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Location: Packages | Amazing Balkans: 13 days of Bosnia, Croatia and Montenegro, with additional sail down the Croatian Adriatic coastline for 3 days from Split to Dubrovnik)

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Amazing Balkans: 13 days of Bosnia, Croatia and Montenegro, with additional sail down the Croatian Adriatic coastline for 3 days from Split to Dubrovnik)

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Package type: Adventure, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Cultural, Montenegro

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14 days | 336 hours hours

Are you planning your spring/summer/autumn/winter vacation in Europe? Why dont you give a chance to Balkans and some of its most popular countries: Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Montenegro? 

Round trip from Sarajevo for 13 days in addition to 3 full days of Sailing in Adriatic sea from Split to Dubrovnik. Hard to say no :)


Ideal way to consider starting point of this trip, to be from Sarajevo as it is perfectly planned as a round trip from Sarajevo and back.

Here we are listing down the short itineary details.

Day 1 (Arrival to Sarajevo)
Day 2 (Sarajevo Full Day)
Day 3 (East Bosnia & West Serbia UNESCO tour)
Day 4 (Sarajevo - Travnik - Jajce - Bihać)
Day 5 (Bihać - Una National Park - Plitvice National Park - Split)
Day 6 (Split & Trogir)
Day 7 (Split - Ston - Pelješac peninsula - Dubrovnik)
Day 8 (Dubrovnik full day)
Day 9 (Dubrovnik - Perast - Budva - Kotor - Trebinje )
Day 10 (Trebinje - Mostar)
Day 11 (Mostar - Jablanica - Konjic - Titos Bunker - Boračko Lake)
Day 12 (Boračko Lake - Bjelasnica Hiking Tour - Sarajevo)
Day 13 (Departure)


Day 1 (Arrival to Sarajevo)

  • Airport transfer and hotel check in
  • Free time to relax and prepare for the walking tour of Sarajevo
  • Local dinner with live Sevdah music (traditional Bosnian music)
  • Free time

It was a pretty long flight, but trust us, it was definitely worth it  We will welcome you at the airport and take you to your 4* hotel to relax from the trip. Take your time, enjoy your cosy room and, once you are ready, we will introduce you to Sarajevo, city that is so easy to love, as much as it is sometimes so hard to understand. Your tour guide will make sure you check out every small detail in the amazing Bascarsija, old bazaar which is a cultural and historical centre of the city and World`s emblem of multiculturalism.

Now that you are familiar with basics, and already in love with the city, it is time to show you how do the Bosnians relax. Every Bosnian will tell you that one of the most important thing you need to do, in order to escape from pitfalls of everyday`s life, is to know how to relax and just enjoy. We will take you to a real Bosnian house, presented to you exactly as it was in the „old times“ and take you for a food and drink adventure followed by some great music. We are pretty sure there will be some dancing by the end of the night.

We will present you all the best local specialties you will find in the country and, being a typical Balkan country that is proud of its alcoholic beverages, you will be able to find and try famous Herzegovina wine, Sarajevsko beer and local „medicine“ rakija. Legend says you will need no doctor in your life once you try rakija.

For those who are not big fans of alcohol, no worries, from original Bosnian coffee all the way to homemade juice, you will certainly have plenty of choice.

When in Rome... We will get you back to your hotel when ever you want to.

Day 2 (Sarajevo Full Day)

  • Sarajevo Siege Tour
  • Free time in Sarajevo in the afternoon to explore city on your own

No rush, have some nice rest and tasty local breakfast which will be a real refreshment. You need it after the last night :)  Once you are ready, we will pick you up at hotel and explain everything you did not understand about Sarajevo so far. No question will remain unanswered.

When in Sarajevo, story related to Siege of Sarajevo from 92 until 95 is a must, and Total Siege Tour will be a perfect eye opening tour  that will take you through many sites directly connected to the Siege of Sarajevo. We will visit the War Tunnel Museum, Trebević Mountain, Sarajevo Bobsleigh, Jewish Cemetery and many other sites. Besides this, every citizen of Sarajevo has his own story willing to share so you will hear some really interesting personal experiences and stories on survival followed by, typically Bosnian, sense of humor. Your guide is a person who survived the unfortunate siege of Sarajevo so feel free to ask whatever is on your mind.

Besides the focus on siege, you will also enjoy some amazing panoramic views and fresh Mt. Air.

