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Location: Packages | Bosnia and Herzegovina (8 days)

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Bosnia and Herzegovina (8 days)

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Package type: Bosnia & Herzegovina, Cultural, Ecotourism

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192 hours

Bosnia and Herzegovina 8 days package is amazing way to see, taste and understand Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is funky combination of culture and eco-tourism activities adoptable to anyone, regardless of physical condition. The package is diverse as our country in reality is. 


This package will cover the most interesting destinations and things to do in Bosnia and Herzegovina such as Sarajevo, Mostar, Bihac and Una National Park, Lukomir Village and Olympic mountain of Bjelašnica, Neretva river, Herzegovina region, Pocitelj, Blagaj, Medjugorje and other places "must see" when you are in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Package is great for people who love combination of history, culture and nature beauty, but can also be modified to put more foucus on either of these categories.

Day 1 (Arrival to Sarajevo)
Day 2 (Sarajevo Siege Tour)
Day 3 (Bjelašnica Mountain Hiking or SUV safari)
Day 4 (Sarajevo - Jajce - Bihac)
Day 5 (Bihac - Una National Park - Mostar)
Day 6 (Mostar - Herzegovina Region - Mostar)
Day 7 (Mostar - Jablanica - Konjic - Tito's Bunker / Neretva Rafting / Visočica mt Safari - Sarajevo)
Day 8 (Departure)


Day 1: Arrival to Sarajevo

Once you arrive to Sarajevo we’ll pick you up at the airport (bus or train station), arrange a transfer to your hotel and we are good to go. Afternoon hours will be reserved for amazing walking tour of Sarajevo, where we learn and see most important stories of Sarajevo history from early stages until presence. Later it is time for the lunch or a diner, depending on your time of arrival, and we ll make it true Bosnian food and the best there is. Travelling through certain region without trying the best of local food makes not much sense, so that is why our whole package is truly devoted that our guests have opportunity to try and taste the finest there is.
Day 2: Sarajevo Siege Tour

Second day is reserved for the Sarajevo Total Siege tour and story related to Siege of Sarajevo from 92 until 95. We believe that the learning about the Siege of Sarajevo is one of the most important things to do if you decide to visit Sarajevo, and this is the tour which will really help you to understand the recent history of Sarajevo. On the tour, you are going to have the opportunity to see many sites directly connected to the Siege of Sarajevo, like the War Tunnel Museum, Trebević Mountain, Sarajevo Bobsleigh and many other. In the afternoon, you are going to have some free time in Sarajevo.



Day 3: Bjelašnica Olympic Mountain and Lukomir Village (Hiking or Safari option)

Visit to highest nomad village in whole region of Balkans to see and learn about old nomad traditions in this part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Village is nested on the cliff of amazing Rakitinica canyon. Local lunch will be organised at the village. Visit to village can be done as amazing hiking option or van safari tour for people who don’t or can’t do hiking but still want to visit village and this region.

Lukomir Village


DAY 4: Sarajevo – Travnik - Jajce – Bihać


From Sarajevo, we prefer to start quite early, around 08.00 am. On 4th day, you will have the opportunity to visit Travnik – Ottoman time vizier's town, later Nobel prize winner birthplace with stunning Plava Voda spring, and old Ottoman fortress. This amazing tour, also includes the visit to the city which has been the residence of the Bosnian Kings - Jajce. It is interesting that this is the only city in the World with natural waterfall in the city center. We will also see the Old Mills and amazing Lakes of Pliva, where we are going to have a lunch. Please note that during the summertime, you can consider some swimming at Pliva lakes and its cascades. Later afternoon, we will arrive to Bihać, and organize the easy city walking tour.


DAY 5: Bihać - Una National Park - Mostar

We will spent the first part of the day exploring the ecologically protected area of the national Park Una making hikes through the forest and visiting the amazing area of Štrbački Buk waterfall. With one of the local families we’ll organise break with the lunch. If guests require this can be great opportunity to organise our local specialty which is roasted lamb.


Štrbački buk waterfall will not be the only destination we ll be visiting in this amazing region of Una National park. We will also visit beautiful set of waterfalls at Martin Brod and few other interesting places, before we depart towards Mostar.



