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Blagaj – an oasis of peace and natural harmony is located only three kilometers from the Mostar airport. Due to the vicinity of the Adriatic Sea (approximately 45 km) and low altitude, the climate is Mediterranean with very long and warm summers. The number of sunny days in Blagaj is significant – almost 200. It is therefore not surprising that around 170 bird species find its habitat in this area. Ecologically clean and cold Buna, whose spring is among the strongest ones in Europe, is ideal for fish-farming of the world-famous trout.


The biggest attraction in Blagaj is the 16th century Tekija, a Dervish tekke (monastery) built into the towering rock faces alongside the springs of the Buna River. This magnificent house is a protected national monument that doubles as an alcohol-free café. It is one of the most important Islamic monuments in all of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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