After the tour, we will drive you back to the city and give you a free afternoon to explore and enjoy the city by yourselves. You can take a long expected cable car ride, visit War Childhood museum, Srebrenica Gallery, and see the sunset from a famous Yellow Bastion. Wonder around, Sarajevo is not the city you can be lost in. See you tomorrow :)
Day 3 (East Bosnia & West Serbia UNESCO tour)

  • Visit to UNESCO site of Borak necropolis
  • Visit to Višegrad and UNESCO site of Mehmed Pasa Sokolović bridge
  • Cross the border to Serbia and do Šargan Eight train ride, visit Drvengrad
  • Visit Tara National Park and famous Banjska Stena viewpoint
  • Return to Sarajevo

East Bosnia and West Serbia, two regions enriched with numerous cultural, historical and nature wonders, are simply not to miss when passing near or travelling around these regions.

For that reason we have created a day tour from Sarajevo where we take you to explore World known town of Višegrad and its pearl, Mehmed Paša Sokolović bridge, famously known as Bridge over Drina, as unique UNESCO site. But not only that, we shall also visit Stećci necropolis called Borak, which recently became part of UNESCO World heritage list as a true Bosnian heritage. This hidden gem in misty forests of East Bosnia is hardly known to even be existent, so once we bring you there, it will be you alone exploring this amazing place. Truly of the beaten path, as we all seek that.

Aside of these two UNESCO sites, Bosnian part of the day day has a lot more to offer. Dobruni monastery, Drina river cruise, and then we cross border to Serbia. Make sure to always bring your passports with you, as you dont want to be left waiting on the border.


Once we cross the border, we shall do unique Sargan Eight train ride, followed with the lunch in Drvengrad. Later we explore National Park Tara and admire stunning views and unique nature biodiversity.

Return to Sarajevo in the later afternoon.

Day 4 (Sarajevo - Travnik - Jajce - Bihać)
  • Visit to Travnik and get to learn story of Viziers town
  • Visit Jajce and understand they medieval Bosnian Kingdom capital
  • Overnight in Bihać

In next two days you will get to see two most of the most amazing national parks in whole region of Balkans Plitvice and Una, plus one medieval royal town of Jajce, one viziers city of Travnik, valley of most “intriguing” pyramid complex in the world and tons of other amazing places on the way to Split. Don` t be afraid of the itinerary; everything will be done in a nice pace with purpose of your entertainment.

We will pick you up at your hotel in Sarajevo after breakfast and drive through suburbia all the way to Central Bosnia region where we should make a first stop and visit mysterious Valley of Bosnian pyramids.

Bosnian Pyramid Complex is one of the most intriguing recent stories and, while for some only a “hoax”, for others it is a true evidence of ancient civilizations to have existed at present day European soil which have left us amazing structures, pyramids. You will have a chance to make your own judgment after we explore the Tunnel complex.


After we agree or disagree on story of Pyramids we will continue the ride towards charming small town Travnik. During the ride, we will pass some very beautiful regions of river Bosna and canyon of river Lasva before we reach Travnik. Ottoman time vizier’s town, later Nobel prize winner birthplace with stunning Plava Voda spring and old Ottoman fortress is place definitely worth stopping by. Travnik is also famous for tasty Cevapi or Travnik white cheese, so why not making this stop not only interesting, but also tastily-interesting.  

As soon as we finish in Travnik we will head towards Jajce but, before we arrive there, we will take you to one of the sweetest little restaurants in the country. Having their own pond, you can try, from first hand, one of the tastiest fish you had, and simply relax next to the river and flawless nature.

In Jajce we will check out the one of the World’s most beautiful waterfalls, and the only one in the World placed in the city center, famous Pliva Waterfalls - spot where Pliva river ends its flow and meets Vrbas is simply breathtaking.

After we bless our eyes and soul we are good for a walking tour through Jajce. We will visit Jajce Citadel (Fortress), the Museum of the Second Session of the National Liberation Army of Yugoslavia (AVNOJ), Medvjed Kula, the Tower of St. Luke, famous Catacombs - underground church, one of the World’s very few mosques named after woman - Mosque of Esma Sultanija, and much more. All followed with interesting stories.

Jajce Citadel is amazingly interesting place giving us great opportunity to see whole area around us and Jajce itself.

After we have "tasted" Jajce for roughly 2.30 hours we go for the Lakes. In the vicinity of Jajce on Pliva river there are two lakes. Only five kilometers away we ll check up out Large and Small Pliva lakes.  

Very interesting part of the Pliva lakes story are Mills at small Pliva lake. Amongst people famously called "Mlinčići", which once have been main promotional material for postcards and tourist potential of Great Austrian-Hungarian Monarchy. We will make a stop there too.

