Umoljani Village - Bjelašnica
Umoljani is village on the Bjelašnica mountain. Village od long-living people, healthy food, myths, legends and tradition.
Umoljani are one of the oldest villages in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Situated on the southern slopes of the Olympic Bjelašnica today defy the evil time. Here, nothing is false. Wooden huts covered with metal sheet, peaceful and gentle people, healthy and untouched nature. The village is full of legends and myths. The latest is the story of umoljanskoj mosque, which gatački Chetniks on 1st of August 1993 could turn into site of fire, and before that were even burned roost in the village.

If not above, in the heights  the southern slopes of Bjelašnica did risen up village Lukomir, Umoljani, would be mentioned as a village situated on the biggest altitude of the country. What it only miss is an hour walk to such the record.

Umoljani could called a sinewy (Žilavo selo) village. Throughout history has been burned to the ground inseveral occasions, but every time the life would be born here again. So it was on the 1st of Augustof 1993, when gatački Chetniks burnt everything. On the ruins were born new houses and even castles of Umoljani people, who after muhadžirskih (refugee) years in BiH and Europe returned to their birthplace.

And most of the other house was very similar. Wooden beams erected on stone blocks, all covered with metal sheet.
Locals call them cottages, which are of invaluable importance. If they had not burned in the previous aggression in Bosnia, where most Bjelašnica villages burned to the ground, some would be older than one hundred years.

Complete rural neighborhood just slightly spoils the first part of the village, where nickel modern buildings due to the reached paved road, electricity and telephones.

Umoljani are a magnet to foreign tourists.  They come here in summer and winter. Walk, take pictures, run around, sing and plays in the evening, buy cheese, cream, milk, wild fruits.


During the winter, here you can only find ten people, at most. Others leave for Sarajevo, where most of them work and have their own flats and houses. Here again, the beautiful silence is disrupted by the foreigners. They come for skiing, snow-balling and sunbathing. It can occur in the middle of January, around midday, sun to shine, like it is August. But not for long...

For tourists amusement and summarizing of historical facts, legends and customs of Umoljani, are always in charge 84-year old Mosque mutevelija More Bandić and his wife Šerifa. Their guests, invited or invited, are always honored by the sour milk or buttermilk. Šerifa believes that the buttermilk blows away high blood pressure, just overnight.

In season, when tourists come, it is almost impossible to offer as much as they can conserve. Although the Umoljani are not much in attention of municipal officials, residents are satisfied that they are not completely forgotten by the Sarajevo cantonal authorities, since there is every day, for a whole year Bus line from Ilidža to Šabići.

In addition to a beautiful rural enoviroment on the 1500 m a.s.l., clean air and water, guests can have a good lunch, for a solid six to seven marks.

Umoljani will always be happy to prepare a portion of the donut with kajmak and cheese. For a one Konvertible Mark you can have coffe or tea. For the large pie (four people) and homemade yogurt you will pay 20 KM, or a small pie less than 10 KM. Accommodation in the costs only 12 KM and are available six beds.