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Sarajevo Funky Tours is created to bring you greatest sightseeing experience, amazing activities & things to do in and around Sarajevo and rest of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

We aim to be: B&H EXPERIENCE!

Please Note: Preferred number of guests on our trips is between 4-8, because we strive to make our tours personal and flexible as much as we can.
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Location: Tours | Mostar Day Tour From Sarajevo
Herzegovina region via Konjic, Jablanica, Počitelj and Blagaj

Traveler Reviews (TripAdvisor)

Read what our customers say about our services, so you get the best possible opininon before you book. ALL REVIEWS ARE IMPORTED FROM TripAdvisor.

 Thank you Sarajevo Funky Tours!

I made a last minute decision to drop by Bosnia & Herzegovina in early July. Thus I also contacted all the tour agencies very last minute - the night before down to a few hours before daybreak. Most tour agencies, while very helpful, were not able to accommodate my last minute requests especially since I was travelling alone.

At first point of contact, Skender was very friendly and helpful by answering all my questions. He was very accommodating to my last minute requests and even managed to fit in all 3 tours that I have prioritised - of course I had to pay a premium for being the only person! Skender is the perfect example of how you should manage a tour agency.

On my first full day, I went for the Mostar full day tour with Dado. We clicked well due to our close age and similar life and travel philosophies. Other than the stated towns and the "bonus" Kravice Waterfalls in the itinerary, Dado also brought me to check out places he personally hangs out. He is very engaging and I had real fun during the tour.

I went for the full siege tour with Skender's father who is an ex soldier during the Siege of Sarajevo. It was just a perfect history lesson by someone who personally experienced the horrors of war and I learnt a lot of things from him. Thereafter I also did the full city tour with Nadja. The old city is easy enough to navigate and walk around on your own, but I found it more meaningful and interesting to have Nadja walking me through the sights and linking all the stories together. She is a wonderful guide!

All in all, I don't always go through tour agencies when I'm travelling but Sarajevo Funky Tours is a worthy investment! I would definitely recommend my friends to go with them!


Reviewed by: patscholes, 20.07.2015

 Mostar and Bjelasnica Tours

Sarajevo Funky Tours offered my husband and I a really fun way of seeing Bosnia and Herzegovina. Although I was born in the region, I was not as familiar with this part of the country and haven't lived here in many years. And, this was my husband's first time in B&H. Therefore, the tours were really an excellent idea. 

We participated in two tours: Bjelasnica and Mostar, and both were spectacular. 

I'd suggest the Mostar tour to anyone, it's an easy, walkable tour with great scenery throughout the region. Great, fresh food. Local farmers selling wild strawberries throughout, I suggest you try them, taste their sweetness and help the local economy. 

The Bjelasnica tour is amazing and it feels as if you go back a few hundred years in time. The locale is completely isolated. You will see villagers living completely cut off from the world, solely relying on nature as their companion. Rural, home cooked, hearty meal is included. I'd suggest bringing hiking shoes and warm, rain-proof jacket even in the summer. There is a significant amount of hiking on this tour so if you are not a hiker, let the owner know and perhaps they can arrange a drive through the mountains with a shorter hike. You shouldn't miss the scenery here. 

Plenty of info on pre-Ottoman and Ottoman era history for the historians amongst you on both tours. 

Thanks Skender for your assistance and Dado for leading the tours with such a zest for life. Funky Tours is a must in Sarajevo!


Reviewed by: Alma T, 21.06.2015

 Amazing trips and Amazing company

There is only one reason I would recommend using Sarajevo Funky Tours:

Skender - we took the Siege tour in Sarajevo - this involved a drive through the city, visiting the tunnel site, a walk through the mountains occupied by the Serbs 
during the siege and a quick walk down the bobsleigh track. The whole trip lasted about 6 hours and only cost 70€. Considering there were only two of us that isn't even 6€/hr. We also took a day trip to Mostar, Blagaj, Počitelj and the Kravice waterfalls - this was a bespoke tour lasting a total of 12 hours for 200€, which, as calculated before only comes to about 8€/hr. 

His enthusiasm for the city and the country in its entirety, its history and its stories was enchanting. He is wonderfully knowledgeable about the past, present and future of all that encompasses the Balkans. His English is amazing, his humour infectious and friendly. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone.

You made us fall in love with your city and your country and we're more grateful for this than you can ever imagine! 

We will never forget Bosnia & Herzegovina

Luis & Tom


Reviewed by: Luis G, 09.06.2015

 Great time with tour guides of Funky Tours

Our tour of Bosnia Herzegovina is not over yet but we have had a wonderful week here with Salem, Faruq and Skender the owner of Funky Tours. They make great guides with their dedication, knowledge and passion for their country. 
We had visited many countries and cities around the world but we will rank this as number one in our list. From Sarayevo to Srebrenica, Travnik, Jayce, Bihac, Blagaj, Mostar in BiH and Dubovnic, Split in Croatia we were all the time filled with wonder and surprise. 
The national parks of Plitvicka Jezera and Una took our breath away. We even had the opportunity to visit a farm house near Una National Park and were received with warm hospitality by a couple who live there. This is truly a unique experience made possible only by Funky Tours.


Reviewed by: rukaiyah, 13.05.2015

 Great tour around Bosnia

I took the Mostar day tour and got off at Mostar. The group leader was Dade, what an awesome character!!! There was sufficient email communication with Skender, the boss, beforehand. 

