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Sarajevo Funky Tours is created to bring you greatest sightseeing experience, amazing activities & things to do in and around Sarajevo and rest of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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Please Note: Preferred number of guests on our trips is between 4-8, because we strive to make our tours personal and flexible as much as we can.
If needed, we can accommodate much more (coach required tours).


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Location: Tours | Mostar Day Tour From Sarajevo
Herzegovina region via Konjic, Jablanica, Počitelj and Blagaj

Traveler Reviews (TripAdvisor)

Read what our customers say about our services, so you get the best possible opininon before you book. ALL REVIEWS ARE IMPORTED FROM TripAdvisor.

 Just Great - Srarjevo and Mostar

Skender and his team are just brilliant, I would thoroughly recommend this company and its staff. safe, secure, trustworthy, knowledge, fun, flexible and accomodating. I went with my 10 year old son and he loved it too. I will be using this company again. I wish them all the success for the future. Thank you!

Reviewed by: Dominica01 London, 29.10.2014

Highly recommended tours

One of the best tours I've ever been on. Very informative guides, no hard sell on restaurants etc.

They take you where they are supposed to and went well beyond my expectations. Trust me go with these guys. You'll defo be leaving them a tip at the end, they're literally that good!

Reviewed by: Dave_A1923, 01.01.2015

 Very nice company and people

I had a tour from Sarajevo to Mostar with this company and from the beginning they were very professional and tried to help. Since I was just one person for the tour and it took a minimum of 2, they advertised it on their website for my requested dates. In the end, I was the only one on the tour since the others cancelled at the last minute and even in this case they still did the tour just for me. I had Faruk as a guide and I can say he is very good at it, you will not get bored during the entire day and he knows a lot of stuff about the area and can show some things which would be quite difficult to see if you don't join the tour. Also you will not get tired, there are plenty of stops for coffee/beer/etc. I strongly advise you to use this company for trips around Bosnia.

Reviewed by: JohnHartson9, 07.09.2014

 Excellent day with Sarajevo Funky Tours

The whole Bosnia trip is nicely arranged, we did Sarajevo and Mostar and we have great time there. Our guide Harm is passionate and enthusiastic about history, we know much more about the culture and the development here which we think it was a really fruitful and unforgettable experience


Reviewed by: TronYing, 09.07.2014

Fantastic experience!

Quite simply - if you are planning to visit Sarajevo you must get in touch with SFT, as the experiences offered by Skender and his team are fantastic!

I took 2 tours during my stay, the total siege tour (1/2 day) and the Herzegovina tour (2 day). I found them both so interesting, the passion shown by tour guides really brings the subjects of the tours to life.

SFT were also very accommodating when it came to booking tours, a simple email exchange and I was able to use my time in Bosnia to the maximum.

I was already going to recommend Bosnia to friends and family but now - knowing the great experiences I've had with these guys I will be even more enthusiastic about them visiting!

Reviewed by: Nick D, 29.08.2014

 Great tour

We really enjoyed our transfer from Sarajevo to Mostar. On the way we visited some great locations and passed through beautiful scenery. Bosnia is unexpectedly beautiful and unique. Our guide Farouk was genuine and friendly and relayed his first hand experiences with utmost honesty. We felt very well looked after.

Reviewed by: Milly1020, 19.08.2014

 Very professional!

As a planner of a themed trip with 12 people from Sweden, we chose Sarajevo Funky Tours for both airport transfer, two city tours and three-day trips to Srebrenica, Tuzla and Mostar. Skender was very helpful in planning and we were guided during the week of Arna. 
Interesting tours with a lot of history description and personal experiences and perspectives on how Balkan war could take place. 
We got the privilege to make field trips to places we've never been able to organize themselves as Skender arranged for us. 
I can really recommend hiring Sarajevo Funky Tours during visits to Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina!

Reviewed by: Helen S, 05.06.2014


3 Friends and I booked the Mostar & Jalce tours with Skender from Funky Tours and I can say that the tours were truly excellent and unforgettable. I really enjoyed these tours and am sure that my friends did to; I definitely feel we got a fantastic deal.

Our guide Faruk (from who operates HelloCity & also works with Skender) took us on the Mostar Tour, and then Skender & Faruk did the Jajce tour. They are both two highly knowledgeable and personable individuals who made the tours both informative and very enjoyable at the same time. They were happy to give us their personal experiences and recommendations on food and sites to see in Bosnia and their knowledge on the sites was second to none.

I've been on tours where the group is 40 people + however the fact that we were in a small group (4 friends) gave the tour a much more friendly & relaxed atmosphere so their was a lot more time to ask questions and truly delve deeper into the history of the country.

Lastly, not only did we go to the destinations we sought to, we also stopped at important mosques and heritage sites along the way which was very insightful and i felt like we were going on more than one tour on each journey. I would definitely recommend these tours to anybody who wishes to see a glimpse of Bosnia's rich history and stunning landscapes and views in a friendly environment. Thanks Skender and Faruk!

Reviewed by: Iman I, 02.04.2014

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