Boračko Lake

Boračko Lake is a glacial lake in Bosnia & Herzegovina. It is postioned at the northeastern foot of the mountain Prenj, on the altitude of 397 meters. From the West it is surrounded by steep forested slopes of Crna gora (1343 m a.s.l.), and from the East Tranjine (1055 m a.s.l.). Boračko Glacier Lake is snuggled in between Prenj, Bjelašnica and Visočica mountains.

The lake basin was created due to the glacial erosion in Boračko draga.

The lake has an elliptical shape. Length of 786 m, and 402 m wide are of 0,26 km2. Lenght of lake shore is 2,4 kilometers. The deapes point is in the southeastern narrow part, at about 17 m, and contains approximately 2,5 mil.m3, which due to its pure-greenish color is transparent to 8,3 m.

The water is warmest in August (about 25 ° C, and coolest in February 0 ° C).

Lake receives water from streams of Boračko Creek and many nearbay sources, which are placed on the bootm of the lake as well. From the lake springs Šištica stream, which after a short gorge of 6 km and depth of 60 m, waterfalls from the height of 30 m into Neratva.

The lake is also known by the trouts and crabs. The proprietor of the lake is «Association of  Sportsfishing» from Konjic, where you can buy day allovance for around 20 KM. In this lake you can find brook trouts and interject californian trouts, carbs whose size is enormous, from 20-35 kg.

With Konjic it is connected with 20 km long asphalted road.

It takes about half an hour to travel up and over the mountain.  The lake is open to the public for camping, swimming and BBQs.

In its vicinity are built hotels and motels, because it is a popular resort for the population of Konjic, Sarajevo and Mostar.