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Mostar Day Tour From Sarajevo
Herzegovina region via Konjic, Jablanica, Počitelj and Blagaj
01/04 at 8 AM MISSING: 2
Tour is confirmed, we have available spots.
04/04 at 8 AM MISSING: 2
Tour is confirmed, we have available spots.
08/04 at 8 AM MISSING: 1
09/04 at 8 AM MISSING: 1
11/04 at 8 AM MISSING: 2

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Location: Blog | Sarajevo Funky Tours & Adnet Viaja - BÓSNIA EPISÓDIO 01

Sarajevo Funky Tours & Adnet Viaja - BÓSNIA EPISÓDIO 01

Published: 12.12.2012

To be honest with you, I always believed that camera and motion picture is not something I am fond of and that it fits me good, but now, I guess I was wrong.

Quite a time ago I had one mail from MTV Brazilian crew ‘'Adnet viaja' asking to film in Bosnia and Herzegovina, about famous sort of Bosnian local music - Sevdalinka, and me and our agency Sarajevo Funky Tours to be their guide.

Taking into matter my opinion of motion picture, I was thinking let’s skip this one, just let them film on their own and it will all be fine. Why feel unpleasant being in front of camera, why bother yourself?

Luckly devil in me, as it always happens did not let me do it - so I agreed. I agreed to have some of the best time of my life and opportunity to make some of the most amazing friends ever.

Marcel Adnet and his crazy emotional, Brazilian tempered, intelligent, funny, and above all so friendly MTV Brasil crew have afforded me simply, some of the greatest time of my life.

Travelling through beautiful Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo, Mostar, Blagaj, Pocitelj, Neum and other places, discussing some of the bad and good times of this country, its future, seeing and meeting its glorious people, listening amazing music, learning about tolerance, coexistence, difference, enjoying untouched nature, learning about tradition, similarities with Brazil and Brazilians, strongly believing that Bosnia and Herzegovina will qualify for next World Cup 2014 in Brazil, my hope to come there, and so many other things are simply priceless which no money can buy,

Not so many times in life one has an opportunity to meet such a great people on one place in one time - sometime you think it is once in lifetime opportunity.

This was mine and thank you for it.

Zivjeli Brazil and Bosnia & Hercegovina :)