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Lokacija: Tours | Srebrenica Genocide (Never Forget July 11th 1995)
Understanding Genocide Day Tour from Sarajevo



Srebrenica Genocide (Never Forget July 11th 1995)
Understanding Genocide Day Tour from Sarajevo

Tip ture/izleta: Historijske, Opsada, Rat i Genocid

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9 - 10 sati

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Srebrenica tour

Day trip to Srebrenica with tour guide Salem was excellent. I learned a lot from him. Not only what and how happened, but also what's going on now. At the memorial site, there was an old battery factory which was used as UN base during the war. It is used as the museum now. We met a survivor Hasan there and could listen to his story. 
If I went there by myself, almost everything must be impossible … to visit in one day, meet a survivor, have lunch at a friendly local restaurant …
I absolutely recommend this tour to everyone who want to know more about Srebrenica.

Napisano od strane: Sachiko l, 23.09.2016

Srebrenica day trip

We had a very insightful journey yesterday most informative and cheerful though a very distressing subject . Thank you to Adnan and his friend Adnan . I learned a lot and will have to read more about the UN . Sympathy to all those families and inspiring how people are moving forward

Napisano od strane: Expedition219957, 09.09.2016

Excellent tours

We went for both the Sarajevo seige tour and the srebenica tour. The Sarajevo seige tour is a half day tour which gives a brief overview of the seige. We were taken by Skander who was friendly, easy to speak to and well informed. The Srebrenica tour is a full day tour (as the journey is quite long). We were taken by Adnan who had some amazing stories to tell but is also a wonderful, friendly person. The tour included stops at the memorial site and the graveyard as well as a stop at Srebrenica town where we lunched as a placed known for its Srebrenica stew (absolutely delicious). The tour was interesting and informative however it was a bit taxing on younger kids due to the duration.

Napisano od strane: Nabila G, 29.08.2016

Very professional, responsive and friendly

I stayed in Sarajevo for a week during Sarajevo Film Festival (12-20 August) and joined three day tours with this agency during tourist peak time. They really made my holiday by giving full information about places, history, customs and traditions of Bosnia Herzegovina. I joined the total siege tour with Arna (hope the names are correctly spelled) including entrance to War Tunnel, Srebrenica tour with Ado and Herzegovina (Mostar, Buna river and dervish house, impressive Kravica falls and wonderful Pocitelj) with Adnan and Amina. They have all been very exhaustive and friendly and I want to thank them all. I booked everything quite late, just one week before arriving in Sarajevo but Skender was able to provide with this solution trying to arrange everything quickly and satisfying my requirements. I highly recommend Sarajevo Funky Tours both for keeping the number of participants very low (max 7-8 people) and for helping to understand a bit of such complicated piece of recent history. Well done guys! Hvala.

Napisano od strane: Strinky, 28.08.2016

Superbly informative trip to Srebrenica

We had a really good day trip from Sarajevo to Srebrenica with our tour guide, Adnan. He was very informative and through his relaxed conversation and keeness to ensure that we felt at ease when asking questions, it did feel like saying goodbye to a friend who we had known for ages by the end of the day. We learnt so much through the trip and will remember the experience forever.

Napisano od strane: LynnJ60, 16.08.2016

Excellent! Highly recommended!

I joined Sarajevo Funky Tours (SFT) for the day trip to Srebrenica and the day trip to Mostar. Both were phenomenal. Adnan was the tour guide for both of these trips and he was extremely professional, kind, and patient and he gave us real insight into the life of Bosnians during the war and today. I was moved by his personal stories and feel like I have a deep connection with Bosnia and its people after touring the country and learning about the history in more depth.

The trip to Srebrenica was extremely sobering and will move you to tears, but one that I highly recommend to get a feel for what happened 21 years ago and to really understand the horrors of what took place in our recent past. It is so important, so moving and so powerful. The trip to Mostar had several other stops along the way which were beautiful, including Pocitelj, Konjic, Blagaj (Sufi/dervish house) and finally Mostar where we learned about the siege and how it has affected the city.

Adnan also drove us to these sites - the car/van was clean and comfortable, the roads were smooth and the drive was safe and beautiful. Adnan was truly a great guide and I'm very glad that I got to learn about Bosnia from him. He even made sure we ate well - stopping for breakfast/coffee and advising us on lunch! All part of the Bosnian hospitality! I would have liked to do more tours with SFT, but I didn't have the time. I highly recommend Sarajevo Funky Tours and you'll be sure to have a memorable trip to Bosnia.

Napisano od strane: Dina T, 02.08.2016

Amazing Group!

My husband and I did two tours with Funky Tours: Mostar & Srebrenica. Adnan & Emina took us to Mostar and Blagaj after picking us form the airport. They were wonderful, took good care of us, and we felt very welcomed. The gave us a little background on everything, and gave us plenty of time to take pictures. Salem took us to Srebrenica. It was very emotional, and having him explain and answer all of our questions was more then we have ever expected. They truly made us fall in love with Bosnia, and we definitely plan on coming back for more time. Truely, Ayan and I thank you! - Safia

Napisano od strane: Sophie H, 24.07.2016


Before I had even reached Sarajevo, I knew I was in the right hands.

If you're looking for the best way to see Bosnia for all of its history and strength, look no further. I came to Bosnia to do research for my thesis paper on the Bosnian Genocide, and e-mailed Skender for his help in organising my trip to Srebrenica. He stayed up many late nights with me sending book recommendations, making sure we had enough people together for our trip to happen, and encouraging my project like a father would. Before I had even reached Sarajevo, I knew I was in the right hands.

I had gone on the Srebrenica Tour with Adnan and three others just a few days after the 21st Anniversary of the Srebrenica Genocide. Despite the sensitivity of the time, Adnan was more than open towards answering all of our questions and genuinely making the experience one between friends as opposed to between clients. 

We started our drive for Potočari at 8am and had a jam-packed history lesson on all that Bosnia's been and seen across the centuries. He then began to open up to us about his personal experiences and perspectives in the conflicts. No spoilers here but that man has seen it all - yet his smile could light up an auditorium. We were given ample time to explore the Cemetery and former DutchBat base. After, we shared a delicious meal of "Tava" in Srebrenica then went for a ride around the outside natural "Spring Water Spas"... such a treat. :) We returned to Sarajevo at roundabout 5 in the evening.

All in all though, this journey would have been worth it for Adnan's stories alone. Many thanks to Skender and his team for working tirelessly too share their beautiful home here in Bosnia and greeting us strangers like family. Do not visit Bosnia without visiting them.

Napisano od strane: Michelle H, 17.06.2016

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