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Location: Packages | Split to Dubrovnik (or Kotor in Montenegro) or vice versa 3d2n package tour via Bosnia and Herzegovina covering Mostar, Sarajevo and so much more

If you are planning your holiday in Croatia and / or Montenegro, this is the perfect timing to put Bosnia and Herzegovina on your bucket list.  When it comes to holidays there is simply never enough time especially since there are so many stunning places everyone should experience at least once in a lifetime. This is exactly why we decided  to offer you this 2N and 3D trip which will, hopefully, finally inspire you to visit our country, different to anything you have seen so far. Best of Bosnia and Herzegovina is created to offer an adventurous, historic and all embracing, yet very relaxing trip and to show you some of the most appealing places in our country and, one would dare to say, Europe as well. Besides the breathtaking sceneries, incredibly tasty food and drinks,  and a lot of thought provoking history, this trip will also give you a chance to understand our country from the local point of view and, hopefully, break every prejudice you have at this moment.



Trip is designed as extremely flexible, so that is why we can arrange it to start from Split, Dubrovnik or any place of your choice (Montenegro or rest of Croatia). In the end trip can end in any area of your interest.

Normally this trip we plan to start from Split and end in Dubrovnik, but going the other way around from Dubrovnik to Split would be no problem at all.

Day 1 : Split – Sarajevo

  • Hotel pick up and departure from Split at 8am
  • Visit to Kravice Waterfalls
  • Visit to Počitelj Visit to Blagaj and lunch
  • Visit to Mostar and walking tour in Mostar
  • Arrival in Sarajevo and hotel check in (4* hotel two nights)
  • Free evening in Sarajevo and overnight

Day 2 : Sarajevo full day

  • Breakfast in hotel
  • Sarajevo Total Siege Tour
  • Lunch break
  • Sarajevo European Jerusalem walking tour
  • Free afternoon to explore the city by yourselves
  • Overnight in Sarajevo

Day 3 : Sarajevo – Dubrovnik

  • Breakfast in hotel
  • Departure from Sarajevo towards Konjic
  • Visit to Tito`s Bunker
  • Visit to Jablanica
  • Visit to Radmilja necropolis
  • Visit to Vjetrenica Cave
  • Arrival to Dubrovnik


Day 1 (Split – Sarajevo)
Morning drive will take us through interesting areas of West Herzegovina before we hit the first stop at stunning waterfalls of Kravica.

Situated near Ljubuški, Trebižat river with its travertine sedimentations is today offering us unique and breathtaking attraction - Kravica waterfalls. Height range from 26-28 meters and water amphitheater of 120 meters below, plus surrounding nature of Kravica waterfalls altogether fall into unique geological monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

If you are conducting this tour in summer time (between June - September) feel free to bring along swimsuit and join us for some chilling swim, or at least to cool your feet along a good drink.

After departing from Kravice waterfalls we will very soon arrive to Počitelj (“Počivati” - Bos.”to rest in peace”). Nested above Neretva river, this unique, medieval, Ottoman era glorified, present day Ottoman-Mediterranean style “architectured” fortress - town Počitelj, is one of the very few urban ensembles in Bosnia and Herzegovina preserved in their integrity to the present times.

We will take an easy uphill, one hour long walk, accompanied with a stories of town’s development and strategic importance during its 600+ year long written history and visit to most important sites such as Hajji Alija Mosque, Clock Tower and Gavrankapetanovic tower, IS A MUST, for anyone passing through or near Herzegovina region.

Then, we continue through some really amazing parts of Neretva river canyon, telling the unique stories of Herzegovina, before we arrive to our next stop at Blagaj.

Blagaj town is home to Buna river spring - Europe’s most beautiful, most powerful, clean and drinkable karst river spring, settled beneath few hundred meters high rock. Water comes out of quite large but stunningly deep cave, which springs amazing 43 cubic meters of water per second. Can you imagine this?

