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Lokacija: Tours | Sutjeska National Park, the Yosemite of the Balkans as a full day hiking tour from Sarajevo, with amazing picnic by the lake lunch

East Bosnia regions, bordering western Montenegro with its pearl of Sutjeska National Park are ideal destinations for any true nature lover, either seeking adrenaline or just easy and relaxed explorations.
Sutjeska National Park is the best untouched nature can offer, and one does not know simply where to start from. Just by saying it is home to a Bosnian highest mountain peak of Maglić (2386m), and heart-shaped glacier Trnovačko lake, with addition to European last rainforest of Perućica, and amazing canyon of river Tara, we believe it is more than enough to give this region at least day of your time - time fully enriched with stunning nature experiences which will last for a lifetime.
For those reasons we have developed full day itinerary which is great for anyone of medium to high fitness level, and delivers the best of Sutjeska National Park in one day.

 Tour Itinerary:
  • Depart from Sarajevo at 7 AM
  • Arrival to Sutjeska National Park around 9.30 AM
  • Start of the hike from Prijevor point towards Trnovačko lake. This is white Via Dinarica trail.
  • Lunch break and relaxing time at the lake (lake is ideal swimming point during the summer months)
  • Return to Tjentište and visit to the WW2 famous Sutjeska Battle memorial
  • Return to Sarajevo in the later afternoon


As soon as we depart from Sarajevo ride will take us toward eastern, beautiful and very mountainous parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina, towards regions of Foča and Tjentište. After roughly 2 hours ride we shall arrive to Tjentište which is our first entrance point to the National Park Sutjeska.
Tjentište is famous WW2 Sutjeska Battle memorial, very meaningful for the general story of Yugoslavia, which is surely unmissable topic to anyone travelling Balkans, and the topic we’ll be discussing a lot during this two days program. The last 45 min of the ride will take us up the gravel road (cca 17 km) through the heart of Sutjeska’s National Park untouched nature regions, where we will reach start point of our hiking trail, spot called Prijevor at 1668 m.a.s.l. From there we shall have stunning views over the three mountains of Maglić, Zelengora and Volujak.

Sutjeska Hike
At Prijevor, we shall leave our transportation and start 3 hour medium hike, which will take us through very beautiful regions of the national park and its amazing nature, where finally around lunch time, we shall arrive to our final destination, amazing glacier heart-shaped Trnovačko lake.

Trnovačko Lake
Trnovačko lake is nested underneath the mountain Maglić which is Bosnian highest mountain peak, bordering Bosnia and Montenegro. Trnovačko lake is actually located in Montenegro, but is only accessible as a hiking trail from Bosnian side, through Sutjeska National Park.

Trnovacko Lake
Once at the lake, you will be given free time to explore the lake, while your guides will take time to prepare lunch. During the hot summer months lake is perfect for swimming too.

After the delicious lunch and free time on your own to explore the region, we shall start our hike back. Again after some three hours we shall arrive to Prijevor, and then will take ride back to Tjentište and then in the later afternoon we ll take ride back to Sarajevo.

Sutjeska Hiking Trail

Sutjeska WW2 Memorial
Return to Sarajevo is planned in the evening hours.

Plan Ture

This tour takes place mostly during the season from mid April until mid October, and is scheduled once a day with start at 7:00.

Should you desire to take the tour at other time or create your own tour contact us or go to Customize Your Tour special section.

To view the availability simply select the Month and click the GO button belove.

Minimum booking is for 3 persons. However If you are not group of three, meaning you are alone or couple, there is nothing to worry, just prebook our tour via our web site booking form and we shall join you with other travellers, and tour gets automatically confirmed.


Click the link below to check pricing & availability on your preferred travel date. Our pricing is constantly updated to ensure you always receive the lowest price possible - we 100% guarantee it.

Dodatne Informacije


Trnovačko Lake is physically in Montenegro, and even though there is no real border crossing, you are obliged to have your ID card or passport with you, and show it in case needed.

The tour costs are fully covered by the tour company and they include:

  • Transport (both ways)
  • Exceptional guide
  • Picnic Lunch
  • Please note that all tours we do are shared tours, unless specifically agreed as private option.
Also you should bring: 
  • Sunscreen (must have for guests with sensitive skin to sunburns)
  • 1 l of water (possible to refill along the way)
  • Some carbohydrates rich food such as bananas, hazelnuts, chocolate, some fruits, etc. as snack along the way. Also make sure the morning before tour departs, to have a good breakfast. It is mandatory.
  • Camera
  • Hiking boots or sport shoes with thick bottom
  • Two t-shirts to change
  • Hat
  • Rain jacket (in case of bad weather forecast)
Technical Specification for Medium Hard option of the tour:
  • Tour Class: Easy
  • Distance: 9 km
  • Starting altitude: 1662
  • Ending altitude: 1517 (Trnovačko Lake is on the lower altitude then our starting point at Prijevor, and for return we will go back to Prijevor at 1668 masl. as this is round trip)
  • Altitude Gain: 450m (From Prijevor we descend initially -300 and go up for +150m to reach Trnovacko lake, and on the way back, as this is circular tour, we descend -150m and go up for +300m).
Please note that this region is completely safe from any perspecitve of mines, and Sarajevo Funky Tours will NEVER conduct trips to any areas in Bosnia and Herzegovina having smallest or any at all risk from mine perspective. Safety of our guests, and ourselves as well is our most important priority.


Location of the Sutjeska National Park is some 2:30 to 3 hours oneway from Sarajevo, and normally this activity can be done as great hiking adventure in one full day. However if you have some time flexibility, the best option to visit this reigon is on our 2 day package trip, where 2nd day can be combined into amazing rafting on Tara river, which we advertise as 2 day package tour or another day of hiking to the highest Bosnian mountain of Maglić in combination with camping overnight at Trnovačko Lake (subject to special request).

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