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Location: Tours | Srebrenica Genocide (Never Forget July 11th 1995)
Understanding Genocide Day Tour from Sarajevo

From EUR


Srebrenica Genocide (Never Forget July 11th 1995)
Understanding Genocide Day Tour from Sarajevo

Tour type: Historic, Siege, War & Genocide

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9 - 10 hours

Traveler Reviews (TripAdvisor)

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 Sarajevo with Skender is a must!

I’m not sure where to begin about the unforgettable trip we had with Sarajevo Funky Tours last April. Skender and his father Salem were absolutely amazing, both as guides and hosts. My friends and I generally prefer to explore new cities on our own. But in my research, I came across Sarajevo Funky Tours and all the reviews piqued my curiosity. I knew there was no way we could visit Sarajevo and not have a tour with Skender.

Skender was extremely helpful through all our email exchanges and helped us come up with the best itinerary for our time frame. Me and two friends started our tour from Dubrovnik. Skender had fallen ill, so his father came to pick us up instead. We stopped at Pocitelj and Blalga, both completely beautiful. We spent a night in Mostar and then visited Medjugorje and Kravica Waterfalls. The views on our drive were breathtaking. 

When we arrived in Sarajevo, Skender had arranged an amazing hotel room for us right in the heart of town. He then met us for our city walking tour. Skender's knowledge is endless, there isn't a question he wasn't able to address. The next day we took the Total Siege Tour which was phenomenal. I can't quite put into words how grateful we are to have met them. We were having trouble figuring out how to get back to Dubrovnik, and Salem offered to drive us back. On top of that, Skender connected us with his friend in Dubrovnik who arranged a private driver for us to Montenegro on the last day of our trip.

I left Sarajevo feeling that I have made a lifelong friend and I hope to return in the near future. Skender is genuinely passionate about not only his home, but he extends a sense of hospitality. If you're thinking of visiting Bosnia Herzegovina, you must arrange a tour with Sarajevo Funky Tours. Thank you for an unforgettable time!

Reviewed by: Nadia h, 06.11.2013

 An Incredible Day I'll Remember for a Lifetime

Salem from Funky Tours was our tour guide for the day and conducted an exceptional series of events for us. He was incredibly informative, answered every one of our questions (no matter how trivial, personal or indepth), was very cheerful, amicable, and very flexible and accomodating whilst also remaining highly organised.

Our tour to Srebenica (and numerous other towns of interest) was exceptional. Salem devised a highly informative and extremely personal tour that perfectly captured what was such a momentous historical event, filled with endless tales of heroism, loss, decption, and misery. 

Within such an emotionally charged atmosphere, the tour was professionally conducted with great precision whilst still maintaining a very warm and humanistic approach. This was truly a day to remember and I would highly reccommend it to anyone and everyone interested in the incredible account of such a pivotal moment in human history.

Reviewed by: Jazz-Bington, 21.11.2013

 Srebrenica tour

My friend and I joined the day trip to Potočari and Sbrebrenica with Salem as our guide. The drive was beautiful and the tour itself was very touching. Our guide didn't offer too much information before arriving so I would recommend that you read up on the events of 1995 before you go if you are unfamiliar with them. The tour included a stop at the memorial cemetery and a visit to factory that housed the UN base where there was a very moving memorial, a film, and speaker to meet us. The speaker was very articulate and open about his experience and really made the visit much more personal than memorials alone ever could. I recommend this tour to those that are familiar with the history. Our guide also brought us to a great restaurant for lunch before heading back to the city and was very pleasant to talk to you and learn from.

Reviewed by: Drea46, 11.01.2014

 Srebrenica Genocide Tour

This was a highly interesting tour with, of course, a terrifying and sad background. The friendly guide introduced us into the developement of things happened in the mid of July 1995. We were shown the cemetery and the spectacular hall that served as the camp for the UN batallion. An indigenous lady, who lost some relatives herself those days, described the Srebrenica massacre as a witness. This tour opens your eyes. It is definitely to be recommended for Sarajevo travellers.

Reviewed by: Ivo M, 08.08.2013

 Great guide

I visited Sarajevo and Srebrenica in May 2012. Thanks to my guide Skender, it was an interesting trip and a great experience. He seems to know a lot of people and definitely has lot of knowledge. The Sarajevo Siege Tour is a must and I also recommend everybody to go to Srebrenica and see the Memorial.

Reviewed by: paulinho2372, 22.05.2012

 Full package! Great experience! Amazing Funky Tours!

 We are studnet group from Utrecth, Netherlands, which decided to go to Balkans on a studnet trip with main focus on Bosnia, but did not had much experience with this regio/countryn except knowing it from medias and bit around..then we contacted Sarajevo Funky Tours, and thak God we did so :) we were picked up in Dubrovnik, brought to Sarajevo where we stayed in great hostel (owned by the agency owners) in the pure center of Old town of Sarajevo, and ideal for groups like ours (17).. we booked a whole building and it was just as perfect.

We did few tours including Sarajevo Siege tour, where we learned amazing stories from our GREAT guide of how Sarajevo made it through these unfortunate days. Then old town tour, Srebrenica tour and amazing Mostar tour. We think we have seen almost whole country in 5 days as we stayed in Sarajevo which none of us will ever forget.
In the end we left Sarajevo by train to Budapest (amazing place as well).
We must say only that our hosts were amazing in every possible situation (visa problems, some students were bit sick but luckly all fine tahnks to Sabina tea, etc.), and they treated us like we were their own. Bosnia was surely our favorite place and we would not experience it any beter than we did with funky tours.
Thank you Sarajevo Funky Tours (many of us will be bask soon).

Reviewed by: Frank V, 14.04.2012

 Not to be Missed!!

I took the one day tour to Srebrenica. There were only 2 of us but Skender kindly still agreed to take us. We are both lawyers and were interested in going to Srebrenica having read so much about the trials related to Srebrenica. To say that Skender is well read on the subject is an understatement. He was fascinating to listen to and is not only extremly well informed but very objective in what he says about the war and the genocide. While it may seem morbid to visit the scene of the worst genocide in Europe since WWII, it is essential in my opinion, in order to understand Bosnia & Herzegovina and its challenges today. It was a very moving experience to be at Srebrenica and Skender also was thoughtful enough to give us time alone to walk around the memorial centre to take it all in. I cannot rate him highly enough and the next time I am in Sarajevo, I will be looking him up to go on one of his other tours!!

Reviewed by: Klairobrien, 12.12.2011

 Outstanding Experience

A second successive visit to Sarajevo last summer and a massive highlight was a trip to Srebrenica with Funky Tours. They were amazing and went out of their way to ensure the whole day was spent in the hands of experts. The family-run business has so many different experiences from the recent history of Bosnia to offer and this trip was a memorable experience. We spent time speaking with the people from Portocari and Srebrenica, asking many questions and visiting monuments to this terrible time in European history. What made the visit so exceptional was the first had experience the guys at Funky Tours offered. They have a wealth of expertees to draw on and your knowledge and understanding of these recent events expanded throughout the day. I really look forward to returning in 2012.

Reviewed by: Steve G, 28.12.2011

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