Location: Outdoor and Adventure | Foča


Foča is located in the south-eastern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, on the border with Serbia. In Foča, there is the only virgin forest in Europe, Perućica, which is a part of the Sutjeska National Park. The Municipality Foča is known for log floating and rafting down the rivers Tara and Drina. The river Tara is a protected zone with a long tradition of extreme sports. The beauty of this area is reflected in the diversity of landscapes, dense forest areas, spacious forest pastures, all the way to the rocky mountain peaks.

"Foča is dominated by 2,000-meter peaks in every direction. The park is 34 kilometers from the center of Foča and is well connected by the main road to Trebinje . Sutjeska is a nature lovers’ paradise. Just slightly west of Foca in the small town of Miljevina is the interesting natural phenomena of the sand pyramids. These natural occurring spiked sand peaks are a result of many thousands of years of selective erosion. They seem more like a picture from the wild west rather than the plush, green surroundings usually associated with Foca and the Upper Drina region" (source: Don't Miss Magazine)