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Location: Tours | Srebrenica Genocide (Never Forget July 11th 1995)
Understanding Genocide Day Tour from Sarajevo

From EUR


Srebrenica Genocide (Never Forget July 11th 1995)
Understanding Genocide Day Tour from Sarajevo

Tour type: Historic, Siege, War & Genocide

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9 - 10 hours

Traveler Reviews (TripAdvisor)

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 Memorable tour

I took four tours with Sarajevo Funky Tours, the Siege Tour with Arna as our guide, Jajce and Travnik with Haris and Ajla as our guide, Srebrenica with Adnan as our guide, and Lukomir hiking tour with Dado as our guide. All tour was excellent! Most memorable one was the Srebrenica tour with Adnan. It was very moving and we visit the memorial during Eid festival when many families of the victims came to pray for them. Adnan himself was a Bosnian war veteran who shared so many stories about the war with us. 
Definitely recommend this tour operator who know what they are doing and give very good service for the customers.

Reviewed by: mike66jakarta, 26.04.2018

 Great Team!

Saw the reviews on this company and decided to book 4 tours with them and I have no ounce of regret choosing them. In the end, due to some logistics problems on my end, I only managed to go on 3. I must have sent them around 20 emails (sorry about that!) and every email was answered promptly! I would like to give a special shoutout to Jasmin, Azra, Taib and Hars for being such great guides but most of all, a special HVALA to Ema for being so kind and accommodating to all my change of dates. You're a gem! Keep up the good work SFT!

Reviewed by: Chris1510, 30.04.2018

I did this tour as a solo traveller, and it was amazing. Skender picked me up from my hotel, and on the drive to Srebrenica through dramatic mountains and forests he described in detail the history surrounding the events that took place there, and the conditions endured during the siege of Sarajevo. His insight and analysis of the situation then and now were exceptional and gave me a real understanding of the complexities at play.

At Srebreneca he introduced me to a survivor of the genocide, who described in detail events as they had occurred in 1995 and the lead up, and showed me around the memorial and museum, housed in the old Dutch UN peacekeepers barracks. This was a valuable experience I will not forget.

It is not everyday I meet someone that I can sit in a car for six hours with (3 hours there and 3 hours back), but Skender is just such a man, I cannot speak highly enough of his dedication and enthusiasm for his country and its past.

Also, when he dropped me at my hotel I realized I left my jacket in his van. I called him, and despite being almost back at his place, he dropped it back to me !!

Thanks again Skender !

Reviewed by: Peter T, 01.11.2012

This was my second time in Sarajevo, and my second tour with Sarajevo Funky Tours, and the guide, Skender. My tour last year was the tunnel museum and battlements - it was truly remarkable, and so doing another tour with Skender was top of my list.

It was a 2.5 hour drive to Srebrenica. Skender's an excellent driver, and the roads are in very good condition, so there should be no problem for usually anxious passengers. Srebrenica is a very picturesque town, layered in a valley of two small mountain ranges that meet to make a tight valley. Potocari is just a couple of kilometres away, and that's where most of the 'action' took place, where the Dutchbat base was, and where the cemetery and memorials now stand. The whole experience is tear-jerking, and Skender's knowledge is phenomenal (and he is able to talk for hours on end). We spent about 5 hour in the cemetery, the museum, talking with a survivor, walking round the now dilapidated Dutchbat quarters, and having a very nice dinner in a restaurant in Srebrenica.

I would highly recommend this tour to anyone who is visiting Bosnia.

Reviewed by: pooyousir, 18.11.2012

Skender was an excellent guide. We first did the total siege tour, which gave us lots of information about what happened in the Sarajevo siege. We liked Skender tour so much we decided to stay in Sarajevo one more night and do the Srebrenica tour. 
Both tours are very personal and give you great insight into the conflict in Bosnia.

Reviewed by: LeeLee83_10, 28.09.2011

We, 6 Dutch friends, booked this tour to Sebrenica and Potocari in July with Skender as our guide. We already knew something about this massacre (because of the Dutch involvement), but visiting this place (the cemetery, the memorial site, the factory in which Duthcbat had its base etc.) gave everything an extra more real dimension. Moreover, the movie that is shown at the factory combined with the information and stories that Skender presented to us makes this tour overall very interesting. 

We would surely recommend this tour to everyone visiting Sarajevo.

Reviewed by: Frank, 06.09.2011

Take a 2.5hr trip over the mountains to Srebrenica to pay your respects at the memorial site and to learn what you thought you knew but did not about the massacre in July 1995. Skender , highly educated and fluent in English, lived through these times and will provide you with a deeper understanding of the Bosnian troubles and what happened and why it happened around Srebrenica. We were able to meet people who were there at the time and even one man who survived. Of course, you can travel there independently but there is very little in English to help you and so Skender's presence and his contacts become invaluable. You'll also visit the once Dutch UN base where the international community failed the Bosnian moslems so badly. Don't worry if you have less than 4 people in your group; just email Funky Tours and Skender will work something out for you. This small group tour operator has my unreserved recommendation.

Reviewed by: Ian F, 04.06.2011

This was an outstanding tour and overall experience that I cannot recommend enough. I was in Sarajevo conducting academic research into trials relating to the wars of the 90s in the former Yugoslavia and my fiance found Sarajevo Funky Tours on the internet. We contacted Skender and he was incredibly helpful. We took a tour with a journalist from Romania, and had a terribly enlightening, educative and emotional experience. As a scholar of the dissolution of the former Yugoslavia I felt it was important to visit Srebrenica during my research in Sarajevo. We had contemplated whether going there on our own or whether to take a tour, and I could not be more pleased that we chose to take the Sarajevo Funky Tour 'Srebrenica, Never Forget' tour. Skender was an amazing guide, and provided a lot of frank discussion and insight into Bosnian history and society during our drive to Srebrenica (the drive is stunningly beautiful - particularly our return trip at sunset, which was stunning). The Srebrenica memorial is a moving testament to the suffering, but also the endurance of those who were forced to experience it. Skender organised for us to speak with a survivor and memorial center director. This was a fascinating discussion, particularly for myself. However, I believe that anyone would benefit from visiting Srebrenica and taking this tour. The memorial centre itself is fascinating, with contributions from Emir Suljagic (a survivor of Srebrenica), a well produced documentary and moving photographs. The real power however is in the "rawness" of the site and how it has been maintained as a site of tragedy in the same condition as it was during the siege and fall. I highly recommend this tour. If I had not been tied up with research work we would certainly have participated in other tours from Sarajevo Funky Tours as well. I also believe that if I were to stay again in Sarajevo I would stay at Skender's hostel. This is how impressed I was with the professionalism of Skender and his company.

Reviewed by: Ray N, 18.05.2011

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