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Location: Packages | Bosnian Winter Mountain Fun (8 nights / 9 days)

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Bosnian Winter Mountain Fun (8 nights / 9 days)

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Package type: Adventure, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Sarajevo, Cultural

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8 nights 9 days | 216 hours

Would you dare spending winter holidays in Bosnia and Herzegovina? Would you dare to break the usual routine and instead of famous and heavily expensive European winter destinations, visit one completely, new but equally good, unexplored, safe and totally cheap? If you would, and agree to make Bosnia your next winter destination, then Sarajevo Funky Tours team will dedicate itself, and will do its best to make it unforgettable experience. Simply because we can’t afford to be sloppy in what we do and simply because with us, and stunning Bosnian mountains you can’t go wrong.


Spending winter holidays in Bosnia and exploring its beautiful mountains could be life-changing decision which you’ll love and appreciate, and upon return will say: "Hell yeah, I had a great time!"

Our job is to show you 5 most beautiful Bosnian winter mountains, and some of these Olympic ones, through interesting exploration of our country. This program is focusing on maximum enjoyment and because of that is totally flexible. It is combination of accommodation in mountain snow covered lodges, unique hotels, beautiful easy or bit harder hiking or snowshoeing through snow covered trails, stunning food, great skiing opportunities for advanced ski lovers, or beginners or those who ever stood on pair of skies. If you don’t ski at all, don’t worry we’ll refocus package on more winter happiness. How does tea along the fire in snow covered lodge sound? It sounds good in deed, so give us and yourself a chance.

In the following part have a look through basic itinerary we have developed, but make sure every day will be day to remember.

Day 1 (Arrival to Sarajevo)

Day 2 (Sarajevo)

Day 3 (Sarajevo - Travnik - Jajce - Vlašić)

Day 4 (Vlašić: Skiing or Hiking or Chilling)

Day 5 (Vlašić - Mostar - Ruišta)

Day 6 (Ruišta - Konjic - Bjelašnica)

Day 7 (Bjelašnica - Igman)

Day 8 (Bjelasnica - Jahorina)

Day 9 (Departure)


Day 1 (Arrival to Sarajevo)

Once you arrive to Sarajevo (or a destination of your own choice) we’ll pick you up at the airport (bus or train station), arrange a transfer to your hotel and we are good to go.

Afternoon hours will be reserved for amazing walking tour of Sarajevo, where we learn and see most important stories of Sarajevo history from early stages until presence. Later it is time for the lunch or a diner, and it will be true Bosnian food and the best there is. Travelling through certain region without trying the best of local food makes not much sense, so that is why our whole package is truly devoted that our guests have opportunity to try and taste the finest there is.

Day 2 (Sarajevo Siege Tour)

Second day is reserved for the Sarajevo Total Siege tour. We believe that the learning about the Siege of Sarajevo is one of the most important things to do if you decide to visit Sarajevo, and this is the tour which will really help you to understand the recent history of Sarajevo.

On the tour, you are going to have the opportunity to see many sites directly connected to the Siege of Sarajevo, like the War Tunnel Museum, Trebević Mountain, Sarajevo Bobsleigh and many other sites.

In the afternoon, you are going to have some free time in Sarajevo and next day we are good for mountain fun.

Kids in Sarajevo during the Siege winter days

Day 3 (Travnik - Jajce - Vlašić)

From Sarajevo, we prefer to start quite early, around 08.00 am. On 4th day, you will have the opportunity to visit Travnik – Ottoman time vizier's town, later Nobel prize winner birthplace with stunning Plava Voda spring, and old Ottoman fortress.

This amazing tour, also includes the visit to the city which has been the residence of the Bosnian Kings - Jajce. It is interesting that this is the only city in the World with natural waterfall in the city center. We will also see the Old Mills and amazing Lakes of Pliva, where we are going to have a lunch. Later afternoon, we will arrive to Vlašić, one of the most amazing mountains in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which will leave you breathless. Accommodation we’ll use at Vlasic will be private mountain lodge. In our opinion this kind of accommodation is simply the most enjoying one, as every lodge has open fireplace and during the cold winter days and especially nights, it will be your most favourite place. As your guide will be a person in-love with these kind of things, be sure that you’ll have some great moments as well.

Day 4 (Vlašić)

The fourth day is flexible so you can either do skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, maybe just easy snow walks, or if you like, just relaxing and chilling on this amazing mountain soaking in the beauty.

Skiing at Bosnian Mountains is truly amazing way to spend winter holidays. If you are just beginner or expert mode, with family or friends, we have great set of activities to make this winter trip to Bosnia memorable experience. If you dont ski at all, no worries, we can do other winter things.

