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We are dedicated to deliver greatest possible travel experience. That is why we prefer private trips whenever possible, hosting usually 3-8 travelers.

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Sarajevo Funky Tours is created to bring you greatest sightseeing experience, amazing activities & things to do in and around Sarajevo and rest of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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Please Note: Preferred number of guests on our trips is between 4-8, because we strive to make our tours personal and flexible as much as we can.
If needed, we can accommodate much more (coach required tours).


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Location: Tours | Sarajevo Total Siege Tour (War Tunnel incl.)
Understanding Siege of Sarajevo Half Day Tour

Traveler Reviews (TripAdvisor)

Read what our customers say about our services, so you get the best possible opininon before you book. ALL REVIEWS ARE IMPORTED FROM TripAdvisor.

 Mindblowing, exotic, totally unexpected in a good way!

Random choice for an inexpensive winter escapade that ended up with us being ever so enchanted with this beautiful Balkan country and all thanks to Skender for the amazing experience right from the start.

His honest and candid approach won us over right from the first time of the many email exchanges before even confirming our trip. Thank God we followed our heart!

We would recommend him to anyone in a heartbeat!

Reviewed by: khan69, 02.02.2011

 Incredible Day...Worth Every Penny

As independent travellers we were going to "do" Sarajevo by ourselves. However, we met Skender and spent a day with him visiting the famous tunnel museum and other highlights in and around Sarajevo. He added so much local flavour to the trip, he really made the city and its often complicated history come alive. With a small group of just 4 people, he was able to make the tour personal and flexible, happy to stop off at the bus station so we could some tickets etc. Having lived through the recent war, our guide Skender was perfectly placed to fill us in on what daily life was actually like under siege. Some cities are easily managed on your own, but the extra value Skender brought to the day was truly worth every penny. Book it, and you will not regret it.

Reviewed by: TravelMuncher, 04.11.2010

 By far the best way to discover the gem that is Sarajevo for families, students or groups

We booked a custom tour around Sarajevo for me and my three children with Sarajevo Funky Tours. It was by far the best choice –our personal guide collected us and drove us around safely and comfortably (more than can be said for taxis!) to every single sight we wanted to see all in one day making it great value for money. Our guide had an in depth knowledge of everything from the Tunnel to architecture, the rebuilding of the city, the history of every individual sight, the best places to lunch, dine and stay, and he even organised unique family fun things to do like a horse and carriage ride in Velo Brosne. He made the history and natural beauty come to life for my five and six year olds and for me too. He showed us the beauty and the tragedy of Sarajevo in a personal and authentic way that was fun, interesting, entertaining, informative and strangely uplifting. I wouldn’t tour Sarajevo any other way if you are a family, student or group discovering the gem that is Sarajevo.

Reviewed by: DevizesCarisa, 04.11.2010

 Personal Attention, Objective, Entertaining, Passionate, A winning Combo

Signing up for trip advisor just to give the highest accolades to for Sarajevo Funky Tours. What a difference a earnest and passionate tour guide makes, one who believes in a personal experience and telling an objective side to a complicated history, in a way that's entertaining and fun.

Commentary was great, the service went out of their way to accommodate. Two thumbs way up -- There are too many reasons to say why Sarajevo Funky Tours is the number one attraction in Sarajevo, go see for yourself!

Reviewed by: divineguitar, 30.11.2010

Super recommend 

The local tour guide was well informed and experienced the was while he was a child so he was full of anecdotes. It was very interesting and covered many places. A must if you like history. Everyone was friendly and kind.

Reviewed by: Milena M, 23.03.2018

 Sarajevo total siege tour

I did the Total Siege Tour on April 10th. I really enjoyed my experience!

Let me first tell you about Ema who works at reception. She was absolutely lovely. She was so welcoming and helpful. She gave me all the info I needed for the tour but she also happily answered any question I had about Sarajevo itself. 

For the tour I had Arna as a guide and Yasmin as a driver. They were both so nice. We were only three on the tour (it was still low season) which was nice! Most companies in other cities I went to would have canceled the tour considering the number of participants but not Funky Tours! That was much appreciated! 

Arna was very knowledgeable and you could feel how passionate she was! It is always a huge bonus when you get to hear from a person who actually lived through what they’re telling you about. Not only do you get to hear about the different sites but she also gave us a glimpse of what life was back then (before, during and after the war). I felt that she went above and beyond to give us a good experience and I thank her for that :)

If you only have time for one tour in Sarajevo, go with Funky Tours, you won’t regret it!

Reviewed by: foodieMtl, 16.04.2018

 Great 4 hour tour about the siege of Sarajevo.

The tour was excellent! We were more than pleased with it. It offered interesting anecdotes combined with historical information. Going around in a car was really good as we could see a lot of interesting places quite distant from one another. Four hours went flying! We really recommend this tour.

Reviewed by: rianel252, 06.05.2018

Total siege tour

Fantastic informative passionate tour, strongly recommended, good value for money. Great guide, sense of humour and passionate about the history.

Reviewed by: Stephanie D, 06.05.2018

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