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Location: Tours | Sarajevo, the European Jerusalem
Walking tour of Sarajevo old town Baščaršija and city centre

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Sarajevo, the European Jerusalem
Walking tour of Sarajevo old town Baščaršija and city centre

Traveler Reviews (TripAdvisor)

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Best tour company in Sarajevo

This is a very delayed review. Sorry! My husband and I took 2 day tours with these guys back in July last year. They completely made our trip. We had the best time with F-Rock who was a great guide and is overall a wonderful person. We enjoyed our time on the tours immensely and learnt so much about the history of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Upon our return to Australia we have done our best to spread the word about how great these guys are. 

We fully recommend that you use this company. First step book your flights and then contact them to arrange your accommodation, transfers, tours, everything! We wish we had used them more. We know we will next time. We regret not being able to have done an overnight tour with them. 

Felt great to support a local company, with true locals who are truly dedicated to their country and the city of Sarajevo. Don't you dare book with anyone else.


Reviewed by: Peta W, 22.04.2015

 Great genuine experience!

Sarajevo Funky Tours hosted our university group during our academic trip through the Balkans. We did three days of touring with them and each day was better than the day before! SFT successfully kept the attention of 20 scholars and engaged us in great discussion. Dado and Skender were both dynamic, spirited and beyond interesting. They shared both historical and personal stories, adding a very genuine element to our education. Most importantly, Skender took the time to get to know our group and explained details in a way that everyone understood. He was incredibly helpful and patient in the planning of our trip as well as answering over a thousand curious questions. Your Bosnia-Herzegovina experience will be one of your favorites if you use SFT!


Reviewed by: Chandni P, 24.05.2015

Great, safe, and moving trip from Dubrovnik to Sarajevo and more!

My wife and I chose to spend part of our honeymoon in Bosnia and we hired Sarajevo Funky Tours to guide us from Dubrovnik to Sarajevo over a two-day tour with an overnight in Mostar. The heartbreaking history of Bosnia/Herzegovina is well known, but the people we met in our travels were warm, open, and doggedly hopeful. Our guides, Faruk and Armina, as well as the other people they introduced us to, were excellent emissaries of their country. 

The entire experience of working with this company was efficient and enjoyable. The scheduling of the tour was easy and payment was secure. Skender, the owner of the company, checked in on us numerous times before and during our trip. The company arranged for a private transfer that picked us up in Dubrovnik and took us across the border into Herzegovina. Our guide, Faruk, picked us up there and took us on a wonderful tour that included a visit to a home for tea, a private guided tour of a cave system, and a in depth description of the geography and history of the territory that we drove through on the way to Mostar. The tour also included time in Ottoman ruins in Pocitelj and a wonderful dinner along a beautiful river next to a Islamic holy site. The hotel in Mostar, arranged for by the company, was a 5-star, new facility with anything one could wish for. There was also a lot of flexibility available on the tour based on the weather and how we were feeling. 

The following day we went on a 3 hour walking tour of the old city of Sarajevo, including an in-depth discussion of the Ottoman, Austo-Hungarian, Communist, and modern history of the town. Armina, our guide, grew up in the city and survived the siege. She was proud of her town while remaining honest about its challenges.

If you are going to Bosnia/Herzegovina and are looking for a guide look no further. These are the folks to trust for the best possible experience.


Reviewed by: Allan F, 04.01.2015

 Good Tour

Good tour, good amount of information not overloaded. Visiting the Bobsled was the highlight, a must when visiting Sarajevo. A bit more time there would have been good. I would recommend this company to anyone.