By now already it is afternoon and time to leave Jajce. It will take us another two hours before we reach Bihac, the most northern Bosnian town, nested on the amazing River Una - true pearl of Bosnia and Herzegovina. This will be just enough time to learn some popular local music during the ride.  

On arrival, we will check into our hotel and it is time to rest as we will have free evening for Bihac easy walk, dinner and overnight.
Day 5 (Bihać - Una National Park - Plitvice National Park - Split)

  • Early morning visit to Una National Park and cross the border into Croatia
  • Visit to most famous national park in Croatia - Plitvice
  • Arrival to Split in the afternoon
  • Overnight in Split

Good morning :) Today we have some real adventure coming on but, first, let` s have one more delicious Bosnian breakfast before we hit the road. No worries on gaining weight, you` re on holiday.  

After the breakfast it is time for a short ride and, in less than an hour, we will arrive to region of stunning Una National Park. Una river (the only one) is one of the most if not the most beautiful Bosnian river, and passing this region and not soaking into this beauty would be a pity, so that is why we are here.

Exploring amazing Strbacki Buk waterfall, the biggest and most powerful waterfall in whole region of Balkans will simply blow you away. Taking easy hike along the Una river canyon is also something special to do.

Later we stop for short coffee, sweets and light lunch break with one local family in the region of Una river, and that becomes true highlight of the day as you will get to learn how local people live in these parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

After we finish with Una National Park it is time to cross the border and enter our neighbour country- Croatia. In less than two hours we will reach Plitvice Lakes, true pearl of Croatian region and one of the World wonders. Plitvice lakes are place where all of your senses will be involved and place where none stays unimpressed.


We will spend two to three hours in some interesting boat rides, exploring multiple waterfalls and cascades, admiring turquoise water colors and tons of other things, but also giving you some free time in order to relax and explore the area by yourselves.

The waters flowing over the limestone and chalk have, over thousands of years, deposited travertine barriers, creating natural dams which in turn have created a series of beautiful lakes, caves and waterfalls. These geological processes continue today. The forests in the park are home to bears, wolves and many rare bird species, so visit to Plitvice Lakes National Park is simply must do if you happen to be in this region.


As soon as we are finished in Plitvice Lakes region we are heading towards Split, amazing city with the beach you will absolutely love.

We will drop you off at your 4* hotel and let you have some rest and free evening. Split is famous for its great food and nightlife so, in case your batteries are still fully charged, we will be happy to recommend a perfect place to spend the evening.

Day 6 (Split & Trogir full day)

  • Morning tour of Split with local guide
  • Lunch break and free time
  • Afternoon visit to Trogir (UNESCO) and walking tour with local guide
  • Free evening

The morning is reserved for the city walking tour in beautiful Split, where we will learn a lot about this, largest Dalmatian city, the second largest city of Croatia. After the city walking tour, we will have a lunch break, and have the opportunity to try some of the most delicious specialties of this region. UNESCO protected Diocletian Palace is true gem of this town and its main pedestrian area of famous "Splitska Riva" will make enjoy this day to maximum.

The afternoon is reserved for the visit to Trogir, which is situated 25 km north of Split. The Old Town of Trogir is on list of UNESCO world cultural heritage. This charming small city is definitely a great destination to visit for a half day visit from Split.


In the end of the day, we are going back to Split for overnight.

Day 7 (Split - Ston - Pelješac peninsula - Dubrovnik)
  • Leave Split in the early morning to Dubrovnik
  • Visit to Ston for taste of Oysters
  • Visit to one of the most famous wineries at Pelješac
  • Arrival to Dubrovnik and hotel check in
  • Free time in the evening to explore Dubrovnik on your own

After free morning in Split, we will continue our trip towards Dubrovnik. On our way, we will visit Ston, which is well known by its walls. These walls are a series of defensive stone walls, that have surrounded and protected the maritime city – state of Dubrovnik (Ragusa). For oyster lovers Ston is truly paradise on earth, so we recommend delicious lunch here. It can be organised as lunch only, or full time oyster learning experience.

After lunch at Ston, we shall pay visit to one of the most famous wineries at Pelješac peninsula. Get ready for wine tasting of your life.


In the afternoon we will arrive to Dubrovnik, the city which is called the pearl of the Adriatic, and once you spend few hours in this city, you will realize why. After we arrive, you will have some free time in Dubrovnik. We are going to stay in Dubrovnik for two nights.

