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Location: Tours | Sarajevo Total Siege Tour (War Tunnel incl.)
Understanding Siege of Sarajevo Half Day Tour

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Sarajevo War Tunnel Tour

An excellent tour with a very knowledgable guide. Including the Tunnel with its history and a background to the War.
A visit to the Winter Olympics bobsleigh run on hills overlooking the city used by the opposing forces during the siege.
Also a former restaurant overlooking the city finally bombed by UN forces to help precipitate the end of the siege.


Reviewed by: Steve S, 01.05.2018

 Well organised engaging and terrific guides

Funky tours runs well organised programs with terrific guides, many of whom have lived through the experience of the recent war and therefore offer great relatable perspective to places we visited. I did two tours, the tunnel tour and the day tour to Mostar. My guide for the tunnel tour Armina was incredible. She is a powerful orator with great communication skills and was able to convey the more sombre aspects of the war well to her audience. Adnan and Salem did a great job of running a tight ship for a full day tour to Mostar and back which involved visiting many places of interest (Blagaj etc). The journey was smooth and the driving safe. I would recommend this group/guide to travellers visiting Sarajevo or other parts of Bosnia.


Reviewed by: Reshpop, 29.05.2017

“Wonderful Siege Tour & Airport Transfer”

We took the siege tour and used the airport transfer services at the end of August. We just can't say enough good things about Skender and his company.

We arrived from a delayed flight to find Skender waiting right on time at the airport and had a smooth and fun transfer to our hotel. The next day our group for the siege tour was 6 people and Skender made everyone feel welcome. We finished the tour knowing much more about Sarajevo and Bosnia, and feeling as though we'd made a new friend in Sarajevo.

We were impressed by the professionalism, fair prices, and passion of Skender and Sarajevo Funky Tours. Bosnia is a wonderful place to visit, and Sarajevo Funky Tours makes it more accessible and meaningful.

Reviewed by: amydc, 08.09.2012

SFT is a very professional outfit. They replied quickly to my original email and were able to fit me (a solo traveller) into two of their tours.

I opted to use their airport pick-up service which was a mini-tour in itself really (!)

My first tour was the night time walking tour of the Old Town. We were a group of 3 in total and Armina , our guide, felt more like a friend than a tour guide. She showed us things we would not normally notice. She was very knowledgeable and personable with a great passion for humanity. The tour lasted 3 hours and was excellent introduction to the city at a very reasonable price.

The following day I went onto the Total Siege Tour. Our group was a good size ( 8 in total) and I have to say this is one of the best tours I have been on! On route to the Tunnel Museum, Skender gave as an overview to the background of the war. He is an articulate and very intelligent person with a great sense of humour. He is a fantastic narrator. Whilst you could visit the Tunnel museum yourself, I would say it is much better to go with Skender. Skender’s commentary during the short video screening at the museum also helped to contextualise what we were viewing.

Following the Tunnel Museum, we were taken to the mountains were the Serb forces were based. This gave us a good understanding of the geography of the war and the strategic advantage the besiegers had on Sarajevo and the Sarajevans.

Our final stop was the 1984 Winter Olypmics’ Bob Sleigh- none in our group had walked in one before!

He is very much a cool dude and was nice enough to talk through walks that people could do independently around Sarajevo. He also gave us his contact in Mostar who turned out to be a very nice and accommodating person.

Both tours were very informative and thought provoking. I would definitely recommend anyone visiting Sarajevo to take one of Skender's tours.

Reviewed by: Shuma B, 19.09.2012

I am so happy that I booked the Total Siege Tour with Sarajevo Funky Tours. I have only wonderful things to say about them, from the booking process to the actual tour. The half day tour started in the Old Town, and driving out to the Tunnel Museum, Skender gave both a tour of the city, pointing out monuments and landmarks, as well as a full history of the war. While you could get to the museum on your own, there is no way it would have as much impact as if you book this tour, as Skender puts everything into context.

I highly recommend this tour to everyone!

Reviewed by: aepascal, 04.10.2012

I'm so happy I went on the Total Siege Tour with Sarajevo Funky Tours. The tour was a highlight of my week in beautiful Sarajevo.
This is definitely the best way to see the city and having a guide was ideal. I had a lot of questions and our guide, Skender, had incredible personal insight and is a passionate storyteller.

I also got to meet some other very nice tourists.

All in all, highly recommended.

Reviewed by: robin m, 26.10.2012

Gguide really gives insights about the war in Sarajevo on his tours. You get to know the story of the siege of Sarajevo and much of the history of Bosnia and Yugoslavia. It was very interesting and definitely one of the best tours i ever did! Recommended!

Reviewed by: lukas f, 30.11.-0001

We recently lived in Sarajevo for a month, studying their language. We chose Sarajevo because it is known as a friendly and interesting historical city. I remember seeing it on the news when I was a student (1992) and had always wanted to visit. I was not disappointed.

I don't normally pay for tours around places if I can do it myself, but on arrival we checked out the things to do in Sarajevo on Trip Advisor and booked two tours straight away on the strength of the reviews. Both are excellent as you can see from the other reviews, so I won't repeat what they say. Both tours have different itineraries and I strongly recommend doing both if you can.

In addition to the other reviews however, I will add something. How many times have you visited somewhere and wished you could go back in time and speak to someone who was there? Well now you can. This is living history. This is an opportunity to talk to someone who was actually there. And he's probably younger than you are. How many places, thankfully, in Europe can you do this?

If you need any further encouragement to book this tour: your guide will not only tell you about the past - his past - but also talk about his hopes for the future of his people and his country. Bosnia is a hospitable, fascinating but troubled place, and this tour will give you not just an excellent picture of the past and present, but an optimism for her future that you will not always find elsewhere. This invaluable insight, presented in such a moving and historical context, is an opportunity not to be missed. 

If you could do this by yourself, I would have, so just book it!

Reviewed by: Yacht_Monty_B, 11.02.2012

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