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Total Herzegovina Tour
Sarajevo to Dubrovnik or Kotor day tour via Mostar and Herzegovina region, or vice versa
23/04 at 8AM MISSING: 1
Dubrovnik to Sarajevo
25/04 at 8AM MISSING: 1
Dubrovnik to Sarajevo
30/04 at 8AM MISSING: 1
Sarajevo to Dubrovnik
Total Herzegovina Tour
Sarajevo to Dubrovnik or Kotor day tour via Mostar and Herzegovina region, or vice versa
01/05 at 8AM MISSING: 1
Dubrovnik to Sarajevo
20/05 at 8AM MISSING: 1
Sarajevo to Dubrovnik
26/05 at 8AM MISSING: 1
Sarajevo to Dubrovnik
Total Herzegovina Tour
Sarajevo to Dubrovnik or Kotor day tour via Mostar and Herzegovina region, or vice versa
10/06 at 8AM MISSING: 1
Dubrovnik to Sarajevo
14/06 at 8AM MISSING: 1
Dubrovnik to Sarajevo
14/06 at 8AM MISSING: 1
Dubrovnik to Sarajevo
22/06 at 8AM MISSING: 1
Kotor to Sarajevo
28/06 at 8AM MISSING: 1
Dubrovnik to Sarajevo
29/06 at 8 AM MISSING: 1
Dubrovnik to Sarajevo
30/06 at 8AM MISSING: 1
Dubrovnik to Sarajevo

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O Sarajevo Funky Tours

Sarajevo Funky Tours je kreiran sa razlogom da vam ponudi najbolje ture, izlete, iskustva, aktivnosti u Sarajevu i širom Bosne i Hercegovine.

Naša misija je da budemo vaše SARAJEVSKO ISKUSTVO!

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naše ture najflexibilnijim mogućim. Ukoliko je neophodno možemo smjestiti do 32 osobe na turama koje zahtijevaju prijevoz Minibusem.


+387 62 612 612 (rezervacije)
+387 62 910 546 (menadžment)

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Sarajevo to Dubrovnik or Kotor day tour via Mostar and Herzegovina region, or vice versa

Korisnički Komentari

Saznajte šta naši klijenti misle o našim proizovdima, tako da imate najbolje informacije prije nego se odlučite da rezervišete.

“MTV Brasil crew in Bosnia - Hwala Skender!”

August 2012 - with a small film crew MTV Brasil went to Bosnia to film two episodes of a new travel program called 'Adnet Viaja'. Why Bosnia? Well, Marcelo Adnet, Brazilian comedian, presenter and singer had been to Mostar once before and got inspired by the Sevdalinka music, the beautiful landscape and the fascinating history of the country. Our first connection with Sarajevo Funky Tours was made here on where we read great reviews on the tours and excursions Skender and his people arrange for tourists from all over the world.

The first idea we had was just to go on one of the tours, but... after thinking again and thinking a bit bigger, we needed someone to be with us all 3 days in Bosnia, show us Sarajevo, go with us to Mostar and even Neum, and basically be part of the crew! To never have asked is always a no, so we decided to ask the question: can we go on a Sarajevo Funky Tour that lasts three days 24/7??? Lucky for us, Skender got very enthusiastic immediately and not long after, our Bosnian journey began....

Two days we stayed in Sarajevo, what a great city! The old town is beautiful and the fact that we were there during the last days of the Ramadan made it even more special. Skender took us places to eat, to drink coffee and to smoke nagila that made us feel one of the Sarajevo citizens. We went on the war tour to the tunnel and a jewish cemetery that showed us the complexity and deep scars of the war. We also got to see the city from the highest point of Sarajevo, an amazing view and a great place for Marcelo Adnet to sing a Sevdalinka with the locals :)

After driving past amazing blue rivers and lakes and eating the traditional lamb on the way, we were pleasantly surprised by the beauty of the city of Mostar. We got to see the famous bridge and how it was devastated during the war, we saw ruins of buildings destroyed and infiltrated by bullets, but nothing could take away the beauty of this city!!! It is just enchanting.

Our trip went further through the beautiful towns of Blagaj and Počitelj down to Neum and eventually crossing the border to Croatia where we would continue our trip towards Italy. This is where we had to say goodbye to Skender with at least several hugs and a tear in our eyes. What a great time we had! Not only did we get to see Bosnia's most interesting, inspiring, beautiful and impressing places, Skender made us feel what it is like to be Bosnian, what it is like to have a past living in fear of your life and how that gives you the motivation to make today's Sarajevo and Bosnia as a whole a better place. Skender gave us goosebumps with his story telling, impressed us with his extended knowledge of the history, his great ability to think with us on showing the best sides of the country. He became a crew member very quickly and naturally, made us feel at home in his country, laughed with us, sang with us, thought with us, ate with us (when he was not fasting because of the Ramadan) and most important of all: made us FOB's (Fans of Bosnia) forever!!!

Crew MTV Brasil: Marcelo Adnet, Marcelo Botta, Mariano Kweller, Aron den Boer and Maria Hupkes

Napisano od strane: Maria H, 04.09.2012

We spent three marvelous days learning about yugoslavia with emphasis on bosnia with skender who is a unique combination of youthful exuberance and precocious maturity.
he showed us all there is to see, drove us through snow, walked us up mountains, and directed us to some great meals. dubrovnik to sarajevo via mostar with everything in between was the highlight of our two weeks in what used to be yugoslavia.

Napisano od strane: nealcr, 27.02.2012

Travelling with my husband, a friend and my 81 year old Mom, this was the best way to tour through parts of Bosnia Hercegovina. Skender picked us up at our apartmani in Cavtat, Croatia. We then spent the next 4 days together touring towards Sarajevo.

Skender truly enjoyed sharing his knowledge with us. His experience as a small child during the 90's and his quest for further knowledge about the time of war, gave us a comprehensive understanding of BiH's recent struggles and accomplishments. 

Skender had a great sense of humor. His English was as good as ours! We felt well looked after as he helped us understand the caves and translate menus at his favorite restaurants - which were all very tasty. Skender was easily able to find ways to accommodate our differing physical abilities and dietary requirements within our small group.

Without Skender, we wouldn't have found special places such as Otkrij Vjetrenjicu (a cave tour) and Boracko Jezero (a small resort lake village). Of course Mostar and Sarajevo were toured as well. My husband and I love to experience a new culture by being part of it and not just look at it from a window. Although we only had five days in BiH, Skender definitely helped us experience it from within.

Skender is a bright and intelligent individual with a keen sense of how to deliver great customer service. Well done Skender, we wish you continued success with Sarajevo Funky Tours.

Napisano od strane: Elvis11, 10.10.2011

We arranged a transfer with Sarajevo Funky Tours from Sarajevo to Dubrovnik via Mostar, Blagaj and Počitelj. It was brilliant. Skender is a wonderful tour guide - we have never had such a knowledgeable and inspiring guide. By the end of the day we felt we were travelling with an old friend.

We will definitely use Sarajevo Funky Tours on our next trip.

Napisano od strane: HarrynOllie, 11.09.2011

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