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Location: Tours | Sarajevo Total Siege Tour (War Tunnel incl.)
Understanding Siege of Sarajevo Half Day Tour

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 No standard tourism tour at all! Recommended to everyone who wants to see and know more..

We (a group of 4 German students) took the Sarajevo Total Siege Tour at the beginning of March 2012. Even if the circumstances, due to a lot of heavy wet snow, weren`t perfect, it was an outstanding, very interesting and moving as well as funny and personal tour! Like some previous reviewers wrote before, my friends and me also normally prefer to do stuff on our own, but reading all the very good reviews about Funky Tours (which we almost couldn`t believe:)! ), we decided to book a tour. Now I have to admit, I agree 100% with the other travelers, it was great experience! We have seen places we wouldn`t have went on our own, cause we wouldn`t have known them or there`re just not reachable by public transport. But besides that, almost more important, are all the interesting information our guide Skender gave us. He has a great way of introducing you to all the important facts about the history of the war and siege. Enriched with his huge knowledge, personal background and open relaxed attitude he is a perfect guide! You can talk with him about serious things, ask him any question u want as well as have a good laugh with him! So I highly recommend doing a tour if you want to know more about the past, present and future of Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina in general from somebody young and educated, who has been and still lives there. To see the disturbing and at the same time hope raising or beautiful places won`t let your mind and heart leave cold!

Reviewed by: KathaL0711, 13.03.2012

 Highlight of my trip to Sarajevo

I took the Total Seige Tour on my last day in Sarajevo and it was my favorite part of my entire trip. Skender is a wonderful guide who takes you to places you will never go on your own, and tells you stories and interracts with you in a way that really helps you understand what the people of sarajevo went through during those horrific years-- but he does it in a way that's not all doom and gloom and is filled with refreshing optimism. This is not a text book tour of monotanous script reading. It's an awesome educational experience from someone who lived through the events. If you take one your in Sarajevo I highly recommend this one. 

Reviewed by: mattiace356, 01.04.2012

A really great tour!

I took the Total Siege Tour as part of my trip to Sarajevo and found it really informative and moving. Skender is very knowledgeable and happy to share his personal experiences. The sites you get to see are brilliant and the kind of thing you would never experience without a guide. The experience was fantastic and really helped me to understand more about what happened during that terrible time. I'll definitely book more tours with Sarajevo Funky Tours when I return to Sarajevo. 

Reviewed by: legless, 12.04.2012

 If you do one thing in Sarajevo it has to be this!

Everyone in life must visit the beautiful city of Sarajevo, and if you do go the most important thing you must do there is go on the Funky Tours Total Siege Tours. It was my 2nd vacation in Sarajevo and I have read much about it's history, however though I had some knowledge it was only after doing this tour that I understood. Hearing the siege stories and time-line in the context of the places it happened, along with the guide Skender's own personal experience of living through the siege was a genuinely life changing experience. Skender is an awesome guide who is very intuitive what to his guests wish to gain from the tour and adapts to their capabilities. He also explains different 'sides' of the stories and dispels many myths. Though the Sarajevo siege story is heart-braking, Skender manages to stop the tour being too morose with some lighthearted moments and tales of true heroic acts. It is a tour that highlights the worst but also the best of humanity. You also get some to see some of the most stunning views of beautiful Sarajevo. Just do it! I will add photos soon!

Reviewed by: Jakitravels, 13.04.2012

 Full package! Great experience! Amazing Funky Tours!

 We are studnet group from Utrecth, Netherlands, which decided to go to Balkans on a studnet trip with main focus on Bosnia, but did not had much experience with this regio/countryn except knowing it from medias and bit around..then we contacted Sarajevo Funky Tours, and thak God we did so :) we were picked up in Dubrovnik, brought to Sarajevo where we stayed in great hostel (owned by the agency owners) in the pure center of Old town of Sarajevo, and ideal for groups like ours (17).. we booked a whole building and it was just as perfect.

