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Location: Packages | Sarajevo to Zagreb (Split/Ljubljana) or vice versa 2D1N Tour (via Plitvice Lakes, Una National Park, Travnik, Jajce and valley of Bosnian Pyramids)

Imagine, in only two days you get to see two of the most amazing national parks in whole region of Balkans Plitvice and Una, plus one medieval royal town of Jajce, one viziers city of Travnik, valley of most “intriguing” pyramid complex in the world and tons of other amazing places on the way, and in the same time travel between Sarajevo and Zagreb/Split or even Ljubljana, one way, or the other. 
It is hard to imagine, we know, but with Sarajevo Funky Tours not so hard to be done.


Trip is designed as extremely flexible, so that is why we can arrange it to start from Sarajevo, Zagreb, Split, Ljubljana or any place of your choice in the regions close to these cities. In the end trip can end in any area of your interest.
Normally this trip we plan to start from Sarajevo and end in Zagreb or Split, but going the other way around from Zagreb (Split) to Sarajevo would be no problem at all.
Day 1 (Sarajevo - Bihac)
  • Start from Sarajevo at 8 AM
  • Visit to Bosnian Pyramid tunnel complex at Visoko
  • Visit to Travnik
  • Visit to Jajce, and Pliva Lakes
  • Arrival to Bihac and hotel check-in (4* hotel - one night)
Day 2 (Bihac - Zagreb or Split or Ljubljana/Slovenia)
  • Early morning departure from Bihac at 8 AM
  • Visit to to Una National Park 
  • Visit to Plitvice National Park
  • Visit to region of Slunj and Rastoke
  • Visit to Croatian War of Independence Museum
  • Arrival to Zagreb or Split in later afternoon


Day 1: Sarajevo > Visoko > Travnik > Jajce > Bihac
As first day will be quite long we’ll depart Sarajevo quite early, at 8 AM. After some 45min we ll arrive to Visoko and first stop of the day will be Bosnian Pyramid Complex. 
One of the most intriguing recent stories, at perhaps global leve, is story of Bosnian Pyramids. For some only a “hoax”, but for others true evidence of ancient civilisations to have existed at present day European soil which have left us amazing structures, pyramids. 

Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun (and 4 more: Pyramid of the Moon, Love, Dragon and Mother Earth) aged roughly 12.000 years, with perfect cardinal points and Northern orientation, where thermal inertia analysis reported to reveal faster heat loss than would occur with a plain hillside, interesting story of pyramidal tunnel complex and many more facts, are reasons good enough to see interesting story of Bosnian pyramids. 
Once at the site we’ll have guided tour at the Pyramids Tunnel Complex where guests will get first hand stories from local experts directly involved into site explorations and tunnel excavations. Be prepared to hear some very interesting stories, as this story might be one of highlights of your Balkans travels.
After finished at Visoko we move. We will pass some very beautiful regions of river Bosna, canyon of river Lasva before we reach Travnik. Ottoman time vizier’s town, later Nobel prize winner birthplace with stunning Plava Voda spring and old Ottoman fortress is place definitely worth stopping by. Travnik is also famous for tasty Cevapi or Travnik white cheese, so why not making this stop not only interesting, but also tastily-interesting.

Doing a break at Plava Voda with some good Bosnian coffee is also a must.
As soon as we finish in Travnik we drive and after another hour and half while driving through amazing regions of Vrbas river we arrive to Jajce.
Once there, first thing we go and see is one of the World’s most beautiful waterfalls, and the only one in the World placed in the city center, famous Pliva Waterfalls - spot where Pliva river ends its flow and meets Vrbas is simply breathtaking.

After we bless our eyes and soul we are good for a walking tour through Jajce. We will visit Jajce Citadel (Fortress), the Museum of the Second Session of the National Liberation Army of Yugoslavia (AVNOJ), Medvjed Kula, the Tower of St. Luke, famous Catacombs - underground church, one of the World’s very few mosques named after woman - Mosque of Esma Sultanija, and much more. All followed with interesting stories.
Jajce Citadel is amazingly interesting place giving us great opportunity to see whole area around us and Jajce itself.
After we have "tasted" Jajce for roughly 2.30 hours we go for the Lakes. In the vicinity of Jajce on Pliva river there are two lakes. Only five kilometers away we ll check up out Large and Small Pliva lakes.  