Day 6: Mostar - Herzegovina region - Mostar

Exploring the Herzegovina region is one of the best things you can do if you decide to come to Bosnia and Herzegovina. There is really a lot of amazing places to see in this region, so we believe that one day is not enough to explore the most important parts of it. After exploring Mostar in the morning, we will visit amazing area of Kravice Waterfalls, where during summer time we prefer to have a swim.

After Kravice we will visit interesting Medjugorje, which is greatest Catholic pilgrimage in South-East Europe today and will learn all details about Virgin Mary apparitions and followed by walk at the apparition hill.
Medjugorje Hill

This region is widely known for large grape production, so if you fancy to try some of the finest wines in the region, some of those World famous, we’ll take to one or few of our favourites wineries, to taste wine and local products and learn all the story behind it.

Later, our next destination is Počitelj. Počitelj is originally medieval, but present day Ottoman time built village nested in the hills above stunning Neretva river and is place of definite peace. Local mosque, fort and stunning views are guarantee of the great experiences and lot of history to digest.



Later of the day, will also pay visit to Blagaj, where we are going to have a lunch, and visit Blagaj Tekke and Buna River Spring. Nobody in this World passing through area of central Herzegovina can not miss the Europe's most powerful river spring, one of the oldest Dervish houses in our country and delicious trout made in Blagaj way.


After exploring wonders of Herzegovina we’ll head back to Mostar for some free time in the evening and overnight.

Day 7: Mostar - Jablanica - Konjic - Tito’s Bunker / Neretva Rafting / Visočica Mountain Safari - Sarajevo


After early departure from Mostar, we will continue with exploring this beautiful region of Herzegovina, but in direction towards Sarajevo. Next short stop will be Jablanica, where we can learn and see story about famous World War 2 Neretva Battle and beautiful Jablaničko Lake.
Jablanica Lake
Later on we move to
Konjic to explore its stunning Old Bridge looming over Neretva river and its old town.
Mostar - The Old Bridge

Second part of this day is optionable where guests can, depending on the season, do two things:

  • Option A: Visit to Tito’s Bunker and do Neretva Rafting

Neretva Rafting


  • Option B: Visit to Tito’s Bunker and do Visočica Mountain Safari and visit regions of glacier Boračko Lake and upper Neretva river canyon with local villages and Stećci necropolises.

Titos Bunker
Regardless of option you take we should arrive to Sarajevo around 06.00 pm, so you are going to have enough time for take some rest, or do some final shopping before leaving Sarajevo next day.

Day 8: Departure

This is the day when we are going to say goodby. You will have some free time in Sarajevo before we take you to the airport and finish up there. Definitely these 8 days will make You and us great friends for future, as hanging out 8 days with anyone who brings new inspiration to our lives is truly beautiful thing. So, we hope, that this experience will be life-changing and will finally break the prejudice over the region of Balkans and especially Bosnia and Herzegovina. Thank you for being our guests.

Package schedule

This package does not have definite departures, so you are free to request this package any time of the year.
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Package pricing

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This package can be booked up to 8 persons. For bigger groups please 
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Additional Information

The whole package include:

  • Package price is valid only for advance bookings (2 months before departure) as if booked later hotel prices may vary.
  • Hotel in Sarajevo 4**** (4 nights) with breakfast and tax included.
  • Hotel in Bihać 4**** (1 night) with breakfast and tax included.
  • Hotel in Mostar 4**** (2 night) with breakfast and tax included.
  • Transportation in AC vans/buses for full comfort and professional guide.
  • Local guidance in any place we stop.
  • Food is not included (except breakfast in hotels), but make sure we shall always give you our recommendations and will bring you to finest places so you are free to choose (please let us know if you have any food preferations or limitations so we can plan the trip properly).
  • For Muslim travellers we ll organise halal food in every of locations visited in this itinerary. Also any mosque, masjid we visit or any other location imporant for Muslim people, prayers can be done as well.
  • Other “positive surprise experiences” which we arrange and create to add bit of “amazing drama” to our trips :)
  • Please note that all tours/packages we do are shared tours, unless specifically agreed as private option.
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