We did few tours including Sarajevo Siege tour, where we learned amazing stories from our GREAT guide of how Sarajevo made it through these unfortunate days. Then old town tour, Srebrenica tour and amazing Mostar tour. We think we have seen almost whole country in 5 days as we stayed in Sarajevo which none of us will ever forget.
In the end we left Sarajevo by train to Budapest (amazing place as well).
We must say only that our hosts were amazing in every possible situation (visa problems, some students were bit sick but luckly all fine tahnks to Sabina tea, etc.), and they treated us like we were their own. Bosnia was surely our favorite place and we would not experience it any beter than we did with funky tours.
Thank you Sarajevo Funky Tours (many of us will be bask soon).

Reviewed by: Frank V, 14.04.2012

 This was such a positive experience.

I am so happy I found this tour. I travelled solo and they really made an effort to fit me into one of the tours he had scheduled. I participated in the Siege Tour and it was incredibly interesting and informative. Skender was more than happy to share his experience and answer any question we had and this created a really special opportunity to see Sarajevo from a different prespective. So great. I would highly recommend. Thanks, Skender!

Reviewed by: beariecarrie, 24.10.2011

 A "MUST DO" in Sarajevo

We traveled to Sarajevo in November, 2011, and based on the reviews here, contacted Sarajevo Funky Tours to set up a couple of tours. Our trip was a bit last minute, but Skender was very accommodating, and we ended up joining another small group on the Total Siege Tour on one day, and then doing the Old Town tour the second day. 

The Siege tour was amazing, with access to locations and sites that we never would have visited on our own. But more importantly, we would not have understood the significance of the sites or put them in context without Skender's remarkable narrative of the war. In general, we aren't big fans of tours, preferring to go places on our own, but in this case, it really was more like touring with someone we already knew, and who happened to be an expert in the local history. Skender is bright, personable, and very engaging, and we enjoyed the tour tremendously.

The next day, we went on a second tour - just the three of us, to see the Sarajevo Old Town (Baščaršija) by foot. We had already walked through the town on our own, but going through with Skender was a whole different experience, as he showed us many things we missed and took us to places we had walked by, but not really "seen" or understood. The library was a real highlight - I never would have thought to go inside to see the exhibits there. We also enjoyed visiting the Imperial Mosque and learning more about the Islamic faith. Sarajevo is remarkable that it has so many different religions represented in a small area, and one of the highlights of this tour was visiting the worship spaces of each of them - an Islamic mosque, a Catholic cathedral, an Orthodox church and a Jewish synagogue. Despite it's bloody history, Sarajevo has been very tolerant of religious differences, and this was one of the themes of the tour.

I know it will take me a long time to absorb all I learned and saw on this tour - it was a remarkable experience, and would not be the same without Skender's expertise. Highly recommended!

Reviewed by: Elizabeth H, 21.11.2011

 Fabulous, funky Sarajevo! Fabulous, funky Skender!

What can I add that hasn't been said before? Our tour (Total Siege) with Skender was the highlight of our trip to Sarajevo.

We spent 4 1/2 days in Sarajevo and would loved to have stayed longer. The city and its people got under our skin, big time. So much in fact, that we're already planning a return trip. We just loved it.

Much of this was due to spending time with Skender and hearing stories about the city's siege, the people, and their history. We met him at his office, right in the heart of the old town. He whisked us away in his VW van and took us toward the airport where he gave us a condensed version (in flawless English) of the history of the war and pointed out prime locations where major conflicts or events had occurred. Our tour of the Tunnel Museum was excellent and very moving. 

After that, we headed toward the hills to the various outposts used by Serbs during the siege: The police hotel (where the Serbs hid tanks), an abandoned restaurant with a spectacular view, and, probably the most poignant place -- the former Olympic Bobsled Run, now standing derelict in the woods. We actually walked on the run itself, which is now covered in graffiti. 

Our time with Skender helped put the city into perspective. We've read books on the war and Sarajevo's history, but nothing compares to hearing stories and seeing things first-hand and up close. I'm sorry we weren't able to go on other tours, especially Srebrenica. (Well, we've got to save something for next time, I guess.) 

Skender's a fabulous fellow -- smart, savvy and kind. Listen to his restaurant recommendations. And make sure he teaches you the proper way to drink Bosnian coffee. But most of all, take one of his tours.

Reviewed by: NanBug, 29.11.2011

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