Just next to the spring, under the rock, is home to Blagaj Tekke - Dervish house, dating most likely pre or early Ottoman era from late 15th century, as unique sacral-residential example of Islamic architecture in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Visiting this complex and learning more about Dervish life in Herzegovina as important part of our history is, MUST DO.
For Muslim travelers “Tekija” is place where prayers are hosted 5 times a day and can be attended if wanted.

After visit to “Blagajska Tekija” and “Izvor rijeke Bune” we stay there for bit longer. It is time for lunch. Due to famousness and cleanliness of Buna river the most important thing to taste in Blagaj today is local trout. That is why we don’t leave the place before we offer our guests to try locally prepared trout on “Blagaj Way”, enjoying amazing scenery of Buna river spring and Dervish house next to it. Vegetarians don’t worry, we have solutions for you as well :)

Once we finish with a visit to amazingly beautiful Blagaj, we will head towards Mostar.  Upon arrival, we’ll start our 2 hour walking tour which will cover most important sites and locations in this, truly unique, small town. During the walking tour we will focus at Mostar Old Bridge, Old Bazaar and Old Town, but offer stories of Mostar uniqueness, in regard to historical and cultural diversity.

We will learn about the Old Bridge, it’s rise and fall, and how it had risen again. We learn about Siege of Mostar, its pre and post siege period. We learn about why it is called Mostar. We learn about Mostarians. We recreate Mostar for you and with you. We learn Mostar.
After an two hour of interesting drive through central Herzegovina regions and canyon of Neretva we will arrive to Sarajevo where we will drop you of at your amazing, centrally located, 4* hotel to relax and have a free evening so you could gather impressions over dinner and get ready for the next day.
Sarajevo at night
Day 2 (Sarajevo full day)

Today you are lucky to wake up in one of the most historically interesting and varied cosmopolitan European capital.  Sarajevo is a place where the people of the Roman Catholic west, Eastern Orthodox east and the Ottoman south coexist for centuries, and no matter on historical turbulence this city is a flare of hope for peace and tolerance through multi-cultural integration.
Sarajevo Lating Bridge - the place of assassination of Franz Ferdinand
After you finish your tasty homemade breakfast in hotel, we will pick you up at hotel and take you to our walking tour of Sarajevo
 which offers a great introduction to the city and it is a perfect opportunity to get the basic knowledge about our city, history, people, architecture, religion, culture, food etc.
We will start the tour on Baščaršija square and our first stop will be famous Sebilj Fountain, after we learn the story about Sebilj, we will continue along and go for a visit to Vijećnica (City Hall); Inat Kuća (Spite House); White and Yellow Bastions; Šeher- ćehaja, Imperial and Latin Bridge; Imperial mosque, Gazi Husref Beys mosque complex (Mosque, Khanikah, Ezantash, Fountain, Clock Tower, Gazi Husrev beys bezistan, Madrassa, public bathroom, public kitchen etc); Jewish Museum; Old Temple; Cathedral; Orthodox Church; Morića Han etc.
Sebilj in Sarajevo Sarajevo City Hall

Sarajevo Cathedral
Hopefully, at the end of the part 1 for this day, you will already be convinced  Sarajevo truly is a delight to visit.
After we are finished with first part of the day, we shall have a break, ideal for tasty Bosnian lunch where you can try variety of local dishes and try Bosnian coffee and some sweets.
Bosnian food
Bosnian coffee with Baklava
Second part of the day
is reserved for the
Sarajevo Total Siege tour and story related to Siege of Sarajevo from 92 until 95. We believe that the learning about the Siege of Sarajevo is one of the most important things to do if you decide to visit Sarajevo, and this is the tour which will really help you to understand the recent history of Sarajevo.
Sarajevo Siege Aftermath
On the tour, you are going to have the opportunity to see many sites directly connected to the Siege of Sarajevo, like the War Tunnel Museum, Trebević Mountain, Sarajevo Bobsleigh and many other.
Sarajevo Total Siege Tour is guided by the people who actually survived siege of Sarajevo so, among visiting all the most important locations you will  also be able to hear some interesting stories and personal experiences that will explain closer the survival of citizens of Sarajevo.
Sarajevo War Tunnel entrance

