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Location: Tours | Sarajevo Total Siege Tour (War Tunnel incl.)
Understanding Siege of Sarajevo Half Day Tour

Traveler Reviews (TripAdvisor)

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 Beautiful Country with a good tour company

There are local tours from My country to BiH, so at first I was a bit worried about going there alone, but now I am so glad that I made my trip with funky tours. First of all, although I have informed them only a few days prior to my trip, they replied immediately and arranged everything. I took Siege, Mostar and Part of Travnik tour with them. Especially in the Mostar tour we have been to other towns which is not as popular but equally Beautiful. It is also a day long tour so you can go back to your hotel in Sarajevo at night. Our tour guide Dado was energetic, helpful and very informative (ask him about the fishes of Neretva, you won't regret). He took us some local restaurants and places which I wouldn't normally have any chance to find. The country itself is very beautiful. I suggest everyone to join in all these 3 tours but if you only visit Sarajevo, don't miss the Siege tour. And make sure you visit Travnik since it is really close to Sarajevo.


Reviewed by: Gozde K , 16.04.2015

 Sarajevo Highlight

My husband, two sons (13 & 9) and I spent a wonderful afternoon with Samir, as he showed us the sights of Sarajevo and it's surrounds. We started in the Old Town, and made our way through the city to the war tunnels with detailed information of the Siege of Sarajavo. Samir's personal experience of the events were very interesting and particularly moving at times. After visiting the tunnel, We drove up through the mountains above the city to the frontline was located during the Bosnian-Serbian war. Being winter, the landscape was hauntingly beautiful despite it's heartbreaking history. We visited various spots that were built and frequented in the communist era and the Winter Olympics of 1984. Absolutely fascinating, and far exceeded my expectations! Thank you Samir for a memorable afternoon. I can't recommend you enough. The Willesee family.


Reviewed by: L E , 21.12.2014

 Tour with Woww!! Factors

Went as family of 4, with my husband & 2 teenage girls. We were greeted at the airport by Skender, who brought us around on City Tour and later Siege Tour. We relished the deep knowledge and insights Skender shared with us about the history of Bosnia, the places, people and food! His colleague, Faruk brought us to Sebrenica, Mostar, Dubrovnik and all around Herzegovina. Many pleasant surprises like riding a horsedrawn carriage with Santa & Christmas Celebration at a school in Ravno. There was never a dull moment riding in Faruk's bright yellow van. We had a great family holiday with these guys. 

If you're going to the Balkans, engage them. You'll have a great time, for sure.


Reviewed by: travemarv, 08.01.2015

 hands down, the BEST tour I've ever had!

I arranged with Skender for a private tour of Sarajevo for me and my family; he was super friendly, attentive and helpful.
Skender was not free, so he arranged for his father, Salem, to give us the tour. The tour lasted about 3 hours; we were taken to many sites, saw video footage of the war, and went in the "war-tunnel", and many more.
Salem picked us up in the hotel and gave us a truly unique, interesting and personal history of the Sarajevo Siege. It was super interesting since the tour was full of stories and experiences of Salem himself, who was there during the whole war.

I would highly recommend this tour and Salem; it was definitely the highlight of our trip and I would go as far as saying it is a 'MUST' for any visitor to Bosnia. 

Exceptional friendliness and professionalism!


Reviewed by: AleArriaza, 04.10.2014

 Highlight of our Bosnia Tour

We were collected from our hotel in Sarajevo exactly on time after an easy online booking negotiation. We were instantly made to feel we were in the company of a professional, knowledgeable guide who explained the complicated history of Sarajevo's struggle in the 1990s. Skender also told us about his own personal experiences of the war during our visits to the Tunnel Museum and other sites around the city. He made the tour fascinating without overwhelming us with too much information and we were able to ask many questions to clarify the story. This Siege Tour was definitely the highlight of our tour of Bosnia- a beautiful, forested and mountainous country. We were so pleased we had Skender and Funky Tours as our guide and cannot recommend them enough! Brilliant.


Reviewed by: Edward J, 06.10.2014

 Incredible experience - must do!

Sarajevo Funky Tours is fantastic! Skender was so patient and helpful and really went out of his way to try to accommodate what we wanted. Farouk, our guide, did an amazing job of helping us understand what life was like during the Seige and combining the personal experiences of his family and friends with information about the larger political situation. We will definitely be back to Sarajevo and will definitely be booking with Sarajevo Funky Tours again!


Reviewed by: MariamY383, 24.08.2014

 The siege tour is definitely worth doing

If you're thinking about visiting The Tunnel of Hope on your own, consider joining the siege tour instead. There is a lack of information at the tunnel and its museum that is greatly improved by having a tour guide. People who were there independently joined our group for a while to listen to the explanations and stories of our guide (they even started to follow us into our van -- some people have no awareness!). Our guide was willing to talk about anything and everything and it didn't feel like he'd led the same tour many times before. He had a very relaxed pace, which meant that our tour overran by two and a half hours and probably would have taken even longer if there hadn't been another group waiting. Expect lots of personal stories as well as history.

We also tried to book on the hiking trip in the mountains around Lukomir but it didn't happen as no one else booked on. That was a shame.


Reviewed by: notanotherjedi, 26.08.2014

 Best Tour you can imagine

I have traveled to all the continents in the last years, and tried all kinds of attractions and tours. I can say Sarajevo Funky Tours should be on top of everybody's list. Sarajevo is a very interesting city, with a very rich history, and what the city went through in the 90s is unthinkable for almost everyone. 
We were very lucky for having Skender as our tour guide (Total Siege Tour). The tour is informative (you learn more than you can imagine in a few hours) and gives you a real background of life during the siege. I also point that the tour is very funny (by the end of it, you feel you want to go on another tour with them!) and Skender is the nicest guy ever: as it was a Holiday in Sarajevo, the tunnel was closed, but Skender drove us there to show the location and even included many (many) other things for us to see. He even suggested an excellent restaurant, teaching us what to ask to have an authentic bosnian meal).
If you are still deciding where to go on your next vacations, go to the balkans, and make sure you don't miss Bosnia. And if you are looking for things to do while in Sarajevo, please do not waste your time: book a tour with Sarajevo Funky Tours.


Reviewed by: Erick R, 19.08.2014

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