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Ratni Tunel Sarajevo - Tunel Nade

Tip ture/izleta: Historijske, Opsada, Rat i Genocid

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4 sati

Korisnički Komentari

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 Outstanding tour, a really unique and special experience in Sarajevo.

We booked a Sarajevo tunnel tour with Funky Tours at the last minute and were helpfully attached to another group. Funky Tours were prompt with replying to our emails and very helpful. 

The tour was about 4 hours long, we were driven to major sites around Sarajevo by a guy called Skender who was about 8 when the siege started and narrated our tour for us. He was excellent - he gave a comprehensive and objective history of the events in the Balkans leading up to the siege that really helped put the pieces together. He gave us a good tour of the tunnel museum in a very tasteful and sensitive way, and then showed us some places higher up in the mountains. For example, we visited one of the locations used by the Serbs to snipe on the famous Sniper Alley that you so often see in news footage of those times. 

Skender gave us a lot of detail and perspective that you just can't get by looking at the major historical events - he was there as a child/young teenager and it was a really interesting and really unique kind of tour. Next time we go back to Sarajevo we will definitely do one of his tours again, maybe one to Srebrenica.

Napisano od strane: Comette85, 23.10.2011

 Just when I thought Sarajevo couldn't possibly get better

We (couple late twenties) went for this after reading all the reviews. 

We did 9am till noonish (maybe longer), covering the Tunnel Museum and the siege tour. We went with just another couple. Skender, the guide, drove us out to the Tunnel museum, the whole way detailing the start of the war - giving the political and economic background (he has a Masters in Economics). 

The Tunnel Museum was fantastic, and Skender was able to give us a real insight into the lives of Sarajevans who lived through the siege - made all the more relevant to me hearing it from someone two years my junior. He was able to recant both witty and interesting anecdotes, as well as pouring mountains of fascinating facts, figures and other details onto us, giving the full history of the tunnel (which itself is really cool to walk through).

We were then taken to a nearby mountain-top overlooking Sarajevo, and walk around a semi-destroyed building used by the Serbs to house tanks and soldiers. Really good place for photos.

On our way back Skender dropped us off on the 1984 Olympics Toboggan run - we spent 10 minutes walking down to the bottom where Skender was waiting to pick us up.

We were charged 20 Euros each, but gave a ten Euro tip because it was so brilliant.

It's a truly worthwhile way to spend some time in Sarajevo, and to learn about pre-siege, siege, and post-siege life, politics and society. I would strongly recommend this tour to anyone who goes.

Napisano od strane: pooyousir, 06.09.2011

 On a scale of 1-10, Sarajevo Funky Tours gets a 20!

I booked a day's worth of tours (The War Tunnel, Old Town) in May of 2011 and opted for my family to be picked up from the bus station and to have Sarajevo Funky Tours make our hotel reservations for us via the package offered on their website. Skender picked us up as scheduled, took us to our hotel to drop bags and off we went. The day we spent with Skender was the highlight of my trip to the Balkans. The War Tunnel tour was inspirational and Skender shared many stories with us on the drive to and from the site. Before we went to Old Town we visited the Goat's Bridge and stopped at a beautiful lookout from which you could view the entire city. These were wonderful surprises. The Old Town tour was equally fascinating in a different way and Skender gave his talks with a balanced perspective that showed respect for all of the backgrounds represented by the people in Sarajevo. I really cannot say enough good things about Skender as a private tour guide. He is a warm, outgoing, knowledgeable individual who quite simply took care of everything and made our time in Sarajevo very enjoyable. Skender is a wonderful ambassador for the people of his city. My mother really put it best when she said "I don't know of anything he could have done better." I highly recommend that you book a tour with Sarajevo Funky Tours should you be fortunate enough to have the opportunity. I would go again in a heartbeat. Thank you Skender!!! :)

Napisano od strane: kayindigo, 15.06.2011

 Best Tour we have had in 10 years of travelling

We can only endorse all of the previous reviews plus 200%. Skender is absolutely tops and goes an extra 10 miles to ensure you have the very best tour of Sarajevo. We did the Old town and the War Tunnel and only wished we could have stayed longer. Skender is passionate about his coun try, so knowledgable and as we hadn't had much time to do much research on Sarajevo his patience in answering questions was endless. Skender thank you so much - we will never forget you or Sarajevo.

Napisano od strane: kiwisastray, 19.06.2011

 Amazing "Custom" Tour - Above and Beyond!

With a free day to play with, we thought we'd sign up to see a handful of sights in Sarajevo that we'd always meant to see but had never gotten around to. Our guide, Skender, was wonderful - he took us to places above and beyond our expectations. The Vraca Memorial and the Jewish Cemeteries were unexpected gems for anyone interested in Jewish history as well as a fascinating glimpse into the recent Bosnian War. The spectacular (and again absolutely unexpected) views from the two bastions (yellow & white) was a true gift. Skender knew his history, was relaxed and easy to be with, and best of all seemed to enjoy the tour as much as we did. We cannot wait to take another tour with Skender!

Napisano od strane: KRHE, 23.03.2011

 Sarajevo with a personal touch

We had a great family tour experience. Via 2 emails we arranged a personalised tour for our family with two kids (8 and 5) which combined elements of the old city tour and tunnel tour. Great personal attention and very informative, we all took a lot from the whole experience. We even got a very useful couple of restaurant recommendations. I would recommend wholeheartedly.

Napisano od strane: Peter4000, 12.05.2011

 Simply the best

Our guide, Skender, not only picked us up at the bus station, arranged for our hotel but then spent the entire day showing us "HIs " Sarajevo. We started with the War Tunnel Tour, riding in his comfortable van. which featured the remnents of the hand-dug tunnel from a remote house on the outskirts of Sarajevo. His expalnation of the seige of Sarajevo was dramatically underscored by virtue of Skender spending fours years of his very early childhood hidden in a basement to avoid the daily shelling. The city tour which followed showed us the complicated relationship between four religions which co-exist today as well as a fun experience in "Old Town" which features a walking tour of major sites as well as the small shops where one can interact with local merchants and craftsmen.

Skender is well,educated , informed and passionate about his country. In addition he has a great sense of humor. Don't miss this experience. I'm glad we didn't!

Napisano od strane: Happytraveler97531, 31.03.2011

 The No 1 thing to do in Sarajevo - don't miss it!!

We visited Sarajevo for a winter break on 16th December 2010, and decided to take one of the 'Funky Tours' to get some insight into Sarajevo and it's history. I can honestly say Skender provided the best tour we have ever been on (and we have travelled extensively), his local knowledge and insight really made us aware of the local culture, history, and gave us a good understanding of the awful war in the 1990's. We went on the 'war tour' and visited numerous key destinations, each of which Skender explained in great detail giving us a greater understanding of the war and history of Sarajevo.

Napisano od strane: Migginsmogg10, 07.01.2011

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