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Sarajevo to Belgrade Day Tour
(or vice versa via East Bosnia and West Serbia)
18/05 at 8 AM MISSING: 1
Sarajevo to Belgrade direction of the tour

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We are dedicated to deliver greatest possible travel experience. That is why we prefer private trips whenever possible, hosting usually 4-8 travelers.

Delivering greatness, nonetheless!

About Funky Tours

Sarajevo Funky Tours is created to bring you greatest sightseeing experience, amazing activities & things to do in and around Sarajevo and rest of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

We aim to be: B&H EXPERIENCE!

Please Note: Prefered number of guests on our trips is between 4-8, because we strive to make our tours personal and flexible as much as we can.
If needed, we can accommodate much more (coach required tours).

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Sarajevo War Tunnel Tour | Tunnel of Hope
Half Day Tour in Sarajevo

<b>Sarajevo War Tunnel Tour | Tunnel of Hope</b><br>Half Day Tour in Sarajevo

Tour type: Historic, Siege, War & Genocide

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4 hours

From EUR


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Sarajevo War Tunnel Tour is simply the best way to see and learn the most about the Siege of Sarajevo, how we fought barehanded, how we manged to survive in the end, how we were meant to be exterminated, slaughtered, and believe me, much more... More

Srebrenica Genocide (Never Forget July 11th 1995)
Understanding Genocide Day Tour from Sarajevo

<b>Srebrenica Genocide (Never Forget July 11th 1995)</b><br>Understanding Genocide Day Tour from Sarajevo

Tour type: Historic, Siege, War & Genocide

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9 - 10 hours

From EUR


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Death in the air. We were betrayed, sold, meant to be destroyed, and in the end forgotten. These are the words and aftermath of many fellow Srebrenica survivors of Europe's greatest Genocide, since the WWII. Officially 8372 dead... More