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Location: Tours | Sarajevo War Tunnel Tour | Tunnel of Hope
Half Day Tour in Sarajevo

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Sarajevo War Tunnel Tour | Tunnel of Hope
Half Day Tour in Sarajevo

Traveler Reviews (TripAdvisor)

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Highest accolades go to Sarajevo Funky Tours. What a difference a earnest and passionate tour guide makes, one who believes in a personal experience and telling an objective side to a complicated history, in a way that's entertaining and fun. Commentary was great, the service went out of their way to accommodate. Two thumbs way up -- There are too many reasons to say why Sarajevo Funky Tours is the number one attraction in Sarajevo, go see for yourself!

Reviewed by: Robert B, 30.11.2010

Most interesting Tour, we learnt alot about Sarajevo and the war from Skender. He is avery friendly and helpful guide. He gave us a good insight into how it was for the people of Sarajevo during the seige and especially how he and his family survived. Great tour.

Reviewed by: Jean W, 21.11.2010

Sarajevo War Tunne Tour is a must for any visitor to Sarajevo. Skendar, the tour guide, is knowledgeable and exceedingly prepared to educate visitors on one of most incredible engineering and humanitarian accomplishments of the past quarter century. To see the War Tunnel is to truly understand the not only the history of Sarajevo but the power of the human spirit.

Reviewed by: Monica B, 19.11.2010

Absolutely valuable. I learned a lot about the deep history of Sarajevo. Don't leave just having a "nice view"!!

Reviewed by: Akimi O, 17.11.2010

One of the best day trips I've ever done, anywhere, hands down! This isn't an indifferent, pro-forma tour -- this is an interactive, thoughtful, and personal experience. You are not a number, you are an individual. Skender, my/your guide, is a fountain of knowledge which he is happy to share with you as a friend would. He spent a lot of extra time with me, on his own accord, as my bus was leaving later in the day and he wanted me to see more of the city. Sarajevo is one of Europe's most beautiful and historically complex cities and it'd be a shame to see it without the perspective only someone who's intimately familiar with the war can provide. I give this tour 5 stars without any hesitation. Thanks, Skender, for a lovely and memorable experience!

Reviewed by: Kara F, 12.11.2010

Skender was the perfect guide, and unravelled the city of Sarajevo for us. This is a "must-do" tour for anyone visiting the city, and you get so much out of it rather than just trying to do it yourself. Having lived through the recent troubles, his first hand accounts have added poignancy. This is no dry history lesson, but a real life experience. Worth every penny. Skender is a true gentleman and an awesome ambassador for Sarajevo. Book it, you won't regret it.

Reviewed by: John W, 04.11.2010

This tour was honestly one of the best things I did in my 2 months traveling through Europe. Sarajevo has a story that everyone should learn, and it's so powerful to hear it from someone who lived through it. The tour was packed with amazing, and sometimes heartbreaking stories. Sure, you could go to the tunnel and tour sarajevo on your own, but you'd really miss out on all the context for what you're seeing. Thanks Skender!

Reviewed by: Mitch C, 03.11.2010

A well-planned and highly educational tour that gave a lot of insight about the siege of Sarajevo. This is not your usual big tour group being herded around - we were four, making it a far more personal experience. Also, the tour contained a few stops that had nothing to do with the war, but simply was about beautiful nature and fantastic views of the city. A nice way to show that Sarajevo is much more than just a former war zone.

Reviewed by: Christoffer B, 30.10.2010

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