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Location: Tours | Sarajevo, the European Jerusalem
Walking tour of Sarajevo old town Baščaršija and city centre

From EUR


Sarajevo, the European Jerusalem
Walking tour of Sarajevo old town Baščaršija and city centre

Traveler Reviews (TripAdvisor)

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 A Great Introduction to an Interesting and Complex City

My girlfriend, brother and I were treated to a very informative and entertaining tour of the city that went well beyond our expectations. We only had time to do the Old Town Tour which included about four hours of one-on-one guiding through the key religious and historical sights of Sarajevo and a stream of insights into life during the war.

Funky Tours are also very accommodating in terms of your schedule and although certain tours run at fixed times, they worked with us to find the perfect time for a private tour. I would have recommended this tour at double the price but at just €14 per person it is a must do for anyone visiting Sarajevo.

Reviewed by: BrendanLeG, 14.07.2011

 Best 3 hours in Sarajevo

Absolutely wonderful tours. Really brings Sarajevo to you in such a real, authentic way. Full of detailed history presented in a very thoughtful way, coupled with seeing the actual sites, really makes an impact.

Reviewed by: Bethg2011, 26.03.2011

Sarajevo with a personal touch

We had a great family tour experience. Via 2 emails we arranged a personalised tour for our family with two kids (8 and 5) which combined elements of the old city tour and tunnel tour. Great personal attention and very informative, we all took a lot from the whole experience. We even got a very useful couple of restaurant recommendations. I would recommend wholeheartedly. 

Reviewed by: Peter4000, 12.05.2011

 You can't go wrong with Funky Tours

Skender did a great job bringing all of the events to life for us; he is very knowledgable, fun and knows how to talk his way into places that we normally wouldn't be allowed! It's rare that you can find a guide like Skender - who lived through what you want to learn about, who has an open mind to try and understand different points of view, and has the patience to answer all your questions. His passionate about what he does, and it shows. You'll thoroughly enjoy his tours!

Reviewed by: LuckyGossick, 14.05.2011

 Simply the best

Our guide, Skender, not only picked us up at the bus station, arranged for our hotel but then spent the entire day showing us "HIs " Sarajevo. We started with the War Tunnel Tour, riding in his comfortable van. which featured the remnents of the hand-dug tunnel from a remote house on the outskirts of Sarajevo. His expalnation of the seige of Sarajevo was dramatically underscored by virtue of Skender spending fours years of his very early childhood hidden in a basement to avoid the daily shelling. The city tour which followed showed us the complicated relationship between four religions which co-exist today as well as a fun experience in "Old Town" which features a walking tour of major sites as well as the small shops where one can interact with local merchants and craftsmen.

Skender is well,educated , informed and passionate about his country. In addition he has a great sense of humor. Don't miss this experience. I'm glad we didn't!

Reviewed by: Happytraveler97531, 31.03.2011

 Absolutely fantastic - the best way to experience Sarajevo

My husband and I didn't have much time in Sarajevo, so decided to book SFT's city tour for the morning, and the total seige tour in the afternoon. I am so glad we did, as we both agree it was one of the best days we have ever spent travelling! Our guide, Skender, took us out for the day privately, and I have to say, he is definitely the best guide I have ever had. Perfect English, very knowledgeable but balanced, clearly very passionate about the region and ALL of it's people, Skender gave us an insight into the city as only a true local can. We visited all the main city sights (including mosques, churches and synagogues) as well as all the major sights from the war, including the tunnel museum. He drove us up the mountains with beautiful views to show how the seige happened. While visiting bombed out buildings sounds depressing, it was absolutely fascinating, and Skender was kind enough to tell his personal story. He was incredibly open, and we were able to ask personal questions, which he always answered with great thought and humour. I came away from the tour with a far better comprehension of the conflict than I would have done otherwise, and it has sparked inside me a passion for Bosnia and its people. As such, we were very happy when Skender gave us a dvd full of documentaries about the country as a parting gift!

Overall, we left the tour feeling like we had just spent the day with a good (and very knowledgeable!) friend who just happened to know the city. We couldn't have asked for more and have since recommended Sarajevo Funky Tours to family and friends. If you are heading to Bosnia, check them out!

Reviewed by: Hfing, 06.06.2011

 Living History

I had the most wonderful time in Sarajevo! The food, hospitality and sites were all fantastic The highlight of my trip was going on a tour with the wonderful guide, Skender. He is very knowledgeable and passionate about his city and the places he takes you. I would highly recommend Sarajevo and Funky Tours to everyone!

Reviewed by: ELewis2011, 20.01.2011

SFT is a very professional outfit. They replied quickly to my original email and were able to fit me (a solo traveller) into two of their tours.

I opted to use their airport pick-up service which was a mini-tour in itself really (!)

My first tour was the night time walking tour of the Old Town. We were a group of 3 in total and Armina , our guide, felt more like a friend than a tour guide. She showed us things we would not normally notice. She was very knowledgeable and personable with a great passion for humanity. The tour lasted 3 hours and was excellent introduction to the city at a very reasonable price.

The following day I went onto the Total Siege Tour. Our group was a good size ( 8 in total) and I have to say this is one of the best tours I have been on! On route to the Tunnel Museum, Skender gave as an overview to the background of the war. He is an articulate and very intelligent person with a great sense of humour. He is a fantastic narrator. Whilst you could visit the Tunnel museum yourself, I would say it is much better to go with Skender. Skender’s commentary during the short video screening at the museum also helped to contextualise what we were viewing.

Following the Tunnel Museum, we were taken to the mountains were the Serb forces were based. This gave us a good understanding of the geography of the war and the strategic advantage the besiegers had on Sarajevo and the Sarajevans.

Our final stop was the 1984 Winter Olypmics’ Bob Sleigh- none in our group had walked in one before!

He is very much a cool dude and was nice enough to talk through walks that people could do independently around Sarajevo. He also gave us his contact in Mostar who turned out to be a very nice and accommodating person.

Both tours were very informative and thought provoking. I would definitely recommend anyone visiting Sarajevo to take one of Skender's tours.

Reviewed by: Shuma B, 19.09.2012

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