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Bosnia and Herzegovina Future

Published: 01.11.2012.

How local people today in Bosnia and Herzegovina see the future of this marvelous country?

Check up on this video.

Birvaktile Sarajevo | in the olden days

Published: 13.09.2011.

In the following link you will be able to check out some interesting photos of Sarajevo in the old days, in the book Biravktile Sarajevo.

Check it out. 

Also here is great FB photo comparation on Sarajevo then and now.


Published: 25.08.2011.

Vijećnica being burnt on 25th of August of 1992.

Check out the video.

Five Most Unique Cities in Europe | Sarajevo

Published: 19.08.2011

EuroTrip about Sarajevo (

Sarajevo endured more strife over the last 25 years than almost any European city, and with the first rail link opening up between it and Serbia — albeit very long and infrequent — we are witnessing a slow repair of once strained relations. Despite all of this, Sarajevo is a dynamic and vibrant city where cultures and religions bind it together as a source of strength and unity. Distinct districts remain true to their identity without imposing or threatening each other. The people of Sarajevo turned a tragedy into a rebirth and refused to let it consume their lives. The cafés with bullet speckled walls reopened along the boulevards and craters carved out of concrete by bombs were not removed, but filled with red paint. They have moved on but will not allow themselves to forget.

Boat Magazine: Sarajevo

Published: 03.06.2011.

Our interesting recommendation for this story would be to check out this interesting magazine under the name: Boat Magazine.

The first edition, we proudly infrom you, is covering the story of Sarajevo. Check it out!

Boat Magazine: Sarajevo

Boat Magazine
Check it out and let us know your ideas on our Facebook fan page.


Sarajevo Funky Tours 

Bosnia: a model for the planet

Published: 30/03/2011

Check up this very interesting article about tourism in Bosnia and Herzegoving published on in 2009.
Read on you will not regret it :)

Grbavica (during the Sarajevo Siege and now)

Published: 21.03.2011.

In this article we bring you the story of Grbavica (famous settlement in Sarajevo) during the Siege of Sarajevo and now.
Grbavica was occupied by the Serb forces and JNA in the early months of 1992, and was reintegrated on 19th of March 1996.

Around 5000 citizens of Sarajevo have entered Grbavica on the first day on reintegration and have founded their homes completely devastated, and Grbavica Stadium completely in ruins.

Check up our Facebook gallery.

Grbavica during the Sarajevo Siege
Grbavica (Stadium on the right) during the Siege

St.Stephens School Rome and Sarajevo Funky Tours in Humanitarian Action

Published: 18.03.2011.

Sarajevo Funky Tours and St.Stephen's School Rome in Humanitarian Action of delivering nice amount of necessary stock for Public Kitchen in Sarajevo which everyday feed us infinite number of homeless, hungry and poor people. (Check up the link!)

Thanks everybody :) Told'ya money is gonna go to good hands :)

P.S. What we at Sarajevo Funky Tours guarantee is, that every service we provide is most likely one hungry stomach less. Here we honestly do no try to bring a lot of contribution or business to our benefit, but really and I say really, we try hard to help those people who need that help.

Thanks, Sarajevo Funky Tours
Results 9-16 of 22
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