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Location: Tours | Sarajevo War Tunnel Tour | Tunnel of Hope
Half Day Tour in Sarajevo

From EUR


Sarajevo War Tunnel Tour | Tunnel of Hope
Half Day Tour in Sarajevo

Tour type: Historic, Siege, War & Genocide

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4 hours

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we really enjoyed the tour this last Saturday-if enjoyed is the right word for a war tour-it was humbling, moving , fascinating ... Skender was a great host -honest , knowledgable and friendly we even met his fatehr-whihc was a great privilege highly recommended tour and host

Reviewed by: ollie r, 29.09.2010

I signed up for two walking tours in one day- I had limited time in Sarajevo and I knew it would help me get the best feel for the city. I ended up with a full-day private tour so I had high expectations, but even those were blown away. I got to see everything I wanted to- when I mentioned a few things that were missing, they got added on despite being far away or not part of the original advertised walks. The tour I got was tailored to exactly what I wanted and helped me understand the history of the city better. I liked that it was given by someone who clearly loves the place and knew his historical and social facts, so I got a detailed explanation for all of my questions. It was the best city tour I've ever been on.

Reviewed by: Julie D, 26.09.2010

Very informative and enjoyable

Reviewed by: Robert D, 23.09.2010

We found this a fascinating tour. Skander was extremely well informed and what was best of all for us, 7 ladies on our first visit to these locations, he had lots of personal anecdotes to bring it all alive. He even had great video clips of Sarajevo history we could view as we were going from one location to the next. He is a charming young person, I would have said he was a history student and not economics as he has such a depth of understanding for the sweep of history in this region. I could not recommend this tour highly enough, being in a small group (we split into 3 and 4) meant we had all our questions answered, it was a great way to get to know Sarajevo on our first morning. The history is indeed harrowing and I do remember it vividly from the news of the war at the time, but that was all seen from an Irish perspective so it was so interesting to talk to someone who had lived through it all in his youth. I felt after our morning out that I must do all possible to avoid such trauma occuring to any similar group again in terms of atrocities being visited on civilian populations, Skander really brought the drama and horror of the situation to life. It is a really good way to start a visit to this city and get your bearings; the goat bridge is interesting as is the view from the Jewish cemetary. This is my first review of this kind but I had to tell people about it!

Reviewed by: Orla F, 17.09.2010

We really enjoyed the tunnel tour with Sarajevo Funky Tours. Our guide was very informative and gave us a fascinating first-hand account of living through the war. I would really recommend this tour to anyone visiting Sarajevo. It was a great way to learn about the history of the city and how people survived during the siege.

Reviewed by: Caisha L, 31.08.2010

A really excellent tour - highly recommend to anyone who is interested in the Bosnian conflict and history of the city from someone who has experienced it first hand...

Reviewed by: Tim o, 25.08.2010

 War Tunnel is great experience. Be sure to combine this tour with visit to Sarajevo mountains, to see the place where Limonov was shooting Sarajevo citizens with sniper, and remains of great destruction.

Reviewed by: Alexa, 24.08.2010

There was so much information but told in such an interesting way. I completely recommend this to anyone going to Sarajevo. It's not like your standard tour, it's very personal and totally flexible.

Reviewed by: Emily S, 22.08.2010

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