In the afternoon we are going to have a local lunch - roasted lamb on a spit, which we’ll do for you and with you. Roasted lamb on the spit is the most famous Bosnian specialty and to enjoy this experience to the maximum, the best way is to make it yourself. How we’ll do it, have a look at our video :)

Day 5 (Vlašić - Mostar - Ruišta)

We will start our tour from Vlašić to Mostar early in the morning. In Mostar we will have time to explore old town and old bridge and local bazaars. Lunch time will be at Blagaj, while exploring beautiful Buna spring and Dervish house.

Later we will continue our way to
Ruišta. Ruista is a mountain village, only 25 km from Mostar, situated on the slopes of beautiful Mountain Prenj.

The rest of the day is reserved for nice evening walks along the snow covered trails and some nice tea and dinner., We’ll stay here for one night.

Day 6 (Ruišta - Konjic - Bjelašnica)

After breakfast, you’ll will have few hours to explore Ruišta on your own, and than we will continue our tour through Konjic, to Bjelasnica Olympic mountain, the mountain where it snows from November to March, and it is for that fact they call it “white mountain”.

After mountain lodge check-in, we will not waste time, but we will immediately go out for some snow activities. For those who does not ski, Bjelašnica is perfect place for some easy walks, and relaxed time.

Day 7 (Bjelašnica - Igman)

Another day of incredible winter fun, and you can choose what you want to do. For those who want to explore the region we’ll do further exploration of Bjelašnica and another Olympic mountain, called Igman. Igman is another popular winter destination nearby, especially for hiking and skiing. During the 1984 Winter Olympics, it was the primary mountain used for the Olympic events, along with Jahorina and Bjelašnica.

Ski or snowboard lovers don’t worry, if you are not in a easy exploring mode, we’ll arrange full day of skiing or snowboarding activities for you.

Lastly, If some of our guests prefer to have time on their own, it is no problem at all. In the end of this perfect, active day, we are going back to Bjelašnica, where we are going to stay for one more night.

Day 8 (Bjelašnica - Jahorina)

Jahorina is by far our most modern ski resort, so this day will be leaving Bjelašnica quite early to give skiing people a chance to fully use this day and do some truly amazing skiing. As soon as we check-in our place to stay, you can opt of skiing, snowshoeing, easy walks or just chilling again and soaking up the beauty of this amazing place. We plan to stay here for one night.

Day 9 (Departure)

Jahorina and Sarajevo Airport are only 30 min driving away, so for this last morning before your flight, you can just do lazy or active morning, perhaps some final shopping in Sarajevo, before we drop you off at the airport. Definitely these 9 days of mountain fun will make You and us great friends for future, as hanging out 9 days with anyone who brings new inspiration to our lives is truly beneficial thing. So, we hope, that this experience will be life changing and will finally break the prejudice over the country called Bosnia and Herzegovina. Thank you for being our guests.

Package schedule

Because of the ski season, for ski lovers it is best to request this package between december and february.
If you want to explore Bosnian mountains during other seasons, which is also highly recommended, feel free to send us an email.
To view the availability simply select the Month and click the GO button below.

Package pricing

Click the link below to check availability on your preferred travel date. Our pricing is constantly updated to ensure you always receive the lowest price possible - we 100% guarantee it.

This package can be booked up to 8 persons. For bigger groups please 
Contact Us and negotiate great prices.

Package video

Additional Information

 The whole package include:

  • Hotel in Sarajevo 4**** (2 nights) with breakfast and tax included.
  • Hotel on Bjelašnica 4**** (2 night) with breakfast and tax included.
  • Hotel on Jahorina 4**** (1 night) with breakfast and tax included.
  • Private accommodation on Vlašić (2 nights) with breakfast and tax included.
  • Private accommodation on Ruiste (1 night) with breakfast and tax included.
  • Transportation in AC vans/buses for full comfort and professional guide.
  • Local guidance in any place we stop.
The package does not include:
  • Ski equipment: 10 EUR per person
  • Ski pass: 17 to 19 EUR for full day ski pass
  • Food (except breakfast in hotels), but make sure we shall always give you our recommendations and will bring you to finest places so you are free to choose (please let us know if you have any food preferations or limitations so we can plan the trip properly).
  • For Muslim travellers we ll organise halal food in every of locations visited in this itinerary. Also any mosque, masjid we visit or any other location imporant for Muslim people, prayers can be done as well.
  • Other “positive surprise experiences” which we arrange and create to add bit of “amazing drama” to our trips :) 

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