Location: Outdoor and Adventure | Mostar


The Rivers Neretva and Radobolja flow through Mostar and the following rivers are located in its vicinity: Drežanjka, Buna, Bunica and Jasenica. For centuries Mostar has been at the crossroads of civilizations, different cultures and peoples, and all of them left.
The settlement of Mostar was first mentioned in 1474, however. Men were obliged to guard the suspension bridge over the raging Neretva River. They were called mostari (or bridge keepers) and it is presumed that the town was named after them. In just over a half century, Mostar became the epicenter of Ottoman administrative and military rule in Herzegovina. The čaršija, or market area, developed around the Stari Most: the famous stone bridge originally built in 1566. The Old Bridge is now a UNESCO heritage site. This marvel of a structure was built of Ottoman design and Dalmatian stone masons.