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Ratni Tunel Sarajevo - Tunel Nade

Tip ture/izleta: Historijske, Opsada, Rat i Genocid

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 Excellent tour - a must do

Can't recommend these tours enough . We were in Sarajevo for 1 day and did city tour and siege tour. The tour guides were wonderful . We were late arriving but tour guide met us and helped us to exchange money , buy breakfast and drink all within 5 minutes. The tours were amazing and the highlight of our holiday . Looking forward to returning to Sarajevo


Napisano od strane: Nvbcork, 06.07.2014

 Siege tour

Great tour of the city. Faruk is very knowledgable and shared many personal experiences, making it much more than just seeing the basics and hearing a script. We highly recommend this tour.

Napisano od strane: ChuckD09, 16.06.2014

Sorry Skender we just couldn't find your office but of course it didn't matter because Faruk came and got us and from the moment we were picked up our amazing adventure started. We had the best time ever on the Mostar Tour visiting the most amazing places. Faruk is a great tour guide nothing was too much trouble. Thank you so much for all your help organising this tour for us and I hope Sarajevo gets many more visitors and goes from strength to strength.


Napisano od strane: lolipoplondon, 10.06.2014

 The Best Way To Learn About Sarajevo!

Learnt about this tour on BBC Travel page, Lonely Planet guide book and some other sources.
An eye-opening tour hosted by survivors of war. The guide is very helpful and provides firsthand information about the war between 1991 to 1995. Very impressed by how the local try to move forward without forgetting the history. You will be surprised by how much you can see and learn from this tour. You will get to visit some of the remote places in Sarajevo. Also, I think joining the tour is one of the best ways to support the local community.
Cost: EURO 20.00 per person.
Duration: about 3 hours. (may overrun a little as the guide is very keen to share his experience and stories with the guests and I appreciate his effort)
Transport: By car and the guide offer pick-up from your hotel.
To Bring: Make sure you bring your camera, some snacks and water.

Napisano od strane: Ko A, 07.05.2014

 What a War Tour!

Salem met us at our Hotel Konak and began our wonderful tour of the war area of Sarajevo! It was a day filled with personal stories of the war and how it affected the people of Sarajevo. Salem had fought in the war so all of his stories were from personal experience. Our daughter had been here a year after the war and now we could see what had changed. The scars on the buildings are very visible as are the cemeteries scattered around the city. The visit to the tunnel was very eye opening and the whole history was a lesson to be learned. We also walked on the bobsled run and after that had a lovely time of coffee at a Serbia restaurant in the hills. The colors of the leaves made this a most peaceful time of the day and a great way to end such an enlightening day.

Napisano od strane: Judith S, 28.10.2013

 Must do experience in Sarajevo

We (My father and myself) were in Dubrovnik recently and wanted to go to Sarajevo (instead of doing day trip to Mostar). Sarajevo Funky tour seemed to be the only ones doing this trip. Since we were the only 2 booked for that day I was a bit skeptical if they would actually turn up or cancel on us but we were picked up from our hotel by Skender's dad and mum themselves in a 4x4 Mercedes. We then drove around the scenic route along the bay to Bosnia. Our first stop was at Počitelj - amazing XV century village. The second stop was at Buna river cave spring.. This was such an amazing place ..we saw the monastery and then had fresh trout right by the spring with the most amazing view and yet the meal was just 12 Euros per person!!! We were lucky that when we were there the place had just 5-10 tourists. Then we drove to Sarajevo..this drive is very scenic as well as you drive along the river..I never expected Bosnia to be so beautiful so this is really a must do trip.!! Skender's parents were really friendly and we had a good time with them.

The next day we did Total Siege Tour with Skender. I am not the type of person who normally does city tours but you have to do this one for the very simple reason that the things covered in the trip are next to impossible to do by public transport. also Skender told us about the empotional aspects of the war with some personal anecdotes. The time spent with Sarajevo funky tours was indeed highlight of our whole balkan trip.

Inshort I highly recommend Funky tours for Sarajevo - Dubrovnik or Sarajevo city tour.

Napisano od strane: mav75, 27.09.2013

 Awesome tour

We are group of six Australians ranging in age 19-46. We loved the day tour from Sarajevo to Dubrovnik via Mostar with Skender. The tour was extremely educational and we had loads of fun. We highly recommend using Sarajevo Funky Tours for any tour that you would like to do in Bosnia. Skender is very flexible with his tours and you will not find a more professional tour guide. We will definitely return to Bosnia to spend more time and look forward to seeing Skender again or hopefully we will see Skender in Australia as we have invited him to stay with us if he ever flies 'down under'.

Napisano od strane: Emilesd, 11.10.2013

 Outstanding tour, a really unique and special experience in Sarajevo.

We booked a Sarajevo tunnel tour with Funky Tours at the last minute and were helpfully attached to another group. Funky Tours were prompt with replying to our emails and very helpful. 

The tour was about 4 hours long, we were driven to major sites around Sarajevo by a guy called Skender who was about 8 when the siege started and narrated our tour for us. He was excellent - he gave a comprehensive and objective history of the events in the Balkans leading up to the siege that really helped put the pieces together. He gave us a good tour of the tunnel museum in a very tasteful and sensitive way, and then showed us some places higher up in the mountains. For example, we visited one of the locations used by the Serbs to snipe on the famous Sniper Alley that you so often see in news footage of those times. 

Skender gave us a lot of detail and perspective that you just can't get by looking at the major historical events - he was there as a child/young teenager and it was a really interesting and really unique kind of tour. Next time we go back to Sarajevo we will definitely do one of his tours again, maybe one to Srebrenica.

Napisano od strane: Comette85, 23.10.2011

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