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Location: Packages | Sarajevo (4 days)

From EUR


Sarajevo (4 days)

Sarajevo 4day is extraoridinary optimized package to deliver the best available experience of Sarajevo there is. In this package we combine, pickups, finest hotels or some other type of accommodation you prefer, tasting local food in some of the finest places in Sarajevo, learning about tradition, history, presence and future through some of the best designed tours, meeting locals where you end up having great friends.

Join us and discover Sarajevo in its nature.


Sarajevo 4day Package is basically flexible product. Most of our request asked are aimed to be as personalized as much as possible, so that is why here we propose general product which is adjustable to your needs, and should you desire to change certain things (late airplane arrivals, later tours, special requests, etc.) - we are trully there for you.


Sarajevo Old Town
DAY 1 | Introduction :)
  • Airport Transfer
  • Hotel Check-in (3 nights)
  • Sarajevo City & Old Town Tour
  • Dinner
For this package our proposal is 4* hotel  in Sarajevo as one of the finest (contact us to find out which one). However if you prefer some other hotel, check our list here, tell us what you want and we will tell you what we can do for you. Simple :)

Sarajevo Old Town Tour you can have look
here. We simply try to present Old Town and City Center of Sarajevo in purest way possible. We show you where to go out, for dinner, for coffee, for shopping, interesting attractions and many more things which are "must see" in Sarajevo.

Dinner you leave to us. Just let us know if you have any food special requests (vegetarian or else.)
Sarajevo Siege Remains
Sarajevo War Tunnel
DAY 2 | Siege of Sarajevo
  • Sarajevo Total Siege Tour
  • Lunch
  • Free time
Sarajevo Siege Tour -  our finest tour, designed for seeing and understading modern World longest Siege. Wanna know how one small Tunnel can save 300.000 people? Than join us!

This time we organize lunch bit above Sarajevo, in the hills where there is amazing view over the capital of Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Free time is your own time to explore hidden places in Sarajevo, which has so much to offer.

Rafting at Neretva river
Skiing at Bjelasnica or Jahorina mountain near Sarajevo
Sarajevo Mountain Biking
DAY 3 | Optionable
  • Hiking to Lukomir Village
  • Mostar Trip
  • Srebrenica Trip
  • Rafting at Neretva (April to October)
  • Skiing at Olympic mountains Bjelasnica or Jahorina* (December to March)
  • Mountain Biking around Sarajevo mountains
  • Jajce - City Museum Trip
* every trip you opt for include one lunch or dinner during the day trip.
This day is totally optionable and it is up to you to decide what you want to do.
We offer few different options, where ONE of these listed on the left is included in package, so you have to choose the most preferable one.

If you are fancy of hiking, than Hiking to Lukomir only Balkans semi-nomad village at Bjelasnica is trully amazing way to spend one day. See how we do it here.

Mostar is Mostar. There is no need to explain too much where we go and what we do. Check our full itinerary here.

Srebrenica as place of worstest Genocide on European soil ever since WWII. We offer you to learn how famous "Never Again" repeats time after time. Learn more about the trip here.

Rafting at one of the most beautiful canyons of Europe, Neretva canyon in one our most amazing trips.
Simply there are no words to explain it. Learn more about trip here.

Olympics '84 are times of Sarajevo World glory. Join us on this amazing skiing trips to discover what our stunning mountain can offer. Learn more about the trip here.

Mountain Biking around Sarajevo is trully one of the most amazing experiences you can have while being in Sarajevo. We can adjust tour to any level of fitness you are. Please inform us about that and we shall deliver amazing experience.

The only town in the entire world with natural waterfall in the city center is Jajce. This "living museum" city where Yugoslavia has been founded, where Romans have left traces, once capital of medieval Bosnian Kingdom, where Ottomans  and Austro-Hungarians were, is simply not to be missed trip.
Aside of that all there are Plive lakes and famous mills too. 
On this trip it is not only Jajce what we visit so I am sure you do not wanna miss this one too :)

Adnet Viaja Crew
Adnet Viaja Crew
DAY 4 | Departure :(
  • Free Time in the morning
  • Airport Tranfer
  • Bye-byes...
Time to say goodbye :(

Honestly, from our experience noted, we are not fond of last days or better last hours spent with our guests. We hate those times, simply because we usually have amazing times that in the end (for which we are aware that sooner or later will come), we have to say goodbye. We dont like bye-byes...

Sometime we wish that those tours last longer, but we guess all the good things have an end.

End, to start again!

Package schedule

This package does not have definite departures, so you are free to request Your Sarajevo package any time of the year.
To view the availability simply select the Month and click the GO button below.

Package pricing

The pricing is listed below. Make sure you check out our special offer lower down to see if any are available.

Click the link below to check availability on your preferred travel date. Our pricing is constantly updated to ensure you always receive the lowest price possible - we 100% guarantee it.

This package can be booked up to 8 persons. For bigger groups please contact us and negotiate great prices.

Special Offer

Book and Go between November and March and earn 10% discount.

Additional Information

The whole package include:

  • Hotel 4* (3 nights) with breakfast
  • Food includes recommendations where and what to eat and we shall take you there, but costs are not included in price (except the 3rd day when one lunch or dinner is included only if you choose rafting or hiking trip).
  • Bosnian Coffee is included during any moment of the trip :) We even give you "How to drink Bosnian coffee" course for free :)
  • Guide for all the time during the trips. Available 24/7 for any other requests (unplanned things, sickness, etc.)
  • For transportation we use VW T5, fully airconditioned van
  • Other "positive surprise experiences" which we arrange and create to add a bit of "amazing drama" to our trips.

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