Sarajevo War Tunnel Inside Sarajevo Olympic Bobsled For a perfect closure of this exciting day we will make sure to make a dinner reservations in one of the best local restaurants where you will have a chance to try various types of the most appetizing Bosnian meals. Later evening is reserved for free time on your own.
Day 3 (Sarajevo – Dubrovnik)

Another morning in Sarajevo, and one more yummy breakfast followed by packing and promises you will come back very soon again.
Our first stop for this day, will be Konjic.  This particular, prehistorically inhabited, charming town is famous for 17th century 6-arch Old Bridge, looming over turquoise Neretva river. Here, at the best preserved Ottoman bridge in Bosnia and Herzegovina, we will witness the exquisiteness of the Upper Neretva river and learn the story of famousness of white water rafting.

However the most famous site in Konjic is so called “monument of human stupidity” Tito`s nuclear bunker. In the early 1950s, Josip Broz Tito, the late leader of the former Yugoslavia, ordered the building of a secret bunker that would safeguard the country's ruling class in case of a nuclear attack. Located 900 feet (270 m) underground, town of Konjic, the 26-year project was only completed in 1979, the year before Tito died, and it was built at a cost equivalent to just under £3 billion ($4.6 billion). If restocked with supplies it would still serve its purpose - allowing 350 people to live and work for six months without ever coming outside. More about this place you see here. Please note that this facility is not always available to visit (depending on period of the year, number of guests, days of the week) so please note that when we are doing reverse tour from Dubrovnik to Sarajevo visit to TITOs bunker can hardly be integrated into visit due to later time of arrival to Konjic on the 2nd day of the itinerary, while latest visit to this facility is at 2 pm on Mon, Wed and Fri only.

As soon as we leave big secret behind, ride continues by passing large, dammed but very beautiful Jablanicko lake, with short stop at Jablanica where we learn WW2 story of “Neretva Battle” and “sniff” into the way how famous roasted lamb on the spit is made.

After Jablanica  we will continue with a drive through some really amazing parts of Neretva river canyon, telling the unique stories of Herzegovina.

Later we will continue along Herzegovina and visit one of the most treasured and most important monuments in our country which, from 2017 belongs to UNESCO heritage – Radmilja Necropolis.

Radmilja Necropolis is stećak necropolis located just next to the small town called Stolac. First examples of stećak tombstones in this area date from the late 14th century making this unique necropolis definitely worth visiting.
Radmilja Necropolis Unesco
Our last stop of the day will be amazing Vjetrenica Cave. Vjetrenica (eng.”wind cave") is the largest and most important cave in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and one of the most interesting caves in the Dinaric Alps mountain range.

The cave has been explored to a total of about 7 km in length but is assumed to be around 20 km and as it is known, is the richest cave in the world in terms of subterranean biodiversity. Proteus anguinus (human fish), amazing stalactite and stalagmite decorations are simply too amazing to miss out, so that is why Vjetrenica is also one of Herzegovina must sees and also our last stop before we arrive to Dubrovnik.

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Additional Information

The whole package include:

  • Hotel in Sarajevo 4* (2 night) with breakfast and tax included. Hotel accommodation is based on twin or double occupancy. Single supplement is extra charge.
  • Transportation in 8 seater AC vans for full comfort and professional guide.
  • Food is not included (except breakfast in hotel), but make sure we shall always give you our recommendations and will bring you to finest places so you are free to choose (please let us know if you have any food preferations or limitations so we can plan the trip properly).
  • Locally guided tour in every place we stop (Mostar and Sarajevo in focus)
  • All entrance fees are covered by tour provider (Kravice waterfalls, Pocitelj mosque, Blagaj Tekija, Sarajevo War Tunnel, Titos Bunker, Vjetrenica Cave, UNESCO site of Radimlja, etc.)
  • Other “positive surprise experiences” which we arrange and create to add bit of “amazing drama” to our trips :)

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