Day 8 (Dubrovnik full day)

  • Explore Dubrovnik in the morning with the local guide
  • Free afternoon to explore Dubrovnik on your own by doing famous cable car, walking the Dubrovnik walls or boat ride to Lokrum island

Today you are lucky enough to wake up in Dubrovnik, city that is one of the most prominent tourist resorts of the Mediterranean, and listed as a Unesco World Heritage Site since 1979.


Experiencing Dubrovnik definitely demands at least one full day and we will make sure you see, feel, taste and enjoy every part of it. Right after the breakfast, your guide will pick you up at your hotel and take you on the walking tour in the medieval core of Dubrovnik. This will be the two fascinating  hours spent in navigating the labyrinths of the Old Town limestone-paved streets which is still surrounded by 15th century fortification walls. We will visit gothic-renaissance Rector’s Palace; the baroque-style Cathedral of the Assumption, built in the 18th-century; and the landmark Bell Tower, which looms 31 meters over Luza Square etc. and learn every important story this city can tell.  


After a nice walk we will go for amazing cable car ride up to the craggy Srdj Hill from where you can enjoy some incredibly panoramic views and admire this city even more, if that is possible.

The rest of the day we will let you to decide. Whether you prefer to visit beautiful nearby island of Lokrum, Dubrovnik city walls, see the spots where your favorite TV show Game of Thrones was filmed, or you simply prefer us to leave you alone while you relax and enjoy this Adriatic pearl, we will be perfectly fine with your decision and will make sure to always be there to help you out. Make sure to ask your guide on the recommendations when it comes to restaurants and bars, we know all the best places and will be happy to take you with us.

Day 9 (Dubrovnik - Perast - Budva - Kotor - Trebinje )

  • Visit to Perast with boat ride islands of Sveti Djordje and Gospa od Škrpjela.
  • Visit to Kotor and walking tour with the local guide
  • Visit to Budva old town
  • Overnight in Trebinje (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Reason we recommend overnight in Trebinje is because we will do it in the evening of this day. If we cross it next day after in the morning, after overnight in Montenegro, border crossing can be really long.


Just after some yummy breakfast in hotel we will continue with our adventure towards Montenegro and some of the most interesting Adriatic coastal towns Perast, Kotor and Budva.


Nice panoramic drive will take us to Montenegrin Coastline where we will have a local guide to join us and take us through the area.  At the end of a day, you might actually feel like one of the locals yourself.


Our first stop will be Perast, a baroque town in the municipality of Kotor with its two stunning islands: Sveti Djordje and Gospa od Skrpjela.

Later, we will visit Budva, one of the oldest cities in Montenegro and most desired tourist locations in Montenegro.  Budva is city known for its sandy beaches and nightlife but is also a historic district and home to a seaside citadel and religious sites such as the Church of Santa Maria in Punta, established in the 9th century. We will wonder around the mesmerizing narrow streets and explore all the most that this city can offer in a day. Swimming and shopping are must when in Budva, so we will also make sure to give you some free time there.

After the tour, we will try some local specialties for lunch and enjoy some drinks at the beach.


After Budva it is time for Kotor. With its impressive medieval architecture and cultural monuments, Kotor is considered to be one of the most beautiful coastal cities, and not just in Montenegro. Walking tour in Kotor will cover exploring the windy streets of the old town surrounded by fortress walls.


At the end of the day, we will say goodbye to Montenegro and as soon as we cross the border into Bosnia and Herzegovina we shall overnight in Trebinje (Bosnian most-southern town). The reason we suggest to overnight in Trebinje is to avoid morning jams at the borders in case we decide to overnight in Montenegro. This usually happens in peak of the summer season, but in the periods outside of busy summer, overnight in Kotor is recommended.

Day 10 (Trebinje - Mostar)

  • Morning departure from Trebinje
  • Visit to Kravice Waterfalls
  • Visit to Pocitelj
  • Visit to Blagaj
  • Arrival to Mostar
  • Mostar walking tour and overnight

Exploring the Herzegovina region is one of the best things you can do if you decide to come to Bosnia and Herzegovina. There is really a lot of amazing places to see in this region, so we believe that one day is not enough to explore the most important parts of it. After exploring the center of Trebinje, we will visit amazing area of Kravice Waterfalls, where during summer time we prefer to have a swim.


After some nice time at this nature wonder, we ll move tour our next destination, called Pocitelj. Pocitelj is originally medieval, but present day Ottoman time built village nested in the hills above stunning Neretva river and is place of definite peace. Local mosque, fort and stunning views are guarantee of the good fun.