Pliva Lake
Very interesting part of the Pliva lakes story are Mills at small Pliva lake. Amongst people famously called "Mlinčići", which once have been main promotional material for postcards and tourist potential of Great Austrian-Hungarian Monarchy. We will make a stop there too.

Pliva Mills
By now already it is afternoon and time to leave Jajce. It will take us another two hours before we reach Bihac, the most northern Bosnian town, nested on the amazing River Una - true pearl of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
We will check into our hotel and it is time to rest as we will have free evening for Bihac easy walk, dinner and overnight.

Bihac and Una River

Day 2: Bihac > Una National Park > Plitvice National Park > Rastoke > Zagreb
After delicious breakfast it is time to ride again. After less an hour ride we will arrive to region of Una National Park. Una river (the only one) is one of the most if not the most beautiful Bosnian river, and passing this region and not soaking into this beauty would be a pitty, so that is why we are here.
Exploring amazing Strbacki Buk waterfall, the biggest and most powerful in whole region of Balkans will simply blow you away. Taking easy hike along the Una river canyon is also something special to do.
Later we stop for short coffee, sweets and light lunch break with one local family in the region of Una river, and that becomes true highlight of the day. We get will to learn how local people live in these parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Una National Park - Strbacki Buk Waterfall
As soon as finished here we ride again. After one hour of driving we shall reach Bosnia - Croatia border and as soon as we pass, after another 20min of driving we shall reach Plitvice Lakes National Park. 
Plitvice lakes, a true pearl of Croatia and Balkans region as well, one of World wonders, place where all senses get to feel, touch and see. Place where noone stays unimpressed.

Pltivice Lakes
We will spend some two to three hours there doing some interesting boat rides, exploring multiple waterfalls and cascades, admiring turquoise water colors and tons of other things, but also giving our guests lots of free time to explore the place on their own.

Plitvice Lakes

The waters flowing over the limestone and chalk have, over thousands of years, deposited travertine barriers, creating natural dams which in turn have created a series of beautiful lakes, caves and waterfalls. These geological processes continue today. The forests in the park are home to bears, wolves and many rare bird species, so visit to Plitvice Lakes National Park is simply must do if you happen to be in this region.

Plitvice Lakes Croatia
As soon as we are finished in Plitvice Lakes region we are heading towards Zagreb. On the way we ll make one break at very beautiful region of Slunj and Rastoke.
Rastoke is the historic center of the Croatian municipality of Slunj. This old part of Slunj is known for its well-preserved mills and the picturesque little waterfalls along the Slunjčica river, which flows into the river Korana at this place. The Korana river originates at Plitvice Lakes National Park.

Rastoke Croatia Slunj
At Rastoke, similar natural phenomena are occurring as at the Plitvice Lakes. This location is therefore often being referred to as "the Small Lakes of Plitvice".
Lastly on the way to Zagreb we can do one amazing stop for cheese, honey and brandy tasting with one of the local producers, and short visit to Croatian War of Independence Museum before we reach Zagreb in the afternoon hours.
Drop off point in Zagreb can be arranged upon every request individually.

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Additional Information

The whole package include:

  • Hotel in Bihać 4* (1 night) with breakfast and tax included.
  • Transportation all the way with professional guide.
  • Food is not included (except breakfast in hotel), but make sure we shall always give you our recommendations and will bring you to finest places so you are free to choose (please let us know if you have any food preferations or limitations so we can plan the trip properly).
  • Entrance fees to Plitvice National Park, Una National Park, Travnik Fortress, Jajce Fortress and Catacombs, Bosnian Pyramid Tunnel Complex.
  • Other “positive surprise experiences” we arrange and create to add bit of “amazing drama” to our trips.
For people willing to do some adventure activities we can easily extend this tour for one day and include amazing Una River Rafting and Bosnian Roasted Lamb lunch experience.

Una Rafting

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