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Location: Tours | Mostar Day Tour From Sarajevo
Herzegovina region via Konjic, Jablanica, Počitelj and Blagaj

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 Mostar Day Trip

One of the best tours ever. We had a very nice tour guide and driver. Lovely views of the towns ans the countryside.

Reviewed by: Lucia C, 05.11.2015

 Absolutely fan-funky-tastic!

6 people with different interests and only 4 days to visit Sarajevo - what to do? Book tours with Sarajevo Funky Tours. 

Our tours began on Tuesday and ended on Friday evening. We've seen everything from Srebrenica to Mt. Jahorina and the Bob Sleigh Track on Mt. Trebevic, as well as climbed the tower in Pocitelj, seen the Buna Tekke in Blagaj and visited the old bridge in Mostar. We were offered the best of Bosnian culture and cuisine and our amazing guides gave us the best experiences ever. 

If you want to know what happened during the Civil War in Sarajevo, I strongly recommend the Siege Tour. Dado did an amazing job, showing us the key points of the city and summarizing hundreds and hundreds of years of Bosnian history. Adnan and Ajla took us to Mostar, Jablanica, Blagaj and Pocitelj - and all the way they were keeping us entertained with their stories about Bosnia. Faruk was our guide to Srebrenica, and to see and hear the story from somebody who had experienced first hand was both chilling, but also very inspiring. The memorial site and museum are a great way to commemorate the atrocities that happened in Srebrenica in '95, and it's an important way to pin down the history. Our last day, Friday, was spent on foggy Mt. Jahorina also with Faruk, who - despite the rainy weather - managed to keep us all laughing and warm. 

I can most definitely recommend Sarajevo Funky Tours to all of you, who want amazing sites combined with intelligent, funny and lovely guides. 

We will definitely be visiting again. :-)


Reviewed by: Emina Z, 19.10.2015

 Time passes too quickly when you are with Funky Tours!

My daughter and I used Funky Tour Company to travel from Sarajevo to Dubrovnik late September 2015. The day began early with Ajla and Adnan as our tour guides. Traveling through the cities of Konjic, Jablanica, Mostar, Kravice, Pocitelj and Blagaj the 6 + hours went so quickly with our guides that were witty and very knowledgeable! They made the travel a day of adventure! Returning from Split to Sarajevo, we used the same tour company and were able to have a Tunnel Tour with Skender who lived through the war. With Skender’s passion and knowledge of the war, we felt the sadness of those 3 + long years and realized how far Sarajevo has come in a very short time. Do not miss this city and the surrounding areas when you are planning a trip. Funky Tour Company is the Best!! Highly Recommended!


Reviewed by: Carol1707, 12.10.2015

 Bosnia the Beautiful.......

I took a day tour to Mostar on 20Sep -2015 with Sarajevo Funky Tours and had an amazing time ... met some great people on the tour too .Dado, our tour guide and driver was very capable of doing both ....very knowledgeable of history and events with great sense of humor too .Lot of information and history in one day. We stopped briefly at historical town of Konjic, then saw beautiful waterfall Kravice , Medieval town of Pocitelj (sleepy town), Buna river Blagay -Dervish Tekka where we had lunch - speciality of the restaurant corn breaded grilled trout.....the highlight of the tour was Mostar charming southern town with coblled narrow streets, old bazaars ,shops
and historical old bridge..... Great experience , all went well, Bosnia is beautiful country ,has a lot to offer, reasonable cheap price for traveling....Highly recommend Sarajevo Funky tours . They are team of hard working people


Reviewed by: traveler63, 12.10.2015

 Perfect way to experience Bosnia

A friend recommended the Siege tour and I'm so glad I took this. Highly informative and an amazing experience. Hearing the stories from someone who lived through it made it that much more real. Full day of sights and information is a great way to learn about Bosnia's recent history. The next day our plans changed and so we called Skender and were able to get on the Mostar day tour, if in Bosnia definately get on both these tours!! Meeting everyone at Funky Tours was like meeting old friends, very friendly, relaxed atmosphere and helpful on places to go out in Sarajevo. Get to Bosnia and see what we have all been missing out on!!!


Reviewed by: JDias83, 06.10.2015

 Highly recommend for anyone wanting a crash course on BiH

This was actually my second tour with Faruk, and definitely one worth repeating! Faruk is incredibly passionate about bringing tourism to BiH, and with him at the helm, BiH is poised for a takeover in the tourism industry;) He is gregarious, energetic, and knowledgeable. I took this tour with my boyfriend the first time, and with my parents the second time, so it can be tailored to any age range or mobility level. In just one day, you can manage to see all of the spectacular sights of BiH, but I would highly recommend a longer tour so you can enjoy getting to know more about the unique history of this beautiful country. Thanks!


Reviewed by: katemoyle, 30.11.-0001

 Wonderful guys who give you a great travelling experience.

I have booked a whole week with this company. They have provided us with everything for a good affordable holiday. We were accommodated in 2 very good hotels, one in central Sarajevo and another in Mostar. Every day we had an excursion of our choice. Very good guides, Ado, Dado, Faruk and Skender (the owner). Young, enthusiastic and full of energy. They really love their job, they gave us some very good tips and they really went out of their way to give us more than expected. Their hospitality is amazing and we were even welcomed in their home. I can say that we were travelling with friends and not with guides. I wish we could have spent some more days in this fascinating country with such nice people.


Reviewed by: AdrianMuscat , 09.08.2015

 Beautiful Bosnia

Skender took us on an excellent trip to Mostar. We saw wonderful sights on the way and he provided interesting and useful commentary throughout. It was a thoroughly enjoyable day and helped make our holiday in Sarajevo a truly memorable experience.


Reviewed by: Alisoneapple, 31.07.2015

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