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Location: Tours | Sarajevo Total Siege Tour (War Tunnel incl.)
Understanding Siege of Sarajevo Half Day Tour

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 The best!

If you are in Sarajevo and you really want to visit Bosnia, you should take at least one of the Funky Tour's trips. I took the Mostar day trip and it was absolutely amazing! I thought we would only visit Mostar and go back to Sarajevo, but we also visited Plocitelj and Blagaj, two amazing towns that cannot be missed. The guide, Skender, is simply the best...he knows the places to visit, he is really well informed and the best guide u can have there, because he knows all the bad and good things that happened there and he's willing to answer any questions you might have. 
I also took the Total Siege tour and I loved it even more, because we could not only visit and see the places where historical facts took place, but also because we had a guide that was a witness to it. During those two trips I've learned a lot from Skender and even if I was travelling alone, he managed to creat such a great atmosphere that all the group ended up having lunch and dinner together, just like we have been friends for a long time! I strongly recommend you to get to know real Bosnia through Sarajevo Funky Tours. One more thing: as I was travelling solo, I was afraid of not being able to take those tours, but I sent an e-mail one month before my arrival and Skender replied to it (and some other ones I had sent after that one) and because of that I was able to join the groups.

Reviewed by: NathanMalinverni, 29.11.2011

 Fantastic and essential to understanding Sarajevo

My wife and I took the Sarajevo Total Siege Tour with Skender on September 6. Making the arrangement was very easy, via e-mail. The other group schduled for that day dropped out at the last minute, but Skender did not hesitate to proceed with the tour even though there were only two of us. The tour was the high point of our three-week trip through Hungary and the Balkans. Skender is very knowledgeable and very passionate about sharing his city with others. He is very open about describing the recent events, and his English is very good. The tour includes the Tunnel Museum, of course, but then Skender took us up on the hills overlooking Sarajevo, where we could stand and see what the Serbian artillery and snipers saw looking down at the city. Chilling and absolutely memorable! 

I strongly recommend this tour to anyone who wants a better understanding of the recent war, how Sarajevo survived it, and how it changed the city and the region. Touring with Skender is like having a friend show you around his city - a friend who lived through an historic period in the life of the city, and can bring it alive to his guests!

Reviewed by: Richard S, 03.12.2011


I recently spent Christmas in Sarajevo with a group of friends, and one of of these freinds is a Kiwi who lives in Sarajevo hence, has the 'inside knowledge' of the best things to do in Sarajevo while there. She recommended Skender's tour. I could not have asked for a better introduction into the history and cultures in Bosnia. I went into the tour with very little understanding and knowledge to the Bulkan Wars, and walked away feeling really well informed. Skender offers his own families personal experieinces to the tour which makes the tour even more 'real' and memorable, he drove us to various parts of Sarajevo to give us perspective on the stories we were hearing, and he was totally willing to answer any of our questions, I also found the tour really resonably priced for the amount of time and effort Skender spent with us. I would recommend this tour to anyone.

Reviewed by: Esther E, 30.12.2011

 Fantastic Immersion into Sarajevo

I took the Total Siege Tour with my wife. We travel all over the would and I would put Skender in the top 5% of any tour guide we've ever experienced - he's a fantastic tour guide, taking you places and sharing deep insights about the incredible drama of modern Sarajevo . The 4-5 hours you invest with him will be invaluable in not only touring Sarajevo, but getting a deep military, poltical, economic and social immersion in the Bosnian struggle against the Serbs. You will not only see the big sights - you will come out of it as a changed person with a much deeper understanding of the positive and negative limits of humanity. This tour is fundamental to the Sarajevo experience, and would be cheap at twice the price. Skender is fluent, prompt, adaptable and carries an infectious passion for his city and country. Days like this are why you travel. A+

Reviewed by: TomD, 15.09.2011

 Excellent tours with small groups

Skender was an excellent guide. We first did the total siege tour, which gave us lots of information about what happened in the Sarajevo siege. We liked Skender tour so much we decided to stay in Sarajevo one more night and do the Srebrenica tour. 
Both tours are very personal and give you great insight into the conflict in Bosnia.

Reviewed by: LeeLee83_10, 28.10.2011


 Use Sarajevo Funky Tours!

SFT are number one in Sarajevo for good reason. I got in touch with Skender for recommendations and advice before leaving London. The information he provided came back quickly (24-48 hours) and was helpful.

We made use of his airport transfer service, went on the Sarajevo Siege Tour and also visited Srebrenica. His knowledge and passion for the subjects are impressive and he showed no sign of getting bored at any point.

Using his organised services is one thing but the value added stuff that he didn't have to provide made all the difference. Right at the end of one of his tours my wife became ill and he allowed me to defer paying him (all tours are paid for on completion) and also phoned me later that evening to enquire after her health and even offer the services of his Mum who is a doctor - thankfully we didn't need it.

I'm also a big football (soccer) fan and he gave me invaluable information on how to attend a local match and would even have joined me if it wasn't for a late switch in the kick-off time.

All in all I can't recommend SFT enough!

Reviewed by: JDW12, 05.10.2011


Skender took our group of 40 history students on a unforgettable tour through the recent history of Sarajevo. Starting from the tunnel we entred the hills around Sarajevo and visited several sites which bear the painfull memories of four years of siege. Skender's open and enthousiastic way of explaining this complicated episode in Bosnian history grabbed us immediatly. By sharing his thoughts, emotions and memories on the siege of Sarajevo Skender brought the impact of an ugly war on a beautifull city closer than any lecture on faculty could have done. This tour is an absolute must for everyone who truly want's to understand and feel the face of Sarajevo.


Reviewed by: HarmKern, 02.07.2011

 Sarajevo Funky Tours is a must while visiting Bosnia

My husband and I were in Sarajevo on our honeymoon and we took the Total Siege Tour. It was a fascinating afternoon, incredibly eye opening and powerful. Our guide Skender was a wealth of knowledge and we eager to answer all our questions. Skender is energetic and takes you to some 'sights' that you would never get to see as a tourist. Also, he takes you to all the sights in his car so the tour is small and intimate. I highly recommend contacting Sarajevo Funky Tours while visiting the city. Skender also gives great restaurant recommendations.

Reviewed by: Topperllett, 04.07.2011

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