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Location: Tours | Sarajevo War Tunnel Tour | Tunnel of Hope
Half Day Tour in Sarajevo

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Sarajevo War Tunnel Tour | Tunnel of Hope
Half Day Tour in Sarajevo

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Gotta do it !!

The guide was great, the attention to detail and explanations where superb. I have lived in Sarajevo for more than a year and it really put things into context. I have already told my colleagues they MUST do it.

Reviewed by: Smudgersmith1, 28.02.2011

 Sarajevo War Tunnel by Sarajevo Funky Tours - BRILLIANT!

Having visited Sarajevo on many occasions, I visited the War Tunnel for the first time, and did so with Sarajevo Funky Tours. Skender, owner and tour guide, gives a very concise history of the War Tunnel, and has an in-depth understanding of the Sarajevo Siege. He is very knowledgeable, and keeps one fully informed during the entire tour. 

Skender's knowledge is first hand and he recounted many stories of how he, his family and friends survived the Siege. One could almost physically feel the sorrow, pain and suffering that occurred during the Siege.

I highly recommend Skender's War Tunnel tour, and feel it is an absolute must for the visitor to Sarajevo.

Reviewed by: nassau1492, 13.03.2011

 A must-do tour of Sarajevo

We enjoyed wandering the streets of Sarajevo but nothing we saw compared to the experience of the tour to the the tunnel. Skender was a great host - he was personable, willing to share his stories and went above and beyond to give us an insight into life in Sarajevo during the war. If you want to know more about this fascinating city then you should jump on one of Skenders tours - don't be afraid to ask questions, they were more than happy to answer all of our questions. Do this tour - you won't regret it!

Reviewed by: Rin123_10, 04.10.2010

 Tunnel Tour Sarajevo

Myself and my husband did this tour in September and thought it was excellent, in fact one of the best tours we have ever been on. The tour guide, Skender was friendly and extremely interesting. He arranged to collect us at our hotel in the morning and let us park our car at his hostel in the city centre which was really helpful. The tour lasted approximately 3 hours and it was great as it was only the two of us and Skender so we had as much time as we needed in each place. This tour is really good value for money and it also kept us away from the usual crowds on a bus tour. Skender was able to answer all our questions and gave an excellent insight into Sarajevo today and during the Siege. He also had great video footage which he shared with us.
I would highly recommend this tour; it was definitely the highlight of our holiday and I would go as far as saying it is a 'must' for any visitor to Bosnia.

Reviewed by: DROS1000, 18.10.2010

The Tunnel Tour - highly recommended

A well-planned and highly educational tour that gave a lot of insight about the siege of Sarajevo. This is not your usual big tour group being herded around - we were four, making it a far more personal experience. Also, the tour contained a few stops that had nothing to do with the war, but simply was about beautiful nature and fantastic views of the city. A nice way to show that Sarajevo is much more than just a former war zone.


Reviewed by: Christoffer Bech, 02.11.2010

 The Best Day Tour I've Done...

I emailed Sarajevo Funky Tours late one night as I had hopes of arranging a last-minute tour for the next morning in Sarajevo. I was in Tuzla, visiting a fellow Canadian friend working there. I noted that the minimum # was 3 persons, but the website was welcoming and friendly, so I thought I'd send an email anyhow. It was quite late at night, but sure enough, I had a kind email an hour later accepting my request, at a somewhat increased but very reasonable price. I was so happy that everything was responded to so quickly, thus allowing my plans to form for the next day! Who says spur-of-the-moment plans can't come together perfectly!

Skender (my/your guide) met me at the bus station, on time (and likely a bit early, as my bus was running late). It was immediately obvious that he is an intelligent, friendly, well-spoken young man. He has an almost encyclopedic knowledge of Sarajevo, a city he obviously loves and knows extremely well. He lived through the war as a child, and has intimate knowledge of the conditions at that time.

My experience that day was one of mixed emotions. I was very sad (obviously -- visiting the War Tunnel is incredibly moving), but also encouraged by how the Bosnians have succeeded in rebuilding their city over the years. 

I know without a doubt that if I had just simply taken in the sights on my own, it would not have been the same. I could have seen the buildings and hillsides of the city, but would not have understood what they meant to the people, or the history or implications behind them. This tour brought the city to life. There are some cities which I think you can properly experience without explanation or narration, but Sarajevo is not one of them.

Moreover, this isn't an indifferent, pro-forma tour -- this is an interactive, thoughtful, and personal experience. You are not a number, you are an individual. I felt as though I was combing the city with a true friend. Skender spent a lot of extra time with me, on his own accord, as my bus was leaving later in the day and he wanted me to see more of the city before I left. I was originally worried I couldn't fill up 6 hours, but it passed by in a flash. I wish I had more time in Sarajevo, to explore the markets and the night life. An overnight visit would have been ideal. (As a side note, I learned that the tour owner runs a hostel in the centre of town. He kindly let me use the washroom at one point, making a bit of a detour toward it. If it's anything like the tour, I'm sure it's an impeccably-run place.)

I appreciated the video clips he showed along the way. The footage was graphic but important to see to get a feeling of what the citizens suffered through. I also liked how he sat with me in the Tunnel museum, translating the video itself, whereas I'm sure a 'lesser' guide would have plunked me in front of the screen like a Kindergartener watching Sesame Street. He made it very clear that this was to be MY experience of Sarajevo, encouraging me to take my time and take as many photographs as I liked. He was kind enough to act as photographer for some of my pictures! I filled up the whole memory card on my camera -- there were that many beautiful sights to see...

Sarajevo is one of Europe's most beautiful and historically complex cities and it'd be a shame to see it without the perspective only someone who's intimately familiar with the war can provide. I give this tour 5 stars without any hesitation, and would encourage anyone to spend a day or (preferably) two in this incredible city. Thanks, Sarajevo Funky Tours, for a lovely and memorable experience! It shall remain, in my memory, as one of THE absolute best day tours I've ever done.

Reviewed by: youthfulcruiser, 11.11.2010

 Probably the best way to get to know Sarajevo; absolutely unforgettable!

The tour with our host Skender was absolutely amazing. I had already visited Sarajevo once before, while my girlfriend was in Bosnia for the first time, yet we both got very much out of the tour. We visited authentic ruins as well as important places of the war which look very different today. All the while, Skender was able to tell stories from everyday life during the war as well as outline the big political picture, making the tour both informative and touching.
The most important thing is that the tour doesn't feel at all like a commercial tour, it's more like a trip with a local friend. I'd do it again in a second!

Reviewed by: braunschke, 16.11.2010

 Must See: Sarajevo Funky Tours War Tunnel

Sarajevo Funky Tours is the best way to see and understand Sarajevo's past and present. For anyone interested in understanding the impacts and history of the siege, this is a "must do" tour. Skender, the tour guide is knowledgeable and fun. This is a tour you won't forget. Five Stars!

Reviewed by: AuntMoc, 19.11.2010

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