Yellow Bastion
In 1727 the Bosnian governor Gazi Ahmed Pasha Rustempašić Skopljak decided to build the wall around Vratnik with its 450 houses, and to leave enough room for another 450 houses so the residents of Sarajevo have safe haven during the war. The construction was completed in 1739, during the rule of Hekimoglu Ali Pasha, and in the end there were five bastions, three Kapi-Kule (Gate Towers) and five gates in the walls.

One of the bastions was built on the cliff Jekovac, by which is called Jekovačka bastion, but because of its yellowish stone it was named Yellow bastion, and that name has remained until today.

From this point some of the most interesting panorama photos can be made, and the view is astonishing.