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Goražde, land of organic fruits and vegetables,  is one of the most beautiful cities in Podrinje. The first traces of settlements take us back to the Stone Age. In 1725, Goražde was completely destroyed in a fire. The construction of roads, schools and hospitals took place during the Austro-Hungarian rule.  Mountain heights of Kriva draga, Ruda glava, Crni rajski vrh, Klek, Borovac and Grebak offer an image of slightly wild, free and well-preserved environment. A valuable religious monument from the Ottoman period is the mosque in Kreča that was built in 1553. Wonderful Drina River offers in Goražde the possibility to flote with the typical wood boat (called splavanije) a real attraction of Goražde.


This small city is surprisingly rich with culture. A traditional, 10-day Friendship Festival attracts various artists from around the globe.

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