So the solo hiking trip into the mountain that i initually planned was just not possible with snow blocking major roads in the mountain villages. I was left with nothing in plan and extra time to spare. I went to the shop and met Skender's dad to discuss options. I dont think he understood what i'm looking for very well and came up with ridiculous prices. But it just was a mess and i left annoyed.

Luckily i contacted the company again via their website and Skender picked it up. It was simple and easy arrangement over email. 

I met a few other solo travellers in the group as well. But all credit goes to Dade that did a great job showing us the planned sights and his own friend's rock climbing place. We took all the time we needed and not much rush at all. We shared a lot of stories, of modern bosnia, of the youth, of the politics. I was lucky to have met Dade.

The country is beautiful but the people made it worthwhile.

Dade, all the best in your future travels conquering the world and cliffs!!


Reviewed by: Oriental T, 12.05.2015

 Great way to get to know Bosnia

This is a great company with friendly, professional staff who know the history and culture of Bosnia well. I took the city siege tour in Sarajevo, snowshoeing adventure, Srebrenica visit, trip to Mostar, and trip to Dubrovnik. All were excellent. It was a good mix of light fun and serious information and learning. All guides were warm, down to earth, and great to hang out with. I highly recommend this company and its tours.


Reviewed by: D S , 30.11.-0001

 Wow! The best Balkan Tours you will experience. Fluff overload!

I think my heading was misleading. They are a unique Tour Service in my travelling experiences and you will never encounter such great prices, knowlege, personal experiences and friendliness as you will have with Funky Tours. Awesome just doesn't cut it! 

In August 2014 I set off to Bosnia to follow my lifelong dream of visiting Sarajevo, Mostar and Krevice Waterfalls. I got off the minibus from Serbia to Sarajevo - and instantly felt the most amazing atmosphere from the City. It gripped my heart - unexplainable but true. As though all of Bosnias history was trapped in the valley and couldn't get out over the mountains surrounding it. As I was travelling alone with no transport, I was finding it a little awkward to go to the places that I most wished to see. Then Funky Tours popped up on my browser!!! Wooop!! \0/ In the office was Skender, immediately responding to my fluffy little email deposits being soooo helpful and arranging where he could fit me on a tour with other people. Brilliant idea for solo travellers on a budget! ;0) Faruk led the excursions with his little yellow minibus and completely personalised the tours with his personal experiences and knowledge of Bosnia......purely captivating. Quite often these stories would make us all feel a little emotional but luckily Faruk has the empowerment to follow it with humour and fluffiness. Phew! lol. Another traveller on TripAdvisor commented that Funky Tours were more like friends. I couldn't agree more - they look after you and really have fun themselves. You will eat amazing traditional food, drink traditional drinks, be exhilarated from the views from Sarajevo or even travel passed Mostar through the most beautiful Bosnian countryside - seeing Tree's planted in honor of Tito's birthday and walk through beautiful Caves that were only found in 1968. Funky Tours will really make you feel part of the Bosnian culture, share the history and if you are like I will not wish to leave Bosnia, or be in tears for a while when you do! lol

Thank you Funky (Fluffy) Tours ;0) lol You have the best job in the world!! It was such a memorable experience that I hope to visit again soon for that trip to Bijambare ;0) *Wiggle


Reviewed by: Fluff M , 25.02.2015

 EXCELLENT EXPERIENCE. Don't hesitate to book! & a big thank you

I went on the 7 day tour in December as a solo traveller. My tour guide was Dado, and he was excellent!!!!! He made sure to give me the full Bosnian experience, and its just as if I made a new friend. I had been told just about every reason possible not to visit BIH by my family/friends/strangers. But I was determined to go, and I loved it. i can honestly say I felt safer in BIH than i did in Greece. Sarajevo was extremely charming & an amazingly beautiful city in every aspect. I will never forget the feeling of the city. The drives to Mostar & Srebrenica were stunningly scenic. Words can't do it justice. Blagaj was the most picturesque place I've been too. Visiting Srebrenica & Potocari was a very emotional experience & can be a bit overwhelming. But is totally worth it to pay respects & hope that such devastation never occurs again. The hiking on Bjelasnica was wonderful. Dado is an absolute expert when it comes to the mountains, and I felt safe at all times. He also made sure that the hike wasn't too difficult for me and modified it because of the weather conditions. Jajce is probably my favourite city I've been to anywhere (along with Sarajevo), and i loved travnik as well. Kravice waterfall was absolutely breathtaking. Like nothing I've ever seen before. The country is dotted with a plethora of rivers, lakes, waterfalls & springs in every direction. it makes for some amazing sights in such a serene, peaceful environment. Dado was so great because he would make sure that we stopped at these hidden sites that I wouldn't have ever known existed

The combination of a rich history and unrivalled natural beauty, truly makes BIH such an amazing destination to visit. It is THE hidden gem of Europe. The food was brilliant too and the people were very kind. All the people I met were extremely friendly, and would go out of their way to make me feel welcome to the country. I also used the airport transfer service with Skender and Salem. Both of them seemed like amazing people & there was no hassle at all. A big thank you to everyone at "Sarajevo Funky Tours" for making this experience possible at such a reasonable price. You could tell that everyone involved was passionate about their job. The long drives & city tours were such amazing experiences that i will keep for my life, and it wouldn't have been possible without 'Sarajevo Funky Tours'. I am very thankful for their dedication & I loved every moment :)


Reviewed by: Yiorgos S , 25.01.2015

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