Later of the day, will also pay visit to Blagaj, where we are going to have a lunch, and visit Blagaj Tekke and Buna River Spring. Nobody in this World passing through area of central Herzegovina can not miss the Europe's most powerfull river spring, one of the oldest Dervish houses in our country and delicious trout made in Blagaj way.

As soon as we finish in Blagaj, we ll move towards Mostar. Upon arrival to Mostar and hotel check-in, it is time for Mostar city walking tour. We ll visit Old Bridge and Old Town of Mostar, will tell the stories of glory and sad days of this amazing place, will witness local bridge guardians doing centuries old tradition of bridge diving, will try some local food for dinner, but generally will do maximum enjoyment of this unique place.

Day 11 (Mostar - Jablanica - Konjic - Titos Bunker - Boračko Lake)

  • Free morning in Mostar and departure towards Konjic
  • On the way, stop in Jablanica for WW2 famous Neretva Battle story
  • Visit to Konjic and amazing Neretva rafting
    • Optional: visit to Titos Bunker in case rafting is not guests first choice
  • Overnight at Boračko glacier lake region

After breakfast, we have some free morning time in Mostar and soon we move on, towards Konjic, to join the spectacular Neretva rafting.

We will take the full rafting equipment and head towards the rafting starting point, located around 45 min uphill drive. On the way there views over Boračko Lake and upper flow of Neretva river and canyon are simply outstanding.


Once we are there everything that follows is pure enjoyment. Neretva will bring us astonishing slopes, canyons, clean and fresh drinkable water, untouched nature and great beaches. Somewhere in the middle will be time for break - doing some swimming, sunbathing, diving or other activities.

We continue, still for whole lots of slopes, rock divings (for brave ones), canyons, purely clean water, turnarounds, etc.


The tour will end a few kilometers away from Konjic, where transport will wait to take us for the local way made lunch.

After the lunch we will head towards sensational glacier lake where we will check in to our lodges and have some really nice time enjoying its surroundings decorated with coniferous and deciduous forests. Boracko Lake is great choice for swimming and is a paradise for fishing. We will prepare a famous Bosnian barbeque for dinner, make sure we have enough beverage supplies and enjoy some evening talks along the side of lake.

Day 12 (Boračko Lake - Bjelasnica Hiking Tour - Sarajevo)

  • Free early morning at Boračko lake and after breakfast departure towards Bjelašnica olympic mountain
  • On the way we shall pass over the amazing Visočica mountain ridge, along the Neretva canyon
  • Hike from Umoljani to Lukomir and back
  • Lunch at Lukomir village
  • Return to Sarajevo in the later afternoon
This day will be a great option for any nature lover and today, just after we bless our eyes with Boracko Lake over a coffee and breakfast, we will provide you another, absolutely unique, experience by taking you on hiking through Olympic Mt. Bjelasnica all the way to one of the most isolated village in our country.  This day offer variety of options, and can be conducted for those who are on low, medium or even high fitness level so please do not simply run away from this activity as this can be really highlight of your time in Balkans.

We will leave our car at Umoljani village we will start our, firstly one way roughly 3-4 hour long hike, to reach Lukomir village. Trail will take us from starting point of roughly 1275 meters (Umoljani) to peak of Obalj at around 1896 meters with more than 620 meters of altitude gain. All this heavy work will pay of once on top, as views of Studeni Potok along the way, Rakitnica Canyon and mountains of Treskavica, Visocica and ultimate peak of Bjelasnica mountain with numerous small villages in distance will be simply stunning. After some rest and full time body and spirit enjoyment we are ready to hike down to Lukomir village at altitude of 1500 which will be "one of a kind" story as well.

Once there we go for a deserved resting time, having local coffee, and some snacks. Second part of this medium hard option will be same as easier option. After exploring Lukomir village, it will mainly be pleasant 3 hours hike to Umoljani village through Canyon of Rakitnica river and amazing explorations of Peruce waterfall, Studeni Potok as one of the most beautiful valleys in whole of Bosnia and Herzegovina and story of "Umoljani Dragon". In the end of the day we ll do around 7-8 hours hike, which will surely be worth it all.


Once we reach Umoljani prepare yourselves to be amazed by freshly prepared local lunch : Begova corba ( local stew ), Krompirusa ( potato made pie ) or Sirnica ( cheese made pie ) and Burek ( meat made pie ) with local yoghurt and salad. Nothing in the world beats this.

