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Lokacija: Tours | Bjelašnica Olympic mt. (Umoljani - Lukomir) Hiking Tour
Get to experience lifestyle of the most remote nomad village in Balkans, and admire amazing nature



Bjelašnica Olympic mt. (Umoljani - Lukomir) Hiking Tour
Get to experience lifestyle of the most remote nomad village in Balkans, and admire amazing nature

Tip ture/izleta: Priroda & Panorama, Planinarenje, Sport & Avanturizam

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Interesting, fun and professional

I took part in the Bjelasnica hiking tour with Sarajevo funky tours. 
They are very reliable and go the extra miles for you. 
You will feel directly in good hands! The car they use is clean and modern, the guides really know their stuff and are very friendly. You will have an incredible day walking in the mountains, having amazing views, enjoying a very tasty lunch at the village, before walking some more and inhaling pure mountain air. In short they are a good company you can trust and the activity proposed is very fun to do.

Napisano od strane: 23yousro, 16.11.2016

Stunning scenery in between amazing food and great guide!

If you are going to do something awesome while in Sarajevo, go on one day hiking trip with Skender from Umoljani via Obalj to Lukomir. After doing other hikes around the world, this one is really special. Scenery is amazing, Bjelasnica mountain and other mountains in distance, flora and fauna you never see anywhere else. Skender did not only look after us, he made the walk so much fun! Mina's pita lunch was one of the best lunches we had in Sarajevo. We hope we will do again hike with Skender!

Napisano od strane: AdaNal_Adventures, 09.10.2016

Mountains, Mosques and Sheep Managers

I took the hiking tour to Bjelašnica because I am drawn to cultural heritage and there was no shortage of that in this full day. Looking back I still cannot quite believe how much I learned about Bosnia and its people from the two guides that day: Adnan and Hadji. From the moment the van engine started in Sarajevo, all the way up into the mountains, along the hiking trails, past the very few remaining country mosques, into places of legend, past sheep managers tending their flocks on mountain sides and gentle slopes, and all the way back down into Sarajevo again they shared their stories and the stories of the land. After the first hike we were greeted by one lady from Umoljani village who had prepared a cool and refreshing reviver from a blend of mountain flora. After the second hike we arrived at the village of Lukomir where the nomad houses are to be found. From here, too, on a short walk to the mountain lookout, we rose above the clouds that drifted slowly by in the canyon below. Breath-taking is an understatement. It's the kind of place where one could sit and meditate all day. But lunch was beckoning. We were ushered into one of the houses where we were served krompiruša (potato pie) and its traditional accompaniment coming all the way from the local cows, kiselo mldeko (yoghurt drink). The lady joined us, and what an absolute honour it was to be able to enjoy those special moments with her and hear, translated by the guides, stories from her life as a mountain woman. This hiking tour was an experience that has enriched my life and forced me to question many aspects of it. Highly recommended!

Napisano od strane: 147LouiseM, 13.09.2016


Great day trips

I chose Sarajevo Funky Tours for different tours in Bosnia (Travnik/Jajce, Mostar and a hiking day tour to Bjelasnica).
They have been perfect : on time, very friendly, good informations and details about the places, good organization...
I can only recommend Funky Tours if you ever need guides and tours in Bosnia.

Napisano od strane: Alexis P, 13.09.2016

Absolutely fan-funky-tastic!

6 people with different interests and only 4 days to visit Sarajevo - what to do? Book tours with Sarajevo Funky Tours. 

Our tours began on Tuesday and ended on Friday evening. We've seen everything from Srebrenica to Mt. Jahorina and the Bob Sleigh Track on Mt. Trebevic, as well as climbed the tower in Pocitelj, seen the Buna Tekke in Blagaj and visited the old bridge in Mostar. We were offered the best of Bosnian culture and cuisine and our amazing guides gave us the best experiences ever. 

If you want to know what happened during the Civil War in Sarajevo, I strongly recommend the Siege Tour. Dado did an amazing job, showing us the key points of the city and summarizing hundreds and hundreds of years of Bosnian history. Adnan and Ajla took us to Mostar, Jablanica, Blagaj and Pocitelj - and all the way they were keeping us entertained with their stories about Bosnia. Faruk was our guide to Srebrenica, and to see and hear the story from somebody who had experienced first hand was both chilling, but also very inspiring. The memorial site and museum are a great way to commemorate the atrocities that happened in Srebrenica in '95, and it's an important way to pin down the history. Our last day, Friday, was spent on foggy Mt. Jahorina also with Faruk, who - despite the rainy weather - managed to keep us all laughing and warm. 

I can most definitely recommend Sarajevo Funky Tours to all of you, who want amazing sites combined with intelligent, funny and lovely guides. 

We will definitely be visiting again. :-)


Napisano od strane: Emina Z, 19.10.2015

 Perfect tour, highly recommended!

We did a four and a half day tour with Sarajevo Funky Tours. First we had a Sarajevo city tour, then the Siege Tour and an excursion through the surrounding mountains of Bjelasnica and Studeni Potok. After our time in Sarajevo we spent two days in Hercegovina, visiting Mostar, Blagaj, Pocitelj, Trebinje, Medjugorje. Finally we toured through Montenegro and were then dropped off at our hotel in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Everything was very well organized by the team and went very smoothly. The team was always extremely competent, very knowledgeable and generally a lot of fun to spend time with. I recommend Sarajevo Funky Tours to anyone interested in this part of the world. Communication via email was easy and the hotels were also great. Fantastic experience!!


Napisano od strane: AstaS86, 11.10.2015

 Amazing hike

Yesterday i did the hiking tour with Skender. First off, he is a terrific guy and anyone would enjoy spending the day with him and learn an awful lot.

Second - this is a real hike. My iPhone said it was 12 miles and the equivalent of climbing 240 flights of stairs (this was the full hike - there is a half hike that I would also recommend).

But the terrain is generally wide open and absolutely gorgeous. There are drop dead views from everywhere. Then you get to a very remote village and have amazing locall (and locally raised) food. 

Then a hike back that is relatively flat (the half day hike).

It's a day I will never forget


Napisano od strane: Andy R, 09.08.2015

 Fantastic experience

Myself, my partner and our friend spent 4 days on a Funky Tour from Dubrovnik to Sarajevo with our guide Faruk. The tour included 3 nights accommodation and activities, as well as a couple of meals when we did activities. There were 5 on our tour for the first 2 days including us, and we were the only one's on days 3 and 4. 
Faruk is an excellent guide. He exceeded expectations in his passion and knowledge of his country. He took time to teach us about the history, people and geography of the country. He works incredibly hard, many hours a day and is always enthusiastic and excited for the next activity. We really enjoyed our time with him. 
We did activities from cave visits, city tours, rafting, waterfall swimming, hiking, visiting mountain villages, eating amazing food and swimming in lakes. It was very flexible and we felt as though we were travelling with a friend rather than on a tour. 
I highly recommend Funky tours as a brilliant way to travel the diverse and beautiful country of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Take time here, don't just go on a day tour or a city tour. We had the opportunity see so much in 4 days and it has been a highlight of travel for me. The tour was 100 Euro per person per day, inclusive of all accommodation and well worth every cent.


Napisano od strane: Gemmakate2015, 02.08.2015

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