Reviewed by: LorindaH, 30.11.-0001

 Not just your guides in BiH, but your friends as well

I've been thinking about this review for a long time now. There are so wonderful things to say about this stellar group of people that everytime I've sat down to write out this review, I've simply been overwhelmed by all the praise I feel I owe Sarajevo Funky Tours.
My first tour was a walking tour with Harm (yes, that's his name), a very friendly and personable young Dutchman who was captivated by the lovely ladies of Sarajevo so much that he's stuck around and speaks the language like a native. Well, our walking tour commenced at the Bristol Hotel, along Wilson's Lane and the river to Bascarsija, all through Bascarsija, along the Ferhadija to the Lion Cemetery, finally ending at a very comfortable and nice restaurant on the heights overlooking the Olympic ice oval and the Lion Cemetery. This was a tour I had specifically requested and included the better known Ottoman sites and the grave of Bosko Brkic and Admira Ismic. Harm wonderfully mapped out and planned this tour for me, even if he did have to take this Ottoman to Gavrilo Princip's grave! 
My second tour with SFT was the Siege Tour with the infamous Faruk. And yes, Faruk more than richly deserves all the praise he gets from other reviewers. Hearing Faruk's own first-hand experiences during the Siege of Sarajevo, having him point out the names of his family members who did not survive the Siege on the memorial wall at the Siege Tunnel Museum brought a element to this tour few others could have. 
The next day, I took the Mostar tour, again with Faruk. It was an incredible thrill for me to see Stari Most in person and to actually traverse it. I know it's not the "real" Stari Most, but it's nevertheless a perfect replica of the original and I truly believe it to be the most elegant, exquisite, beautiful, sublime and breath-taking Ottoman structure outside of Istanbul. Despite the day being only 16C and very windy, we were lucky to happen upon a Mostari and even though I wasn't close enough to see his entire jump into the Neretva River, it did seem to take a while to hear that splash! 
I had nothing to do the next day, so Faruk invited me to a bar in the evening in Barscarsija to watch the first BiH world cup game (against Argentina) with another group he had taken around earlier that day on the Siege Tour. It was a very loud, raucous, noisy night (because of the time difference, the game didn't start until midnight Sarajevo time) but thoroughly enjoyable. When the game finally ended and we emptied out of Bascarsija, it was well past 2 am and there wasn't a single taxi or bus to be had. But that excellent Faruk didn't leave my side until he finally found a cab for me to return to the Bristol...
As I said, these people aren't just guides, they are friends in the truest sense of the word. Their hospitality is incredible. Even though I felt completely safe at all times I was in BiH, putting myself in the hands of Sarajevo Funky Tours made me feel even more like I was at home. If you're ever in, not just BiH, but Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, etc., do yourself a favour and call upon Sarajevo Funky Tours.

Reviewed by: TheOttomanTraveller, 30.01.2014

 It was hard to say goodbye

We spent 2 full days with Harm and Alam and my husband and I couldn't have enjoyed it more. For those thinking this is a pricey way to see the sights of Sarajevo, feel the pain of what went on there in the nineties, grasp the political, the architectural and the spendor of Bosnia all the while spending your day with a follower of history AND enjoying the companionship of two young engaging men, you need not concern yourself. It was worth every penny. Did I mention the two unique restaurants they brought us to? Many thanks to Skender and Harm and Alam. xo Norma and Brent

Reviewed by: norma360, 01.08.2014

 Excellent experience!!!!

My girlfirend and I have really enjoyed our tour in Sarajevo organized by "Sarajevo Funky Tour"....Our private guide, Armina, has been kind and available. Honestly it was one of the best tour ever! I strongly reccomend it! It was an excellent experience!

Reviewed by: 347Daniele, 18.08.2014

Sarajevo – an overwhelming experience to go through again and again

I spent a weekend with friends in Sarajevo as a last destination of our Western Balkans adventure and I must say I was fascinated by the great mixture of ‘then and now’, ‘Eastern and Western culture’, ‘recent sadness and living life’. 
An amazing city which definitely is a must not only in the region but rather Europe-wide!
Our experience has been made complete by the half-day Sarajevo Siege Tour which we made with Sarajevo Funky Tours. With his individual approach, balanced sense of humour, irony and a bit of self-irony, and with the tours which he elaborates depending on the individual preferences of his gests, Skender Hatibovic with his Sarajevo Funky Tours creates a splendid opportunity which I could only warmly recommend to experience the city and to nearly feel like an insider.

Reviewed by: Velyana, 27.07.2014

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