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Bosanska Krupa

The Municipality Bosanska Krupa is located in the northwestern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the Una-Sana Canton.  The historical sources refer to this town in 1072 for the first time. In 1565, it was invaded by the Ottomans, when the town started expanding towards both left and right bank of the River Una. During the Austro-Hungarian rule, the town flourished both in cultural and commercial terms.  The Una River,  flows through this city and splits into several branches in the very center of the town thus creating river islands that are interconnected with wooden bridges. The spring is located near the cave where, according to the latest research, olm was discovered. The river Krušnica also flows through the town. A natural phenomenon is related to this river. Namely, although the divers dived down to 112 meters, they failed to find the bottom. The river Krušnica is drinkable to the full stream length.


During summer months, boats of all kinds float within the town of Bosanska Krupa and along the river’s many arteries.People around Una like to live their river with boats of wood with the exception of a thin-metal sheet lining the hull to give it speed. Boaters, armed with handmade wooden oars and special sculling techniques, have adapted to the Una’s fast and unpredictable waters.

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