After we are full we will continue towards Sarajevo.. We will arrive to our favorite city in the world in late afternoon, drop you off at your hotel you which you are already familiar and feeling as in home, and give you some free time for your last night in Sarajevo.

Day 13 (Departure)

  • Free morning in Sarajevo
  • Airport transfer
On your last day, depending on departure flight we will give you easy free morning to finish up unfinished things in Sarajevo (for more relax time, or bit of shopping). Airport transfer is planned 2.30 hours before your planned flight.

Extended Version (+ cruise / sail Croatian Adriatic from Split to Dubrovnik)

Day 7/8/9 (Split - Dubrovnik 3 day sail / cruise)

  • In case you prefer to extend your summer stay in Balkans and enrich it with 3 days of amazing Sail Croatia itinerary then, we have right solution for you.
  • In partnership with Go Croatia Sail, we have added 4 days of cruise between Split and Dubrovnik, and in our itinerary it would be days 8/9/10, meaning on the given itinerary we are adding 3 full days, making this total of 16 day itinerary.
  • More information on the sail you can see here:
  • Sails are only available from June to September

Those three days are reserved for a true hedonism. In the morning you will meet your captain and rest of the crew who will be in charge for the next four days and will make sure you are completely enjoying every part of this trip.


First day, you will depart Split at around 1 PM and will start the adventure with some nice local lunch followed by some swimming time and sunbathing next to crystal clear water and sampling some cold cocktails and drinks.


In later afternoon you will arrive to Makarska, city that never sleeps where you will have some free time to explore the area, have a dinner, go to some of the popular nightclubs and hang out with locals, or simply enjoy nice and long walks next to the sea. You still have couple of more days to enjoy the beach but , if you are into night swimming, this will be a perfect timing.


Next morning, your boat ride will start in Makarska all the way to Island of Mljet. During the ride you will have lunch with some of the tastiest seafood specialties you had tried so far. After the lunch you will dock in Pomena or Polace and explore the island`s amazing National Park which would give  a great contrast to last night in Makarska, and enable you to involve in day activities such as biking, kayaking, hiking etc. This is optionally so we will let you do whatever you feel like doing at the moment.

Next morning, on 3rd day of this amazing cruise your captain will take you to some of the most beautiful beaches nested around Mljet Island and give you some time to work on your tan and swim. Later on you will continue nice sail through Ephaite archipelago all the way to famous intact walled city on the Adriatic Sea – Dubrovnik. Once you do the hotel check in and relax for a while, you can join Dubrovnik nightlife at its fullest while watching the sun goes down.

Package schedule

This package does not have definite departures as we do it upon every individual request, so you are free to request this package any time of the year.
To view the availability simply select the Month and click the GO button below.

Package pricing

Click the link below to check availability on your preferred travel date. Our pricing is constantly updated to ensure you always receive the lowest price possible - we 100% guarantee it. This package can be booked up to 8 persons. For bigger groups please Contact Us and negotiate great prices.

Package prices are listed for booking from 1 to 8 persons as private package and only for ground travels for 13 days.

If you prefer to add 3 more nights of Adriatic Sea Sail, price increases for 299 to 345 EUR depending on the boat rooms preferences. More information on Sail from Split to Dubrovnik you have here. Sails are only available from June to September.

Additional Information

The whole package include:

  • Hotel in Sarajevo 4**** (4 nights) with breakfast and tax included.
  • Hotel in Bihać 4**** (1 night) with breakfast and tax included.
  • Hotel in Split 4**** (2 night) with breakfast and tax included.
  • Hotel in Dubrovnik 4**** (2 nights) with breakfast and tax included.
  • Hotel in Trebinje 4**** (1 night) with breakfast and tax included.
  • Hotel in Mostar 4**** (1 night) with breakfast and tax included.
  • Accommodation at Boračko Lake 3*** (1 nights) with breakfast and tax included.
  • Transportation in AC vans/buses for full comfort and professional guide.
  • Local guidance in any place we stop.
  • Food is not included (except breakfast in hotels), but make sure we shall always give you our recommendations and will bring you to finest places so you are free to choose (please let us know if you have any food preferations or limitations so we can plan the trip properly).
  • For Muslim travellers we ll organise halal food in every of locations visited in this itinerary. Also any mosque, masjid we visit or any other location imporant for Muslim people, prayers can be done as well.
  • Other “positive surprise experiences” which we arrange and create to add bit of “amazing drama” to our trips :) 

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