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Please Note: Prefered number of guests on our trips is between 4-8, because we strive to make our tours personal and flexible as much as we can.
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World Cup Food Project

Published: 12.06.2014

World Cup Food Project 2014

A day in the life of Sarajevo

Published: 20.12.2012

One of our trips with amazing people :)
Thank you.

Sarajevo Funky Tours & Adnet Viaja - BÓSNIA EPISÓDIO 01

Published: 12.12.2012

To be honest with you, I always believed that camera and motion picture is not something I am fond of and that it fits me good, but now, I guess I was wrong.

Quite a time ago I had one mail from MTV Brazilian crew ‘'Adnet viaja' asking to film in Bosnia and Herzegovina, about famous sort of Bosnian local music - Sevdalinka, and me and our agency Sarajevo Funky Tours to be their guide.

Taking into matter my opinion of motion picture, I was thinking let’s skip this one, just let them film on their own and it will all be fine. Why feel unpleasant being in front of camera, why bother yourself?

Luckly devil in me, as it always happens did not let me do it - so I agreed. I agreed to have some of the best time of my life and opportunity to make some of the most amazing friends ever.

Marcel Adnet and his crazy emotional, Brazilian tempered, intelligent, funny, and above all so friendly MTV Brasil crew have afforded me simply, some of the greatest time of my life.

Travelling through beautiful Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo, Mostar, Blagaj, Pocitelj, Neum and other places, discussing some of the bad and good times of this country, its future, seeing and meeting its glorious people, listening amazing music, learning about tolerance, coexistence, difference, enjoying untouched nature, learning about tradition, similarities with Brazil and Brazilians, strongly believing that Bosnia and Herzegovina will qualify for next World Cup 2014 in Brazil, my hope to come there, and so many other things are simply priceless which no money can buy,

Not so many times in life one has an opportunity to meet such a great people on one place in one time - sometime you think it is once in lifetime opportunity.

This was mine and thank you for it.

Zivjeli Brazil and Bosnia & Hercegovina :)

Bosnian project

Published: 12.11.2012.

Every project is a journey. We set out with the intention to understand a country that has been once described as a place that produces more history that it can consume. We looked for people, borders, limits, we tried to understand what being Bosnian means. Along the way we took pictures and shot videos. Here you can find what we thought, in images and sounds.

We travelled to what will soon be the heart of Europe and the journey is yet to end.

more about the Bosnian project

TAXI in Sarajevo (beware)

Published: 11.08.2012.

Dear travellers please take few notices when using Sarajevo Taxi services.
  • Whenever you are taking one of TAXI services in Sarajevo always make sure they turn taximeter on. It must always be ON.
  • Take most notice when takin TAXI ride from Sarajevo airport or Sarajevo East Bus station. 
  • In case you are having any issue with Sarajevo TAXI drivers please remember their taxi number and call number +387 33 523 156 and report the issue.
  • Sarajevo Train and Main Bus station are very close to city center and old town of the city so make sure you do not get ripped off by driving all around the city before you reach your destination.
We wish you pleasant stay in Sarajevo and happy TAXI rides.

Sarajevo Funky Tours

Sarajevo - Mostar (how to get there - bus, train or a tour)

Published: 01.02.2012.

In our personal opinion the best way of getting between Sarajevo and Mostar is TRAIN. This train ride (daylight only of course) is by many travellers one of the most beautiful ones in whole Euope.

More-less slow train ride which lasts around 3.30 hours but it is much more comfortable and better scenery. One problem might be that people very often would smoke in train since in Bosnia and Herzegovina it is very common thing. We suggest you try to find private coupe or even upgrade to first class if possible.

Also nice and polite request might work :)

The price one way costs 10 KM (5 EUR) and two way 16 KM (8 EUR).

There are two trains a day: 7.05 and 18.18 going from Sarajevo to Mostar and two going from Mostar to Sarajevo at 7.54 and 18.35.

The second option might be BUS. This is bit faster way of going from Sarajevo to Mostar, less comfortable, and bit more common scenery but still interesting. 
Buses from Sarajevo and Mostar go almost every hour and half everyday - 6:00, 7:00, 7:35, 8:15, 9:00, 9:55, 11:30, 12:30, 13:00, 14:30, 15:30, 16:00, 17:00, 18:00, 19:55. (one way ticket 17 KM or 9 EUR).

Buses from Mostar go everyday at: 8:35, 9:45, 11:35, 13:35, 17:35, 20:50.

Finest and most interesting option to make the most of your travel is our Sarajevo - Mostar day tour or even Total Herzegovina Tour :)

See you soon, and if you need more information on our tours or timetables feel free to contact us free of any charge.

Bosnia and Herzegovina as Halal Destination 2012

Published: 16.01.2012.

Bosnia and Herzegovina being stressed out number one uprising Halal destination 2012 for non OIC is one thing which local Halal tourist service providers can not miss out. 

That is why Sarajevo Funky Tours as agency is trying to increase awareness amongst tourist sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina to strive and promote this sort of unique treasure we have.

More on this topic check out here.

Best Adventure Destinations for 2012

Published: 13.01.2012.

National Geographic Best destinations for Adventure in 2012 - Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of them :)

Check it out here.

National Geographic Best Adventure Destinations for 2012
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