviewed by: Maria H, 09.04.2012

If you are in Sarajevo and you really want to visit Bosnia, you should take at least one of the Funky Tour's trips. I took the Mostar day trip and it was absolutely amazing! I thought we would only visit Mostar and go back to Sarajevo, but we also visited Plocitelj and Blagaj, two amazing towns that cannot be missed. The guide, Skender, is simply the best...he knows the places to visit, he is really well informed and the best guide u can have there, because he knows all the bad and good things that happened there and he's willing to answer any questions you might have. 

I also took the Total Siege tour and I loved it even more, because we could not only visit and see the places where historical facts took place, but also because we had a guide that was a witness to it. During those two trips I've learned a lot from Skender and even if I was travelling alone, he managed to creat such a great atmosphere that all the group ended up having lunch and dinner together, just like we have been friends for a long time! I strongly recommend you to get to know real Bosnia through Sarajevo Funky Tours.

One more thing: as I was travelling solo, I was afraid of not being able to take those tours, but I sent an e-mail one month before my arrival and Skender replied to it (and some other ones I had sent after that one) and because of that I was able to join the groups.

Reviewed by: Nathan Pezzolo Malinverni, 15.10.2011

We are a newly wed bosnian-norwegian couple visiting Sarajevo in July 2010. I was born in Sarajevo, but due to the war atrocities the family moved to Scandinavia when I was a teenager. Sadly enough, as adult I am visiting the country on sporadical occasions.
This summer I took my norwegian husband for his first longer trip to Bosnia. As I do not longer consider myself to be local (given the fact that I have left the country as youngster), I still had a desire to show him the true beauty and spirit of Bosnia, the way I remember it from my early years. What a better way than to do it with Skender and his Sarajevo Funky Tours! Due to personal preferences, we decided not to take the War-themed tours. Instead we opted for something more cheerful and recreative.

FIRST TOUR: a full day of hiking at Bjelasnica mountain - the site of the Olympic downhill in 1984. After a hearty breakfast in a local guesthouse, we started the steep 4 hour climb from Umoljani village leading us through the emerald green valleys and rocky canyons to the heights of southern slopes of Bjelasnica and the traditional village Lukomir. Lukomir is Bosnia's highest and most isolated mountain village at 1469 meters above the sea level. After enjoying some food and strong bosnian coffee in Lukomir, we set back hiking to Umoljani arriving late in the afternoon to be met by a freshly baked potato-pie and a tasty tomato salad. What a fantastic day!

SECOND TOUR was scheduled for experiencing the beauty of the hot and rocky southern province of Hercegovina. We drove from Sarajevo early in the morning setting it off toward the picturesque towns of Pocitelj and Blagaj, both UNESCO World Heritage Sites. We spent the afternoon visiting Mostar and it´s world-famous Old Bridge and ending the tour in the evening by visiting Jablanica - a small town on the way to Sarajevo known for its "jagnjetinja" which is a whole lamb slowly roasted over the open fire. Yummy!!!

Skender is everything and more the other reviewers have described him as. We felt that we were not on a guided tour, but enjoying a day with a old friend why was happy to be there and share the experience with us! All in all, we LOVED every minute spent on both tours and were highly impressed by the engagement and wholeheartedness Skender puts in his work. As I mentioned, we felt like we spent those days with a good friend and not with a stranger who had to be paid for the service.

I will definitely do more tours with Sarajevo Funky Tours when we return to Bosnia next time. What can we say more than: Skender, just keep doing what you do best - bringing the best possible tours and sightseeing experience in and around Sarajevo and rest of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Reviewed by: Leila L, 26.07.2011

This is simply the best way to see first Mostar and outstanding surrounding area. Mostar is perfect place, but few places around realy do add extra flavour.

Do not hesitate, do this day tour!

Reviewed by: Ray, 14.03.2011

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